Thursday, February 21, 2013

Canning Hindus under Islamic Inferno. Hell bent Situation for Hindus in West Bengal.

Islamic Violence upon Hindus after murder of a Imam by unidentified persons. Hindu Persecution in Canning is being suppressed otherwise by secular media. 

Canning Town | South 24 Parganas, West Bengal | 20 Feb 2013:: Again  Islamic Jihad engulfed the  the unwarranted Hindus on Feb 19, while the whole situation of Canning put under inferno of Islamic brutality– the entire area chanced to  witness again the worst Hindu persecution in recent times and as at least four Hindu Villages viz. Naliakhali, Boyeramari, Herobhanga and Simultala were set on fire after plundering devastatingly and molesting Hindu women and girls and  the saga of thrashing Hindus is extending far and wide, strangulating the adjoining areas of Joynagar, Kultali, Basanti and Sandeshkhali as well, as the reports came in.
Nobody is willing to understand the actual communal situation of West Bengal under the ‘Parivartan Raj’ of TMC. One Muslim Maoulavi was murdered by some unknown persons. Nobody knows the clue. But Muslims attacked Hindu villages planfully and plundered the Hindu villages and put fire. Hindu women molested in a riot like situation. Muslim goons reached Canning from Rajabazar, Park Circus, Metaburz or Gardenreach of Kolkata City only to make a Jihad in Canning.Police and RAF took possession after Hindus lost everything. Nobody feels the reality. In a “Change Syndrome’ of Bengal, Bengali Hindus going to enter into a Carnage.  The dreadful face of Islam in Canning cannot be singularized out in the rise of Neo-Rajakars in  Bengal Politics. But, the political parties and the media are preaching a Secular sermon only to complete a total Islamization of West Bengal.
As per available report, the murder of an elderly villager by a gang of suspected robbers sparked large-scale violence in Canning subdivision on Tuesday morning. Fuelled by wild rumours spread by the Islamists in different mosques and anger against police for allegedly taking the case lightly, Muslim mob of thousands plundered four villages and burnt down more than 200 houses.
The administration has been shaken the most by reports that a section of Muslim attackers was ferried from Kolkata in trucks. They came from the Islamic Dens of Park Circus, Rajabazar, Metiaburz, Garden Reach (all Mini Pakistan in Kolkata).  This has been confirmed by intelligence officials, say sources. The situation is still tense and there is apprehension that the violence may spread to other parts of the district. Reinforcements have been rushed from neighbouring districts.
According to residents of Naliakhali village in Canning-I block, the victim was returning to his home in Basanti after a religious concert  (Islamic Jalsa) at Jamtala village late on Monday when he was accosted by a gang on Naliakhali Main Road. Ruhul Kuddus, a 49-year-old Muslim religious leader (Moulavi and an Imam of a Mosque in Park Circus area) was on a motorcycle with an aide when the goons fired, killing him and injuring the other person, Sirajul  Molla (45). Sirajul was admitted in Canning Sub-Divisional Hospital for treatment at first but transferred afterwards to CMCH, Kolkata as his condition turned critical.
As per a report published in Hindustan Times: “Police sources said Kuddus was carrying Rs. 11,50,000 on him which the attackers looted.” Other sources say that a huge amount of unaccounted money (mainly from some cheat funds like KWIL, VIVA, GREEN VALLEY etc. headed by Muslim businessmen) are being used for procuring un-licensed fire-arms and ammunition to carry on Jihad in entire West Bengal. But the appropriate agencies are reluctant to investigate the matters of tantamount Islamic warfare now speedily going in West Bengal under a political blessing of ruling Trinmool Congress.
Samir Sen, a bus driver, was the first to see the body around 4.25am on Tuesday. “Mine was the first bus to Canning from Golabari terminal around 3.50am. At Naliakhali, I found a man lying on the road and decided to check on him with conductor Biswanath Singh. We saw that he was dead. His clothes were soaked in blood and a motorcycle lay by the side of the road. Finding nobody else around, we left and reported the matter to the police in Canning. By then, some other bus drivers had also called police but the cops made no effort to arrive,” Sen said.
The injured aide had managed to reach a safe place and got in touch with friends and relatives. By first light, a large crowd had gathered on the spot and rumours started swirling around. Initially, police didn’t treat the matter seriously enough and sent a junior officer and two constables to remove the body. The crowd barricaded them. A few more policemen were sent, but by then the mob had swollen and a rumour had spread that the killers were from Naliakhali village. The mourners blocked roads and railway tracks.
“Police stood by and watched as thousands of men stormed our village around 10am,” said Biswajit Sardar, whose two-storied building was torched in the violence. Others alleged that most of the attackers were outsiders, who hurled bombs at houses, poured petrol and set them ablaze. “Whoever dared to protest was beaten up,” said villager Sanatan Adhikari. The rampage continued for three hours.
The Hindu villagers in Naliakhali say they had no clue about the murder. “It was only at dawn, when police arrived, that we came to know of the killing,” said Shaktipada Adhikari, an elderly villager whose house near the crime scene was reduced to ashes.
Only at the Kholakhali Baazar (P.S. Joynagar), medicine shop of Sachin Sardar and one saloon of another Hindu individual were attacked and despoiled and all these happened before the police stationed there – effete enough to protect Hindus in any case.
The  Islamic persecutions were spreading then with the help of armed outsiders with slogans of “Naraye Taqbir – Allah ho Akbar”.

