Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blasphemy of Hindu Deities: Christian Missionaries to enjoy Holy Communion in Jail

Source: News Bharati            

undefinedBengaluru, April 03: A civil court in Kolar Gold Fields (KGF), Karnataka has awarded a punishment of 3.5 years for two Christian missionaries and one year each for 9 missionaries of Peter’s church, Bangalore for blaspheming Hindu Deities and disturbing the feelings of citizens.

The group of missionaries is accused of having publicly stated that Hindu Gods Ram, Krishna, Tirupathi Venkataramana as not genuine Gods, and that Jesus was the only God. This created animosity between the two communities.  Court also observed that they were encouraging people to join Christianity by giving steel plates, clothes and food.

When Purushottam, a local questioned about this act, christian missionaries assaulted him and threatened him for life.

This incident happened on 19 May 2007 in the jurisdiction of the Andersonpet Poilice station of the Kyasamballi village of Lolar district in Karnataka. The attempt of forcible conversions was reported from Kyasamballi Village. This area witnessed massive religious conversions in the last 40 years.

On 19 May 2007, around 1.30pm, the Christian missionary group put up pendal on the outskirts of the the Kyasamballi. They were making propaganda of Christianity by words and signs. More than that, they were presumptuously blaspheming Hindu deities Rama, Krishna, Thirupati Venkatramana saying that those are not genuine and nothing but stones. They were shouting that ‘Yesu’ is the only God. The missionaries tried to lure the citizens by steel plates, biscutes, chocolates, towels and cloths to accept their claim that the ‘Yesu’ was only God and he will provide good health and wealth to all.

Rodrex (52) and SM Yesubabu(37) of Peter Church were given total 3.5 years of prisonment under IPC sections 153(B),  323 and 506. Other 9 missionaries were given 1 year imprisonment and fine of Rs 3000 each under IPC section 153(B).

In his order, that sentenced Christian Missionaries for blaspheming Hindu deities (31 March 2012, CC 109/2008), the Civil Court of KGF has said that, “The accused have committed grave offence that to be social stigma and they are all more that 21 years old and they created feelings of enemity between Hindu and Christian communities by committing the offences prejudicial to maintenance of harmony between two communities disturbed the Police tranquilities.”

Interestingly when Newsbharati contacted St Peter’s Church (080 – 25264343) for knowing the Church side, the receiver answered on behalf of the church giving details about its address. He declined to be aware of such a court order against its missionaries for blaspheming Hinduism. He further asked, “Where this has happened, in India or in Pakistan,” and cut the call without giving his credentials.

It is pity that a religion called Christianity has only left steel plates and biscuits to attract the people from other religion and not the spirituality. They have only blasphemy words against the ancient and most spiritual Hinduism and not the cerebral capacity to understand it.

That’s why in a recent survey of to understand why the Catholics have stopped attending Church Mass” the Catholics have told surveyors that they didn't like the church's handling of the clergy sex abuse scandal and were upset that divorced and remarried Catholics are unwelcome at Mass.

Without washing its own laundry, now the Church and its missionaries of ‘peace and love’ are trying to attack Hinduism and felling into jail. 


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  1. As a former Christian myself (former Catholic, now Buddhist), I am ashamed of the behaviour of those members of a religion that has long stopped being a blessing for Western civilization.

    Diego Oliveira
    Petrópolis, Brazil