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Rohingyas are Ront-Gers, not Rohingyas.
Rohingya is a self-dubbed name, a complete Fabrication.
All so self-styled Rohingyas are descendants of Chittagongnian laborers.
Ront-Gers fabricate the name Rohingyas to conceal and belie of their real identity by naming themselves Rohingyas. They fabricated the name Rohingya to take advantage of the prevailing situation in Rakhine state.
All Muslims in Rakhine state are illegal immigrants, except some Ka Mans.
And all Muslims in Maung Daw-Buthedaung and Rathedaung are illegal infiltrators.
There is no Rohingya in Rakhine state neither at all nor in any other part of Myanmar.
All so called Rohingyas are Ront-Gers.
The term came to its existence only after about 1880.
How the Chittagonian laborers happened to come to Rakhine is a piece of history?  
History is a continuous, systematic narrative of past events as relating to a particular people, country, period etc. The records recorded by British administrators tell us of all past events, regarding Muslims in Rakhine. The records are very authentic to be confuted. 
The name Rohingya is a fabrication. It is an affront to history as well as to historians. Any fabrication or distortion done knowingly and willfully is a crime and is punishable by law.                                  
                                     A Glimpse of Muslims in Rakhine
Muslims living in Maung Daw-Buthedaung- Rathedaung came to the land of Rakhine as seasonal laborers during the rule of British in Burma.
In 1869 the Suez Canal was opened and rice became a great demand to be exported abroad. Rakhine is a fertile land where paddy grows in abundance. The East India Company was, then a trading company and the British government encouraged Rakhine to grow more paddy. The government exempted tax for 3 years and there was quantum leap in rice productions. Production increased from 1000 tons to 3000 tons.
 As the rapid rise of rice cultivation, the East India Company needed a huge number of laborers and to meet the demand the company brought Muslims laborers from east Bengal as seasonal workers. They were to harvest paddy in Rakhine and return home after harvest works were over somewhat like indentured laborers from India to Africa during the rule of British in India but had no proper records.
And, in 1850 Muslims from Chittagong areas infiltrated into Buthedaung en messe.
In 1916 The East India Company constructed a Rail-road between Kann Nyin Chaung and Buthedaung via Maung Daw.The railroad was built through the Mayu mountain range. The company brought thousands of Muslim workers from Chittagong areas and made them work in the construction. Paddy cultivation and railroad construction became a magnet for the Chittagonian Muslims to infiltrate into Rakhine.
In 1930-31 Directorate of Health issued a report and it records that  40000 Muslims came to Maung Daw.
At present there are incredible numbers of illegal Muslims in Rakhine state, especially in Maung Daw- Buthedaung -Rathedaung areas.
They infiltrate illegally sneaking through porous border since many ago, because Chittagong area, now Bangladesh was and is very poor with an exploding population.
Muslims in Mrauk-U were retinues of Rakhine King Min Saw Mon. They were Ka Man, archers by profession and they were few in number.
There are many records concerning Muslim influx into Rakhine, known to the west as Arakan.
Of many authentic records,  
C.E. Lucas Phillips, a Brigadier General in the British 14th Army who fought during the Second World War, writes:
The Muslims had their origin in the District of Chiiagong,
In the Bengal province of British India, and all Muslims
Whether native of Arakan for generations or recent immigrants were known as Chittagonians or in the British Forces, as CFs’ a bewildering babel of languages was spoken by these people. The Arakanese spoke of Burmese, but the Chittagonians tuck to Bengali of their homeland, but, if educated spoke Urdu, as well.
Burma Gazetteer by R.B. Smart records: The laborers came from Chittagong partly by district Steamer of the British Indian steam of the Navigation Company to Akyab, by Messers Turner, Morrion And Company’s steamers to Maung Daw, by the Arakan Flotilla Steamers down the Naff to Maung Daw or just across the Naff into the Maung Daw Township. Large numbers also come by boat from Chittagong ports to engage in the carrying trade.                           
Friend of India and Statesman states: About the tenth of the populations of Chittagong migrate annually to Arakan, where the demand for labor is much greater than at Chittagong R.B. Smart writes: Chittagonians have made certain villages on the banks of the kaladan their homes for generations and their numbers are constantly increased by fresh immigrants.
