Thursday, August 2, 2012

Recurring Assam Riots. Solution to the roots is to uproot illegal Bangladeshi Muslims from Assam and North East.


By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant.

Who is going to annex Assam, one may wonder. Are there phalanx of battle ready armies moving around lower Assam to attack and annex? Indeed, that is the game plan of Bangladesh and it had been there since the days of formation of East Pakistan on 14 August 1947. In any case the Sylhet district of Assam was given to East Pakistan and the leaders of the Muslim League, including Sheikh Mujibur Rehman, had coveted the rich mineral resources, jungles and vast vacant lands of Assam. The sinister design of Islamic Republic of Pakistan to make the Lower Assam a Muslim-majority area, foment communal trouble and annex it for good. The successive govts of East Pakistan had been playing this game and the power-hungry Indian politicians had been banking on the vote-bank of the Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh to remain in power and enjoy the loaves and fishes of their high offices.

The warnings of losing Assam in the long run were sounded by patriots from time to time but they fell on the deaf ears of the traitors. The latest man in authority to sound the warning bell is no less a person than Lt Gen S.K. Sinha, Governor of Assam who wrote to President Narayanan in 1998 about gravity of situation and precarious security situation but the deaf and dumb politicians did sweet nothing to ward off the danger of losing Assam to Greater Bangladesh. Instead,the General was maligned as a rank communalist and an anti-Muslim fellow bent upon creating trouble.Now we all know how right was General Sinha and how wrong were the 22 Members of Parliament who moved heaven and earth to have General Sinha recalled as Governor of Assam. The traitors tasted success and were emboldened. The blood of Kokrajhar today is on the hands of traitors and all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten their hands.

As a citizen of Bharat, I am a sad man today as I read the accounts of riots, arson, murders of the Bodo Hindus by the illegal Muslim immigrants from the neighbouring Bangladesh. The Govt of India under PM Manmohan Singh and the Dacca govt of Sheikh Hasina have done precious little to stop the influx of illegal Muslim immigrants because the power hungry political parties treat the illegal immigrants as their vote-bank.
May I suggest that the report of General S.K. Sinha, the Governor of Assam in 1998 be made public so that the Indian Nation knows that a Patriot named General Sinha had analysed the Assam problem threadbare and cautioned all those who mattered to take remedial measures. And the Patriot was hounded out by the politicians and other pro-Muslim elements who wish Assam to be a part of Islamic Bangladesh. The names of that 22 MPs who wrote to the President and Govt of India for recall of General Sinha be made public so that the Indian people know who is a Patriot and who is a traitor.

My condolences to the bereaved families and a word of advice to Tarun Gogoi to keep India that is Bharat Above All interests and push the illegal Muslim immigrants back into Bangladesh Let the Bangladeshis be reminded of their history and told that hundreds of Indians had shed blood to give birth to Bangladesh and drive away Pakistani demons who preyed on the population of the then East Pakistan, mostly Muslims.

Be that as it may, the political and economic situation in the Lower Assam is very serious It is time the Government of India took decisive action and drove back the illegal immigrants rising above party politics and narrow gains of electoral battles. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh must dig out the comprehensive report on the causes of the present situation of deep distrust that has developed between the Hindus of Assam and the Muslim immigrants because of the devilish designs of the latter. Any mollycoddling of communal elements at this point of time will be an anti-national act and the history of India, as and when written objectively, will not forgive those politicians who have been keeping their selfish interests above the National interests.

Let us remember: If India lives, we live: if India dies, we die. Let India live forever !
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  1. • AUM
    By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

    Ravana, the king of Lanka was killed in combat by Maryada Purshottam Shri Ram and the vanquished nation lay at the mercy of the victor who was the arbiter of its destiny now. Shri Ram and his army harboured no sinister design and went by the high morality of a Dharm Yudh. No disrespect to women of Lanka, the word Rape did not exist in their lexicon, LOOT or plunder was a word unheard of in Ayodhya and the same concept of treating the defeated enemy with dignity guided the thought and action of Shri Ram’s Sena in Lanka too.
    The only off the mark thought that dominated the minds of youngsters who loved fun and frolic in a foreign land was the proposal put forward to them by the middle men to buy some landed property and live in luxury in the sylvan surroundings of a tropical land like Lanka. However, Shri Ram shot down the thought of his officers and soldiers settling down in Lanka by uttering the famous words of PATRIOTISM that were immortalized by men of letters, artists, painters , dramatists and performing stage artists generation after generation for many a millennia. Shri Ram said:
    Both my mother and my motherland take precedence over the Heaven. Thus Shri Ram had rekindled the feeling of Patriotism among the rank and file of his army that comprised assorted type of soldiers both civilized and the semi-civilised. They bowed to the wish of their supreme commander, Shri Ram and left the land of the vanquished nation as per schedule after the colourful coronation of Vibhishan was solemnized. Now the thought of returning to motherland to be available for service, both civil and the military, be at the beck and call of their patriotic political and religious leaders and carry out their orders issued on behalf of their motherland for defending it against any attack or thwarting the subversive activities of fifth columnists and sinister designs of a potential adversary.
    The Indian Army lives by a moto, NATION ABOVE ALL.