Thursday, July 14, 2011

No faith in the Government using temple money judiciously ! – D.M. Sukhtankar

Panel Dicussion on, ‘Who owns the treasury? Temple or public?’, on ‘Zee 24 hours’ channel

Mumbai (Maharashtra) : It is not possible to use the treasury in Sri Padmanabh temple in Kerala for the welfare of the people unless the Constitution is improvised; but if the money goes in the hands of the Government then I am doubtful whether the money will be used judiciously. Rajiv Gandhi had said, ‘If the Government decides to spend 100 rupees for the people then only 17-18 rupees reach the people, said Ex-IAS officer, Mr. D.M. Sukhtankar. He was speaking in the panel discussion, ‘Who owns the treasury? Temple or public?’ organised by ‘Zee 24 hours’ channel. Mr. Ratnakar Mahajan, economist, Dr. Bhalchandra Mungekar, Vice Chancellor of Mumbai University, Mr. Vikram Gokhle, actor, Jyotishacharya  Mr. V.N. Utpat had participated in the panel discussion.

During this panel discussion, Mr. Sukhtankar further said, “The intervention of the Supreme Court in Sri Padmanabh Temple has been on account of a PIL, in which an appeal is made that the money with the temple is not safe for the lack of security and so, in order to secure it, the Government should take necessary steps to that regard. In order to know the exact amount in the treasury of the temple, the Court has appointed a committee of 2 judges. That means the Court will not be able to give the judgement about how the monies should be used. The petitioner also has not asked for it. Trusts of well-known religious places do undertake Social projects. Now the question is whether to sell the property of the temple to accomplish this. It is an ancient property and it has been offered to the temple. Certain powers are assigned to the Trust as per the rules and the Trust has to spend the money belonging to the temple accordingly. Otherwise the monies of the temple cannot be used at all, is what has been laid down by the rules.”

To use the temple monies for the public, laws will have to be improvised ! – Mr. Ratnakar Mahajan

Like Mr. Sukhtankar, Mr. Ratnakar Mahajan also said while stating his opinion, “The money of the temple cannot be used for the public directly, as there is no such a rule in the laws of the Trust. The law will have to be improvised to have such a rule. According to the law, 60% of the expenditure should be as per the rules of the Trust. Whether it is being followed or not has to be inspected by the Commissioner in charge of ‘Charity’. If the expenditure is not being undertaken as per the rules then the Commissioner only has to suggest remedy for the same. This does not mean that selling everything, the money should be handed over to the Government. This will be an extreme step! In order to make use of the money for the welfare of the public the Constitution will have to be amended.”   

The temple monies should be used for Awakening of Dharma ! –Mr. V.N. Utpat

The temple money should be used for creating awareness about Dharma (Dharmajagruti ). Millions of temples in the country are in dilapidated condition. They could be revived. Money could be spent for the study of ‘Vedas’. Establish the Universities like Takshashila, Nalanda. The roads leading to the places of pilgrimage could be repaired. Polluted rivers like Ganga, Yamuna and Chandrabhaga could be purified. This is Hindu God’s money; this is the money that is offered by Hindu King of Travancore. Hindu’s temple money should not be transferred for the use of other Faiths.Secular Government should not interfere in the religious matters at all, said Mr. V.N. Utpat on the occasion.

Utpat reprimanded Actor Vikram Gokhale disbelieving Dharma ! 

Actor Vikram Gokhale said, “I do not belive in Dharma. There is no religion like Hindu Dahrma in the world; it is a custom. Let, Mr. Utpat give the answer, "Who will decide about spending the money with the Trust? Should there be someone to ask them about it or not ?” While giving answers to these questions, Mr. Utpat Said, “Definitely, the public has the right to ask; but to give an opinion about the subject by the one, who does believe in Dharma, is like putting a ‘Tilak’ (Kunku) on the forehead by a widow.”

Effort on the part of Mr. Munagekar to misguide the public by saying that the temple monies of Hindus not used for any other Faiths!

None of the Trust money belonging to any Faith is being spent for the people of any other faiths. It is a misunderstanding that the Trust monies are being spent like this, because it had been laid down in the rules of the Trust that the money belonging to any Trust should be spent for the people of that Faith only. I am a member of the Waqf Board. The money in their custody is spent for that Faith only, said Mr. Mungekar. Mr. Utpat commented emphatically and openly telling the truth that Sri Siddhivinayak Mandir Trust money was being given to the madrassa.

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