.                                      Educated Muslims in Rakhine
There are Bengali Hindus and Bengali Muslims in Rakhine, especially in Sittwe, Yangon, Pyi, Pegu who are not from Chittagong District but from Decca, Calcutta, Lahore, Delhi, Allahabad and etc. They know the Chittagongnian laborers very well.   
There are also Rakhine who lived in Decca,Chittagong, Comila, Feni, Rangpur and Calcutta before, and  these Rakhine have good knowledge of the Chittagongnian Muslims.
The eduacated Muslims are the elites of  the Muslim society. 
Almost all Muslims living in Sittwe and Thandway are educated Muslims and they are higher in social strata compared to the Muslims in Maung Daw-Buthedaung and Rathedaung. Most Muslims, especially of Sittwe and Kyauk Pru speak Rakhine and they are friendly with Rakhine. Thandway Muslims speak Rakhine like Rakhine and they are also friendly with Rakhine. Thandaway Muslims are a little refined than other Muslims in Rakhine State and are a little closer to Rakhine way of living.
                                           Chittagongnian Muslims
Muslims of Maung Daw-Buthedaung – Rathadaung are Chittagonians. They speak a rough kind of dialect of Chittagong. They are all illiterates. The way they lead their life is poor and low in standard. They came to Rakhine as laborers, farm-workers and coolies. They trade in all sorts of dirty occupations. They are illiterate Muslims and are religious fanatics.
One could find them very miserable to deal with.
There are very few people who are of good character.
                                              Characteristic Trait
It was the East India Company which first brought Chittagongnian Muslims into Arakan as seasonal laborers in 1969 when Suez Canal was opened. In 1916 the East India Company brought Chittagonian Muslims for the second time and made them work in Railroad construction between Kan Gyan Chaung and Buthedaung in Arakan.
Most Chittagongnian Muslims who came as laborers had no family ties back home. All of them were poor, and the place from where they come was a country of grinding poverty, and for them to go back home in Chittagong area was like going back to their death bed. East Bengal was in Indian Territory before 1947.
This article is not an anti-Ront-Gers slur who fabricated a self dubbed name as Rohingyas  to hoodwink  the people of the world. It is written based on facts known to many people of today and of the people of the past.
                                            Muslims vs. Muslims
There were and are Muslims in Sittwe,Mrauk –U, Kyauk Pru and Thandway in the State of Arakan. They are educated Muslims. Muslims in Yangon, Prome (Pyi) and Pegu in Burma know of the laborers from where they came together with their innate characters. Muslims in Rakhine, albeit they are, also illegal immigrant Muslims and Muslims of same faith, are different from the Muslims of Maung Daw-Buthedaung-Rathedaung. The ways the former lead are conspicuously different from those of the latter. Muslim males and females living in Maung Daw-Butthedaung-Rathedaung wear scalp-cap and female a burka, a loose garment covering the entire body and having a veiled opening for the eyes. But Males and females living in Sittwe, Thandway, Pyi, Yangon, Pegu and Mandalay do not wear such scalp cap and Burka. They do not trade in dirty kind of business like the Muslims of Maung Daw – Buthedaung-Rathedaung.  These Muslims are illiterates who are governed by fanaticism and who are of herd instinct. The Muslims of Maung Daw-Buthedaung-Rathedaung and some Muslims in rural areas of Sittwe speak a rustic kind of dialect of Chittagong called “Khaw Taw,” whereas educated Muslims speak Bengali –Sadhu Basha— and some Urdu, a fine language.
As they are as such, the educated Muslims in Sittwe, Thandway and in other parts of  the country do not have regard towards them. Educated Muslims used to treat them like people of low class Muslims like the West Pakistanis did towards East Pakistanis (now Bangladesh). The educated Muslims call Muslims in Maung Daw-Buthedaung-Rathedaung Ront-Gers or vagabond who are blown away from their homeland Chittagong areas to Arakan as jobless and homeless.      
Bengali Hindus and educated Muslims from other parts of Bengal– not from the areas of Chittagong– brand the Muslims of Maung Daw- Buthedaung-Rathedaung as Ront-Gers.
