Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reasons to love Narendra Modi

By Sanjay

Narendra Modi has been successful in giving clean, effective and progressive governance over the last five years. In Modi's reign, Gujarat stands fourth among the states that contribute most to the national GDP.

WHATEVER be the respective political orientations, I like the men who are men: those who stand by whatever they believe in and take on the world, if needed.
My earliest memory of Narendra Modi is as the BJP spokesperson. What I liked most about him was his precise, distinct, direct, and disciplined use of words and his honest belief in whatever he said.
It was around 10 years back that he got his share of whatever happened in Gujarat. But he never complained in frustration. You need real fortitude and determination to be a Narendra Modi! And this is the reason that when he says “Actually, I have not spent a single minute on my image and that can also be a reason. I am busy with my work. I am committed to Gujarat. I am dedicated to Gujarat. I never talk about my image. I never spent a single minute for my image and therefore confusions may be there” in his recent interview with an English journalist, no one can question his dedication.                   
No doubt, there was the ghost 2002 riots, where he was accused of  letting Gujarat burn and let innocent people (sorry I can’t discriminate between Muslims and Hindus) get killed. But one can’t ignore the fact that today Gujarat is flourishing. It stands fourth among the states that contribute most to the national GDP (about Rs1.03 trillion).
It is one of the most attractive destinations for foreign investment in India and it is on Kerala’s path of providing education to everybody in the state. If one says that it is all due to the resilient people of Gujarat who are making all this possible, then one can’t blame him for any mishap in the state.
Rajeev Gandhi foundation has declared Gujarat to be the best-administered state in India. India Today, on the two separate occasions, declared that he is the most efficient Chief Minister. These things became possible only because he is successful in giving clean, effective and progressive governance over last five years. Outside Gujarat everyone may like to hate Modi but whoever visits Gujarat once, can’t stop praising its road, infrastructure etc.                           
I believe that in a democratic and dynamic country, masses have the last word and masses always override media and other speculations. The truth will finally dawn on the people. It’s the people of Gujarat who will decide the fate of the  Narendra Modi.
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