Thursday, July 21, 2011

Why is Congress afraid of Baba Ramdev? Does Sonia have a Swiss Account?

Ramdev’s yoga techniques are unscientific and his followers are fools. Having said that what he has embarked now should be supported by everyone who feels they have Indian blood in them.
Ramdev’s demands are simple and they are as shown:

1. There is about US $1.5 trillion hidden in Swiss banks illegally and we must recover it some how.

2. The government should not keep saying that its working on Lokpal bill (that can reduce corruption by government officials) but must make it into law undiluted.

Just imagine what good things will happen if these two things come into effect. $1.5 trillion is lot lot of money. If we are able to get it, all education and health in this nation could be offered for free. There would be no huts, no starvation. Dams, power stations, roads, railways, schools, colleges, hospitals could be built. We  can embark on a quest to create alternative energy to reduce dependence on terror sponsoring oil producing nations.

This $1.5 trillions belongs to us. Every normal Indian. Rich tycoons who don’t want to pay tax and politicians and government  servants who earned fat bribes deposited their money in Swiss banks knowing that Switzerland will be loyal to its customers and is wiling to see innocent and ignorant Indians suffer (though it clearly knows this money is illegal).

Rather than taking action on rogue enemy state of Switzerland, our government is quiet happy to enact a Tienanmen Square in Ramleela grounds in New Delhi? I ask a simple question: WHY?
I am getting a hunch that top congress leaders including the first congress family (the Sonia Gandhi family) has huge sums of money in Swiss banks. If India breaks into Swiss accounts, the ugly truth about politicians will come out. The nation will revolt against Sonia’s and they willing be put into jail or there will be a bloody civil war between the people and government backed forces. In short India will become like the middle east.

Congress will loose its value and possibly destroyed and never will rise again. If this not true why take action on peaceful agitation by Indians rather than taking action action corrupt ones and Switzerland thats encouraging corruption in our land? WHY?

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