                                          What Does Ront-Ger Mean?
Ront-Gers mean men who are blown away from/to and of no class or social strata.
A Ront-Ger is a Bum, a Vagabond.
The term “Ront-Ger,” came to its existence only in 19th century, some-time after the Chittagonian laborers were brought into Rakhine state by the East India Company to be employed as harvest workers and as laborers to construct railroad.
The term “Ront-Ger,” is a combination of two words: Ront and Ger. Ront is a word of Rakhine and “Ger,” is of a Bengali Muslim. The meaning of the word “Ront” is blown away from/to and “Ger,” in Bengali Muslim means, a person belongs to a certain place.
“Tu Ko Rae Ger,” is Bengali, meaning “Where are you from?”  ”Anauk Ger,”is Bengali. Anauk is west, Ger is person and it means “man from the west.
Maung Daw Ger is man from Maung Daw. In Bengali Hindi, it is like “wallah”. Pani wallah, man who carries water and sells, Gari wallah, a person who draws cart, Doodh wallah, a person who sells milk, Capra wallah, a person who sells clothing and etc. 
                                               Like Salt to a Wound.
The word Ront-Ger is not music to the Muslims of Maung Daw-Buthedaung-Rathedaung. It is a word to them like putting salt to one’s wound. They detest the word Ront-Ger to hear and to bear it. It is like an insult calling them Vagabonds by their own Muslims and of same faith.
Self-dubbed Rohingas, in a statement made by them mentioned the term “Ront-Ger” and tried to whitewash it saying the term was used by Muslims living in Mrauk-U, Kyauk Taw Sittwe to refer to the Muslims residing in Mrauk and that the term ” Ront-Ger” is derogatory term of Rohingya used by other Muslims as the other Muslims could not pronounce articulately. This statement tries to mislead the reader by way of simulacrum. Ront-Ger and Rohingya are very similar with one another.Muslims in Mrauk-U, Sittwe, Kyauk Taw speak Rakhine as Rakhine does, and there could be no indistinction in pronunciation of the word. And the reason the statement brings forth is ridiculous to accept.
The Soi-dissent Rohingyas are all illegal immigrant Muslims in Myanmar and are in very critical position unable to create a kind of ethnic group among the ethnic groups of Myanmar in order to create a Muslim state within the state of Rakhine, because the Union government did not recognize them as an ethnic group. They are illegal immigrants originally from Bangladesh who tried to register as refugee taking advantage of situation during Operation Nagarmin launched by Myanmar government in 1974. The Bangladeshi government refused to take them back, albeit they are from Bangladesh.   
Now, they are desperately making endeavor to gain the sympathy of  people employing various sorts of subterfuge and chicanery, yammering aloud that they are “Rohingyas” from Myanmar which does not have a single grain of truth. The term “Rohingya” is a Hoax. It was concocted very recently to manipulate and it for their very own interest. They are at present a people of no country. Rohingyas are currently in a situation of drowning. 
They are taking military training at Al Qaeda camps in order to resort to terrorism.                         
                                     A  Very Recently Concocted Name
Rakhine who lived in Bengal before and who are now living in Rakhine state and Yangon also call them Ront-Gers not Rohingyas. The name Rohingya is a term concocted very recently, only about some 50 years ago. The meaning of Rohingya is “Descendants of Arab castaways. In reality, they are illegal infiltrators and have no papers to guard against them like Maxicans in Arizona. They are always living in fear of immi- gration check and they could enjoy no civil rights.
Rohingyas are trying to create a Muslim Islamic state within Arakan state. This is the reason they shamelessly fabricated the name.
                                           Aiming to Hold the Helm
Before 1942 there were very few Muslims in Maung Daw and Buthedaung with high school education –except 3/4 gentlemen with higher education. After 1955 young Muslims of Maung Daw and Buthedaung became educated. Some of them came out from the Rangoon University with Bachelor’s Degrees in Arts and Science.
Among the Muslims of Muang Daw and Buthedaung Muslims of Sittwe and and Kyauk Pru were and are the leading Muslims. Now the Muslims of Maung Daw and Buthedaung were not happy with the leading Muslims the way they were dealing with the Arakanese. They viewed them as brokers between Arakanese and Maung Daw Buthedaung Muslims. They take the leading Muslims playing Machieavallian tatics playing both sides against the middle.
