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Ministry of Home Affairs: CPI (Maoist) has close fraternal ties with insurgent groups of Northeast

Source: News Bharati     


Guwahati, February 25: The Union ministry of home affairs (MHA) has said that the CPI (Maoist) has close fraternal ties with many insurgent groups of the northeast India which will have serious implications on national security.

MHA document released as `FAQ on Maoists in India` said, “They (Maoists) are making incursions into Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, which will have serious long-term strategic implications,” Kangala Online repots.

In reply to a question whether the CPI (Maoist) has links with other terrorist organizations and foreign countries, the document said, “The CPI (Maoist) has close fraternal ties with many insurgent groups of the northeast, mainly the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). Most of these outfits have links with external forces inimical to India”.

It further added, “The CPI (Maoist) has also frequently expressed its solidarity with J&K terrorist groups. These ties are part of their `Strategic United Front` against India,”

“The outfit has close links with foreign Maoist organizations in Philippines and Turkey and is also a member of the Coordination Committee of Maoist Parties and Organizations of South Asia (CCOMPOSA), which includes Nepal Maoists,” document added.

The Home Ministry said, “Functionaries of front organizations provide intellectual veneer to the inherent violence in Maoist ideology. They sanitize the bloodletting and attempt to make the Maoist world-view palatable to urban audiences and the media.”

The Communist Party of India (Maoist) is an Under Ground Political Party in India which aims to overthrow the government of India through people’s warmeans. It was founded on 21 September 2004, through the merger of the People's War, and the Maoist Communist Centre (MCC).
The party is regarded as a "left-wing extremist entity" and a terrorist outfit by the Indian government. Several of their members have been arrested under the now-defunct Prevention of Terrorist Activities Act. The group is officially banned by the state governments of Orissa, Chattisgarh, and Andhra Pradesh, among others. The party has protested these bans. On 22 June 2009, the central home ministry, keeping in mind the growing unlawful activities by the group, banned it under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA)

The MHA added that the Maoists brainwash and indoctrinate young children and threaten poor Adivasi parents, who usually prefer to part with their girl child.

“This is the reason behind the presence of large number of women Maoists who are also pushed to engage themselves with the security forces,” MHA stated.

$img_titleOn Sunday last, Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi, after a meeting with Union home minister P Chidambaram here, said, “Pakistan`s ISI is trying to involve itself in the growing Maoist problem in the state”. However, the MHA document has not named any foreign forces inimical to the country.

The MHA, in its document, discussed the steps that an ordinary citizen can take against Left-wing extremism (LWE).

MHA has asked the people to condemn the violent and brutal atrocities of CPI (Maoist) and other LWE groups on innocent civilians, learn to recognize the Maoist front organizations, ideologues and sympathizers` propaganda of war against India, sensitize fellow countrymen on the dangers of their violent ideology and cherish and nurture the democratic way of life enshrined in the Constitution.

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