Saturday, May 19, 2012

Atrocities on Hindus in Pakistan: Pak Hindu refugees demand permanent citizenship of India


Indore, May 16: Fearing continuous persecution in their own land, numbers of Sindhis (Hindus from Sindh province) who fled from Pakistan and settled in various parts of India have now demanded permanent Indian citizenship following atrocities on minorities in Pakistan.

Madhya Pradesh’s Sindhi community has come forward for these Pakistan refugees and demanded Centre’s immediate attention.
Shankar Lalwani, senior leader of the Sindhi community on Tuesday urged the Centre to take immediate steps to grant citizenship to Hindus who had arrived from Pakistan on religious visas and did not want to return.

"There are nearly 3,000 refugees belonging to Sindhi community who have arrived in India on religious visa following harassment in Pakistan on religious grounds and now don't want to return," senior Sindhi community leader, Shankar Lalwani said.

"They also include people belonging to Sikh community," he claimed.

The Centre had recently advised the states and the Union Territories that after following due procedures they can consider granting Long Term Visa (LTV) to such people. But Lalwani said such visas were not a permanent solution.

Before that central government ordered these Sindhis to leave India. Hindu Mahasabha submitted a petition in court on behalf of around 156 Pakistani Hindu’s seeking their permanat citizenship.
While hearing Home Ministry presented affidavit in which they said that those Paksitani Hindus’s who want to live in India may get Citizenship after that court said that there is no meaning of petition after this affidavit.

After the orders a group of representative of Sindhi community led by Shankar Lalwani and Deepchand Chawla met to SSP A. Sai Manohar. SSP assured Pak Hindu refugees from Sindh provice to put camps on all the police station of city. In this camps police will collect the information about those Sindhi’s who came to India on religious visa and their visas are about to expire.

According to Lalwani Pak refugees will get permanent citizenship of India by proper process. 

Meanwhile, BJP has said that it would soon approach the National Human Rights Commission seeking constitutional protection for Hindu refugees from erstwhile East Pakistan and Bangladesh.
"Denial of citizenship to Hindu refugees is a violation of human rights. We'll file a petition with the National Human Rights Commission so that such victims of persecution who have fled to India can secure their rights as per rules of the Constitution", Party President Nitin Gadkari assured.

BJP also accused the Centre of being a mute spectator to persecution of Hindus in Pakistan, saying that women were being abducted and raped to force religious conversion even as the foreign ministry dismissed it as the "theocratic" state's internal issue.
Hindus, being minority in Pakistan suffers from communal violence of Muslim extremists groups. They are denied basic human rights. Muslim extremists groups often abduct Hindu girls, forcefully convert them to Islam, threaten Hindu businessmen, loot their shops. Local police administration has also turned Nelson’s eyes towards Hindus.

Kishandas (60), who arrived in India recently on a religious visa for 35 days, but stayed here, revealed, "The condition of religious minorities in Pakistan is very bad as nobody listens to our grievances.”

"With great difficulty I managed to come to India on a religious visa after my grocery shop was looted by two persons in Jacobabad area. When I protested they shot at me but somehow I survived and came to India", he said.   

It should be noted that News Bharati has constantly raised the issue of Pakistani Hindu. Earlier News Bharati highlighted shocking incidents of abduction and forceful conversion of Hindu girls in Pakistan. News Bharati exposed how Hindu girl Rinkle Kumari was forcefully converted to Islam and named Faryal Shah.

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