                                             A Self-dubbed Name 
Early Muslims migrating in Maung Daw and Buthedaung, who indoctrinated the young Muslims in politics and religion, they have connections with Muslim countries abroad to give logistic backing to their giant plot which is to create a Muslim State in Arakan State.
And now the young Muslims, like Don Quix-o-te (of Cavantes )  who was inspired by lofty and chivalrous but impractical ideals, got inspired and enthused by the prospect of creating and gaining  Muslim State within Rakhine State, began to find a feat in Arakan to perform. 
Now with the number illegal infiltrators the Muslims in Maung Daw-Buthedaung- Rathedaung think the fruit is now ripe, ripe enough for them to pluck.
But the Muslims they have in Maung Daw-Buthedaung-Rathedaung are all illegal infiltrators, not indigenes. They need a kind of people who must be Muslims and who belong to an ethnic group of Burma. There is no such kind of Muslim in Maung Daw-Buthedaung-Rathedaung. They need to create a group of people who are indigenous Muslims of Burma to advance a legal claim as a one. This is the reason they fabricated the name Rohingya of which there is no record at all.
                                           Conjurers’ Trick: Similacrum
There is another chicanery they try to hoodwink people by pulling wool over people’s eyes.   
The two terms Ront-Ger and Rohingyas are very similar to one another that people might not notice the difference between them at a glanceThese two terms are easy to mislead general people.   This is a SIMULACRUM to mislead and belie people.
                                         The Paranormal of Ront-Gers           
Concocting the name “Rohingyas,” they claim themselves as the descendants of Arabs and simultaneously endeavor to get the name registered as such with the government of Myanmar.
We do not need to delve deep into history to find out if they are the descendants of Arab castaways or the descendants of the Chittagongnian laborers. There are records written by British administrators and according to those records, the name they bring forth is a charade, a farce. It is a Paranormal of the Ront-Gers.
A test of DNA would prove whether they are: The descendants of Arab castaways or the descendants of Chittagongnian laborers.                               
There is another trick Ront-Gers  seize advantage over  the Muslims who brand them Ront-Gers, by bringing forth the story of Arab castaways and making themselves the descendants of the Arabs, the Ront-Gers do one-upmanship over the Muslims: ” We are Holier-Than -Thou.”
The rationales behind the Ront-Gers’ concoction  the name Rohingyas  is mainly to advancing a legal claim to ethnic grouping of the Union of Myanmar with an intent to be able to create a Muslim state Maung Daw-Buthedaung-Rathedaung  within Rakhine state. Look at Kashmir. Kashmir is a state that belongs to India. Majority of the population is Muslim and Muslims are fighting for Kashmir to makes it a Muslim state on the strength of the population. They are trying to create a situation in Rakhine like in Kashmir. Almost all Muslims are covetous, with bad habit of looting precious things that belongs to others. Kashmir is the best example they are trying to loot.
                                      Toward A Creation of Muslim State
They have another giant plan to create a Muslim Islamic state within Arakan state. They are illegal infiltrators and they need to make them-selves an ethnic group of the Union of Myanmar. They fabricate the name Roingya and tried to legalize their status, claiming themselves that they are the descendants of Arab castaways. With this they make endeavor to inter their real identity belying general people who are ignorant of their origin and to advance a legal claim to the ethnic groupings of the Union of Myanmar.
                                             Pandora’s Box of Rohingyas
In1990 the faked Rohingyas tried to register the name with the Election Committee of 1990. The Committee turned down their application on the ground that there is no such name or race in Myanmar. And, in February 1992, the minister of Foreign Affairs of State Law and Order Restoration Council government issued the following statement in the conference of February ’92.
“Although there are 135 national racesliving in Myanmartoday, the so-called Rohinger people is not one of them. Historically there has never been a Rohinger race in Myanmar. People of Muslim faith from the adjacent country illegally entered into Myanmar Naingan particularly the Rakhine state. “
The Ront-Gers tried to create a box called “Rohingya” distort history by bringing forth the Arab shipwreck story and Arab castaways, making themselves descendants of the same and self-dubbing the name “The Rohingya.” But when the box was opened people found it as a stink bomb.
