Monday, March 12, 2012

Rahul FLOPS, glossy road shows of Priyanka unimpressive : Congress in SAVE RAHUL Mode

Source: News Bharati     

undefinedNew Delhi, March 6: It was a series of mistakes that appeared to have cost the Congress in Uttar Pradesh and the efforts taken by Rahul Gandhi have now confirmed that anyone who wants a sureshot defeat, should bring Rahul for his campaign. Rahul's gimmicks like tearing menifesto of opposition in a public rally have boomranged him.
$img_titleRahul's 'Mission UP 2012' collapsed due to off the cuff remarks, controversial comments and raking up of sentimental issues by senior party leaders including Union ministers.

Now after the voters have thrashed congress party In State polls, especially in UP, the congress leaders are in a face-saving effort. Congress leaders are saving their faces and trying to divert media attention from Rahul Gandhi. As per Congress leaders, Rahul has done a ‘wonderful’ job which has not done by any congress kingpin before. The much hype about Rahul’s so called charismatic persona, image of Congress winning factor and Priyanka’s family road show has again hit with the feelings of the people with which the congress scions tried to play.
The state assembly poll results are a stunning blow to Rahul Gandhi who had staked his political future on reviving his party’s fortunes in the populous northern state. When trends were emerging on the result day, Congress spokesman Abhishek Manu Singhvi told reporters that he does not trust trends and Rahul’s leadership is not weak.
$img_titleIt was a total Gandhi-Vadra Family drama in UP as the grounded Rahul and Highflyer Vadras make impressive appearances before the Media. Those performances made media crazy but it seems that rural Indian ‘Pipli’ is not impressed with the style shows of the Gandhi and Vadras. Addressing a public rally on Valentine’s Day, Priyanka followed up her affectionate gesture with a promise of a gift. “I promise Ma that we will get her all the 10 seats of Rae Bareli and Amethi.”
When, Congress chief Sonia and Priyanka had reached the GIC grounds in a red-white helicopter, the brightness of their blue and red sarees outdone by their smiles. And the Media published pictures of Priyanka pinching her mother Sonia Gandhi’s cheek.
Sonia’s claim that Congress has a history of service to the people has been not taken by the people much seriously.
$img_titleNow when the UP poll trends were coming out and it was visible that the Congress has been thrown to fourth place in UP elections, UP Congress Chief Rita Bahuguna Joshi immediately announced that Rahul Gandhi was just a star campaigner and she will take responsibility if the Congress loses in the state. Congress leaders are announcing themselves as ‘scapegoats’ to save flop performance of Rahul Gandhi.

Now after the Congress has lost in Goa, UP and Punjab, both  Rahul Gandhi and Digvijay Singh are trying to be ‘smart’ and accepting the defeat.
It was also a Series of mistakes appears to have cost Congress Scion in UP. The statements of Union Minister Salman Khurshid on the Muslim sub-quota issue added fuel to fire, while, at the same time, antagonising the Election Commission. The statements of Union ministers Beni Prasad Verma and Sriprakash Jaiswal did not help matters.

A section of the party contends that the 4.5 per cent reservation for minorities decided by the Congress-led coalition at the Centre just a few days before the announcement of the election schedule did more harm than good for the party.

This section says that detractors of the party were quick to project the move as one detrimental to interests of backward Muslims in U P.

The raking up of the Batla encounter issue by Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh also appeared to have not gone down well with the Muslims. Such statements appeared to have helped the BJP to polarise the voter to a certain extent.

Party leaders insist that sizable support from Muslims in the 2009 elections had ensured the Congress to win as many as 22 Lok Sabha seats giving the first signs of the revival of the organisation in its one-time bastion. But the Muslims may have shifted away this time, they feel.

Congress has been in political wilderness in U P for the past 22 years in the wake of the Mandal and Mandir upsurge.

In almost all of these 22 Lok Sabha seats, Muslim vote was crucial ranging from two to three lakh and in constituencies like Moradabad it was upto six lakh.

The statements by some leaders of likely imposition of President's rule in U P if the Congress failed to get majority created an atmosphere of instability and sent the signal that the party was not confident to form government on its own.

Congress in UP, a section feels, failed to present a united picture in the campaign as leaders started making one upmanship to project themselves as the chiefministerial candidates.

All the speculations about Rahul’s charismatic leadership have come to a halt now. Granny Sonia should now give a serious thought to bring Vadra scions into politics. We are serious Mama!!,-glossy-road-shows-of-Priyanka-unimpressive---Congress-in-SAVE-RAHUL-Mode.aspx?NB=&lang=1&m1=&m2=&p1=&p2=&p3=&p4=