Saturday, August 24, 2013


Seriously injured Hindu victim of Islamist-attack Dipen Mandal and his sister Sulata Ghosh have been brought to Kolkata Medical College Hospital by Hindu Samhati activists. Medical treatment has started. We are committed to protect vulnerable Hindus . We need your support. At least make a phone call.

10 Muslim miscreants were arrested today. But Jibantala police also slapped criminal cases on 18 Hindus apart from the 7 Hindus already arrested That is like an act of incitement to minority community to attack Hindus.on any pretext.

It is kind of assurance that even if the Police has to intervene and arrest any attackers , after brutal attack on Hindus ,then Police will also arrest people from the victims indiscriminately.

2 more Hindus already arrested by Basanti PS police.

That means total 27 Hindus have been implicated in case whereas only 10 Muslims.

Hindus injured - 5 including 1 (Tapas Naskar) shot by bullet in his left leg and 1 (Dipen Mandal) with axe blow to his head.

Hindu houses looted and damaged - 18.

2 matadors damaged.
In Jibantala PS police still detained 2 drivers of matadors who carried our Hindu Samhati supporters to yesterday's Hindu Samhati program .

Some phone calls needed to Jibantala Officer-in-Charge (OC), and SP and Additional SP Mr. Kankar Prasad Barui.
Yesterday afternoon, the first attack took place at Sarberia (new) which is under Sandeshkhali PS in North 24 Parganas dist. The notorious criminal Shah Jahan Sheikh's residence is under that PS. He was pet goonda of one criminal (Moslem Sheikh), the recently defeated CPIM Panchayat Pradhan of Sarberia-Agarati Gram Panchayat. Now that goonda Shah Jahan Sheikh has shifted allegiance to Trinamool Congress. Mamata Banerjee has been enormously enriched by these invaluable assets. And we Hindus are suffering under both regimes.
Hence phone calls to Sandeshkhali OC and North 24 Pargana police authority too is necessary.

OC - Sandeshkhali - Sandip Senapati - 987 414 9222.

CI - Hasnabad - Mrinal Kanti Mandal - 867 074 2272. (Sandeshkhali PS comes under this Circle Inspector).

Additional SP, North 24 Parganas dist. Bhaskar Banerjee - 905 106 0603.

The above officials all are of North 24 Parganas dist.
Below officials are of South 24 Parganas dist.

OC - Jibantala PS - Ram Mandal - 983 648 6021.

OC Basanti PS - Biswajit Bandyopadhyay - 983 604 7116.

SDPO Canning - Biswajit Mahato - 973 500 0747.

CI Canning - Mr. Pandey - 987 436 6222.

Addl S.P. (South 24 Pargana East) - Kankar Prasad Barui - 987 430 4571 / 943 339 2505.

S.P. South 24 Parganas dist. - Pravin Tripathy - 983 675 9227.
We urge you to please call atleast one official TODAY and request him to see so that police officials do not torment Hindus and behave with us lawfully by arresting the Muslim culprits immediately.

Every phone call made to any official will be more effective in putting pressure on the otherwise corrupt police to not torture Hindus.

It is deeply apprehended that more Hindu Samhati activists will be arrested and will not get bail.

When you call any of the police-officials, please do not be afraid. As a Righteous person, it is your obligation to call the police officials to ensure that the Hindus are victims and acted in self defense and not charged as assailants.The police officials are very polite on the phone.

Many Thanks in advance

Vande Mataram,
Hindu Samhati

Ph : 011 91 9836168846
A requet to you to extend your Financial Help to Hindu Samhati , the lone saviors.

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