The self-named Rohingyas or Rohingers are no other than “Ront-Gers,” branded by their own erudite Muslims and Rakhines who know their progenitors very well.  
It is a big shame for the Ront-gers to brazenly and shamelessly try to belie people.
                     Infiltration of Muslims into Myanmar, Why and how?
One might remember the name “An International Basket,” dubbed to people of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) “by Dr. Henry Kissinger, the former US Secretary of State.  The name branded by Mr. Kissinger is a perfect one, for it is a country of grinding poverty in the Indian Sub-Continent with an area of 144,000 sq. miles and with an ever exploding population of 130 million plus because of system of marriage by which they wrangle to rule the world by 21 C or 768.
Bangladesh is bordered by the Bay of Bengal in the south, while in three other directions by bordered by India and Myanmar. It is more than 3 times smaller than Myanmar. On the southern edge, it has a small border with Myanmar. Myanmar has about 55 million in population whereas Bangladesh has 130 million plus.
Bangladesh is an agricultural country and most people work in farms and paddy fields. The country’s main product is Jute. It has some other small businesses such as fishing, growing seasonal beans and tobacco etc. The country is bordered by Bay of Bengal in the south for many miles and storms used to visit the country during rainy season from May to September. June and July are paddy growing season and during this period, storms rage with heavy rain and flood and ravage all paddy plants that could feed the people. Rice in Bangladesh is so scarce and expensive that people die of hunger every year.
Bengalis called Myanmar Shuna Bhumi or the Land of gold. On the southern edge of the country, there is a small border with Myanmar. There is no border-guard or patrol to stem and curb sneaking Bangladeshis. For an infiltrator there is no desert to trek thro like the one between Mexico and Arizona and Texas to trek across. And to sneak into Myanmar is not a Himalayan trek. It is a trip of two or two hours and the route is through green trees bearing fruits and through green forests.
In about 15-20 years, the number of illegal infiltrators swelled to incredible number.
In 1978, Myanmar government launched Operation Nagarmin. It was a nation-wide-scale as part of a demographic survey. For fear of facing immigration check, a large number of Muslims fled to Bangladesh, the country from where they sneaked into Myanmar. Why did they flee? There is no reason if they are not illegal infiltrators they fled because they are illegal infiltrators.
United Nations built make- shifts camps and even before the camps were erected many Muslim Bangladeshis rushed to the camp called as Refugee Camps, and taking advantage of the situation tried to register as refugees feigning as Muslims who fled from Myanmar.
The number of those who fled was set as 156630, but the government accepted back total 186,965 Bengali Muslims.
Those who were not taken back are Bangladeshis but Muslims write that they are refugees whom Myanmar government refused to accept and they are in miserable situation of being starved. These are all their chicaneries. These Muslims are classic and exemplary bluffers.
                                                    Recounted Message
On the 12th of May in Minkan, Sittwe, all the Arakanese people were inhumanely killed by the so-called Rohingers cutting the former into pieces like killing cows. All the houses in Hmansi Street, Ohhdan Street, and Kyaunggyi Street from Aungbarlar Bengali Village were burnt down by the so-called Rohingers themselves and declared and accused the Arakanese people of doing the arson. They made it known to the world that the Arakanese did it to annihilate them so that the United Nations and many powerful countries like the USA and UK will try to negotiate with the Myanmar government to give them the rights to dwell in Myanmar and to rule over Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Sittwe.
They have financial support from Arab countries to do their invasions to other countries. They have been found to possess a lot of weapons like guns of all sorts and knives in their houses since a long time ago. By using those weapons, they have killed the Arakanese people and fought against the government troops. in such situations, Arakanese people have had no weapons except rare small knives in some _not all_ houses to fight against the so-called Rohingers. They received large boxes full of weapons as a support for them from the NGO called AZD. What now, all the Arakanese people have been living in great fear.