Mamata Banerjee, Cheif Minister of West Bengal appealed a peace in Canning and West Bengal and described her ‘Muslim brothers as Peace Lovers”.

Even if Hindus managed to take some measures in self-defence only in few areas, the wild fire of Islamic onslaught is being witnessed in the vicinity – areas of Notunhati in Joynagar and Simultala in Basanti being the greatest victims. Road blockades by Islamists are going on in full might at several areas including Natunhat, Priyor More (P.S. Joynagar), Bhangankhali (P.S. Basanti), Boyarmari (P.S. Sandeshkhali). The wild attacks have extended to P.S. Sandeshkhali, District: 24 Paraganas (North) by now.
Kolkata – Basanti Road has been blocked at Boyarmari. Sanjay Singh, resident of Boyarmari and also CRPF jawan, posted at P.S. Goaltor, District: Medinipur has been beaten up at Boyarmari for refusing to get off from his cycle.
Police and administration have deputed a huge contingent of armed policemen, issued a red alert but it is getting more than impossible for them to contain the widespread violence. Police is running to and fro haplessly. The wrath of Islamic mob did not scared the Police contingents also. The Second Officer of Canning Police Station Sri Anup Kumar Ghosh was attacked by brick-bating and finally fell down due to head injury. Some Police Officials have been admitted to Canning Hospital in a critically injured situation. At least two police officers have been severely injured while two police vehicles have been burnt down.
Last but not least, a large number of motor vehicles carrying thousands of Muslims from Garden Reach, Metiabruz, Tilajla, Park Circus areas in Kolkata have been seen to proceed towards Joynagar. They are also heading towards Ghutiari Shariff by train phase wise still now.
To tackle the situation, rather guarding the Jihadists, the Chief Minister of West Bengal Miss. Mamtaz  Banu Arjee sent a State Delegation of TMC (Critiques say, Total Muslim Congress) comprising Firhad Hakim (Minister – Urban Development and Municipal Affairs), Mohammad Sufi (Minister – Waterways Transport), Giasuddin Molla (Minister – Minority Affairs), Javed Khan (Minister –  Fire Brigade), Haider Aziz Safi (Minister – Cooperative Dept.) and Abu Taher (Karmadhkshya of Civil Matters, South 24 Pgs Zilla Parishad). Anyway the local MP, Sri Tarun Kanti Mondal (SUCI) reached the spot and took a good initiative to distribute foods, tarpouline, medicine etc. to the victimized Hindu people of the affected areas.
Under a strategic Islamic design, Islamist aired various rumours in entire South Bengal. As an immediate effect Muslim fundamentalists tried to spread communalism in the areas of Kalna (Burdwan); Sarberia, Malancha, Ghatakpukur, Belegachi, Godra, Amraberia, Chadaneshwar, Bhoto Mollar Pole (all South 24 Pgs); Panskura (Purba Medinpur); Santragachi, Kona (Howrah), Bhangore, Barasat-Kadambgachi (North 24 Pgs) etc. and blocked the roads in some those areas, until police cleared the roads.
In this situations Hindus are put under a compulsion for a self defense,  while  police and political protections have been made a farce to them. When an unarmed police is failed to protect themselves in Kulpi and Canning Police station attacks or the blood of killed Late Tapas Chowdhury (SI, Special Branch, Kolkata Police, shot dead recently by a Muslim goon in Gardenreach area) is not fully soaked yet, Hindus must think of their own protection in every villages in West Bengal. Right to Live as Hindu is not Crime. But, allowing Hooliganism in the name of minority appeasement is obviously a crime on the part of an one-eyed TMC Govt in West Bengal.

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