Monday, July 2, 2012

Beware! - The truth of Satyamev Jayate

As usual, our people are easily fooled by media Hype and TV shows. Being ignorant of truth, but rather trustful and believe in whatever propaganda they were subjected to.


The truth of Satyamev Jayate

Since last few days we have seen viral effect across the nation for a television show hosted by Bollywood Star Amir Khan named “Satyamev Jayate” and these days ... I’ve come across a large number of people discussing and praising the show and also some of them were considering making donations and sending SMSs to the show in public interest, my purpose for writing this post is to let those people know that how and where their donations and revenue generated by SMSs will be used.

The foundation where your donations and income via SMSs will go is called “Humanity Trust” and this is the website of this trust:

Executive Committee:
1. Mr. Jagabar Ali.
2. Mr. R. Hakkim Ali.
3. Mr. Fazulutheen.
Members of the Board of Advisors are as follow:
1. Mr. M.L. Raja Mohamed 
2. Mr. M.S. NASICK
3. Mr. A Ahmed Irzath
4. Mr. S.Abdul Basith

This website says that some of the objectives of their foundation are:-
·  Masjid Construction assistance. (Bore/construction helps)
·  Placement assistance for Islamic youngsters (notifications about jobs across various geographies


Now look at the irony here: people from all over the country belonging to different religions and communities are sending SMSs and making donations, and you can see clearly that money is spent on people of just one particular community and religion – the Muslims!!

Isn’t it unfair that first you are attracting people from different religions on emotional grounds, and when they fall prey to it and give donation, you are using that money for communal purpose without even informing the people where their money is going to be used?

How will building mosques and madrasas help our nation? And if it doesn’t then why are people of this country being fooled like this and no one is raising questions? Are only Muslims unemployed in this country? If not then why this step-motherly treatment to people of other religions?

See the truth

As we all know Hindus are being  EXTERMINATED in Pakistan and Bangladesh by the Muslim fanatics, and increasingly threatened in Hindusthan due to the appeasement policy of successive governments and Indian government does not bother about the atrocities happening to Hindus allover. Now, Hindus are being fooled by the handsome and smiling face of Mr Amir Khan in making rich muslim community which will in turn enslave Hindus of India once again. Arise ! Awake ! Hindus before it is too late .....

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