All the so-called Rohingyas have been used to killing animals as they have been killing cows, chicken and all sorts of animals in cold blood in the meanest killing way_ the so-called Halal of beheading. So they have been killing Arakanese people by means of even-worse-than-Halal method_ cutting Arakanese of any age or any gender into pieces. Frankly and boldly speaking, those who have been exposed to the government newspapers may think that Rakhine State is now under peaceful and controllable conditions. But I am not exaggerating on the above things; I can guarantee and take the oath as saying quite real truths. As for the Arakanese people, they have not dared to kill those Rohingyas because they strongly believe that as Buddhists, killing a living thing is very inhuman and bad thing and that they will go to hell if they do so. In Rakhine, most of the people try to avoid killing a mosquito let alone a human being. Therefore, they just took the Rohingers to the police stations when they happened to captured them. If they were to be unavoidably killed, the Arakanese people closed their eyes and cut the Rohingers with knives. But the Rohingers did not die and ran away to come again to do arson to Rakhine houses.
On the 12th of May, the presiding monk of Taungshae Village Monastery in Sittwe was stabbed to unconsciousness and propagandized that Rohingers were charging Taungshae Village and that it needed help from Rakhine people. Upon hearing the propaganda, the Arakanese people from the neighboring villages happened to believe it and marched in rush towards the village. But they were bewildered and those wives and children of theirs who left in their respective villages were killed and all the houses were burnt down.
Moreover, when some of the so-called Rohingers‘houses were observed, it was also found that they have basements in their houses where they keep weapons. In the daytime, will not be seen but when night comes, they come out of their basements and do their awful arson to Arakanese houses. As the electricity has been cut off in Sittwe, it is pitch-dark at night. Taking advantage of the darkness, the so-called Rohingers went to the monasteries, wearing saffron robes, and then did arson to the monasteries. They also assume the forms of auxiliary firefighters, wearing their uniforms, and come out with the purpose of setting fire to the Arakanese houses. They also set fire to their own houses, make other Arakanese houses ablaze and ran away shouting that the Arakanese people have set fire to their houses.
Besides, it was also heard that four or five mosques were set fire to by the so-called Rohingyas themselves and passed the buck at the Arakanese people for the arson. The Rohingyas also let it known that they discovered a bomb in one of the mosques in Sittwe. But it is very sure that they did it themselves and made Arakanese people notorious to other outsiders like the UN and the USA and others so that the organization and the countries will feel great pity on them and force pressure on the Myanmar government to let them live there like their own homeland.
Those written above are not my personal conjectures, nor exaggerations; they are the accounts of a victim girl living in the hell-like Sittwe at the present time. She was very embarrassed and upset about the conditions in which the so-called Rohingers have done any possible fiery and disgusted ways of destroying Rakhine State as well as Rakhine or Arakanese people and attributed their bad deeds to the Arakanese people and about those in which only a few Arakanese people write about the real situations in the state and cannot make the situations really widely known to the whole world.
Arakanese people are the minority; they are Buddhists who don’t want to kill other people. They also don’t have any weapons – not even usably large knives – to fight against their enemies. They just have to get easily killed without any response by the enemies. The so-called Rohingyas have a lot of weapons like guns. Now Arakanese people have to live with their lives packed in leaves! For the time being, Arakanese people are alive but the later date or time is not certain for them and their family. At present, the number of the so-called Rohingya insurgents and that of the special Myanmar troops are in proportionately different. The number of the Myanmar soldiers is much less. If the government doesn’t help us, the victims, this very time, when will they do so? Now Arakanese people are in shortage of food. They have to pass night after night sleepless. Other native people are also the same as Arakanese people. 
Arakanese people can’t use internet in Sittwe now and they need help with making the real conditions known to the world. Today, the national newspapers just bluff about the news on Rakhine State with a lot of vague words – we can’t decide who did bad things to whom exactly. Maybe the government is very afraid or worried about the fire or danger of the so-called Rohingers to other parts of the country. But doesn’t the government take the present victims, in a bit of consideration!”  
Truths should and must be truths.
May the Arakanese people be free from all sorts of dangers!
May the Rakhine State be free from the so-called Rohingers soon!
May the government be able to stand from the right stance and put an end to this crisis in no time!
May all those who read this writing also be free from all sorts of dangers!

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