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Know the truth about Rahul Gandhi - Your future Prime Minister

from Dr Subrahmanyam Chirravuri
subject    Karnataka most corrupt state: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi on corruption

So people like Rahul Gandhi have selective senses of touching, seeing, feeling. That is a their great strength. A natural trait of a congressman. He sees no corruption in the central government. He feels no pain due to those actions of the NDA government. He is immune.

Amit Verma

So people like Amit Verma win prizes by piercing the character of people, not propose any good things or report wrong things.

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Dr Subramanian Swamy on RAJUL GANDHI
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Rahul Gandhi – Lies on Education

.......Why is he (Rahul Gandhi) registered as Rahul Vinci Gandhi in Rolings college in Orlando or some place like that, which is a Christian missionary college.  Why did he not register himself as Rahul Gandhi?  Why did he claim he has M.Phil from Cambridge.  University of Cambridge has no record of any thesis, you cannot get M.Phil without any thesis.  How did he claim that?  I asked university of Cambridge to give me a letter.  The university said we know what you did with Sonia Gandhi letter, we are not going to give any more letters.  So, they decline to give me any letter.   I went to the library where all thesis are kept.  His name is not there.   Not there as a student also.  Not there in registrar’s office as student who took exam, in the year he mentioned, 1995.   So, why did he claim.  He first claimed he went to Harvard.  Yes, he went to Harvard, in the sense, when Rajiv Gandhi was Prime Minister, Indujas gave 11 million dollars to  Harvard Medical School  and on donor’s quota and Harvard has this quota, but once you enter, you have to compete,  in three months, Harvard said we don’t think you belong here.  So, he dropped out.  Now, he doesn’t use the word Harvard.  Unfortunately for him, some one in politics like me has long standing connection with Harvard.  Why you tell lies like this?  Because in our country we respect education.   So, you tell a lie about education.   All of us work hard, to pass examination and get a degree,  these guys don’t do anything, and they put themselves as educated.

Rahul Citizenship

Is Rahul a citizen of India?   He is born in India.  But the Italian law says that if your mother is Italian citizen at the time of your birth,  which in 1970, which time Sonia Gandhi was a citizen (of Italy),  then you automatically become a citizen of Italy.   And law in India says, you cannot be a citizen of India, unless you renounce the citizenship of another country.  Rahul Gandhi never renounced that citizenship because you are required by the law to declare  and give  a certificate to  Italian government that I have renounced that citizenship.  In fact, he uses a Italian passport by the name of Rahul Vinci,  Any time tomorrow, the Government comes that does not have the sychophants or those who are blackmailed by them,  then you can say that Rahul Gandhi also, you are not a citizen of India.  One of the things they have secretly kept, but that has gottenout now, is that Rahul Gandhi has gotten admission into ?? college on two grounds.  A) He is a Christian, in record and B) he is a marksman rifle shooter.   So, on sportsmen quota he got admission, not on grades.   How did he have to do that.  He could not pass hindi exam and he is representing the state of Uttar Pradesh.

This is the person who needs to be shown that he has nothing to do with Gandhi.  Gandhi was a man who was a barrister,  earned a name as a lawyer of south Africa, gave it all away for the country,  then if Rahul is using that name, you have a right to say, you are an imposter,  you don’t belong here.  (Claps).

Rahul Gandhi arrested by FBI

Rahul Gandhi was arrested at Boston airport.  He had 160,000 dollars in cash.  In united states, you cannot enter with more than 10,000 dollars without declaring it.  He didn’t declare and got caught.  He had with him a girlfriend by name Veronique Cartelli, citizen, passport holder spain, father Colombian.  Cartelli, means drug mafia.   And something else is there, which has not been identified.  27th September, 2001, they have SPG, like a royal family they have SPG cover. SPG said he is son of former Prime Minister and FBI said we don’t care.   It is the law.  Nine hours they kept.  Government of India intervened,  Condelezza Rice was told this will affect Indo-US relationship,  and then the FBI was told to let him go.  FBI registered a FIR or equivalent of FIR,  I don’t know what they call here, criminal case or whatever,  and was told anytime we want we can call you and you can go.  They let him go.  My friends here try to get information using freedom of information act to FBI and FBI said they will give his records, provided we get no objection certification from Rahul Gandhi because it is his personal records.   That’s the law.  So, I wrote a letter to Rahul Gandhi.   If you have nothing to hide, give us the permission.   He never replied.  Everybody knows.  This is in record.  Nothing to hide.  160,000 dollars in cash, carry such cash for what for? 

Rahul Gandhi – living with his girl friend

Don’t we think we have right to know if Rahul Gandhi is married or not?  In his house in Tughlak lane,  there is a foreign woman there.  Her name is Veronique Cartelli.   Is he married to her or not married to her?   Or is he living with her?   Can he not make that public?  What would the Indians think.  Rajiv Gandhi wife a foreigner.  Rahul Gandhi wife a foreigner.  Can’t  he find Indian girls at all?  And what were the antecedents of Veronique?   Daughter of drug mafia.  So,  we need to know.  Even in marriages,  we need to know.  Accountability in India is one can go to village and find out everything about me.  When you have a foreigner, you have to be doubly careful.  That should be doubly watched.

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