Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Rule of Trinamul Congress would speed up Islamization of West Bengal

 By FFI Contributing Editor Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari  

The end of Communist rule in West Bengal:

At last, through the landslide victory of the Trinamul Congress in the recently held assembly election, the people of West Bengal (WB) said goodbye to the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and its allies, resulting into the end of past 34-year-old rule of the Left Front (LF) in state. Regarding her landslide victory, the TIME magazine (May 30, 2011) writes, “The world’s longest serving democratically elected Communist Party was defeated in local elections in West Bengal, a state whose population, at 91 million, is larger than that of Germany. Critics say 34 years of Communist rule led to the decline of what was once India’s manufacturing heart.” It is really a  fact that the economy, education, health, creation of job etc suffered a palpable decline during the past 34 years o Communist rule.

More importantly, the victory of the Trinamul Congress in recent assembly poll is indeed a big event, but for the Hindus of the state, it is both inspiring and depressing. It is inspiring because this has terminated the Communist-dictatorial, or more pointedly Stalinist-style of administration in the state. It is depressing because the unbridled Muslim appeasement by Mamata and her party, that will follow, would raise the Muslims the first grade citizens while Hindus will be reduced to zimmi status.

At the same time, being encouraged by the government, Muslims will intensify their jihad against the Hindus and start driving out the Hindus from the mini Pakistans, or pockets of Muslim dominated areas. The Chief Minister Mamata and her party would turn a blind eye to all such Muslim atrocities on the Hindus. As the ultimate result, West Bengal will be a Muslim dominated state and the Hindus will be the victims of ethnic cleansing in the Muslim dominated pockets or mini-Pakistans, as it is happening in Bangladesh. At such a state, the Hindus will have three options before them – Firstly, convert to Islam for safety and security; secondly to leave the state and go to another state as refugees; or thirdly, to commit suicide by drowning them in the Bay of Bengal.

In a previous article New Government in West Bengal: Coming Days of Muslims’ Savagery and Hindus’ Slavery, [1] it has been pointed out that the state of West Bengal has emerged as the hot bed of Muslim appeasement. The Muslim population in the state is now being estimated to be nearly 27%, but many believe that the real figure is much higher, even higher than 30%, and the real figure could be ascertained only when the 2011 census data is available. This high Muslim population has rendered the Muslims’ block vote extremely crucial and it is not possible for any political party to win election and form government without Muslim vote.

Previously the Indian National Congress (INC) and the Left Front (LF), a coalition of the Left parties, were the main aspirants to win over the Muslims and won election with their votes. But the rise of the Trinamul Congress, a breakaway faction of INC, under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee, has replaced INC in WB politics. Up to mid 1970s, INC succeeded to acquire Muslim votes in its favour. But thereafter, the Leftists could successfully woo them with the promise of more lucrative benefits. As a result, Muslims abandoned the INC and turned towards the LF or the CPIM, the major player of LF. The development culminated into a landslide victory for the LF in 1977 assembly election. 

Mamata joined the Central NDA ministry, led by BJP, in 1999 as the railway minister and later on she joined the existing UPA ministry, led by INC, also as the railway minister, in May 2009. But her ambition was to become the chief minister of WB, by defeating the CPIM. She could comprehend that her ambition would remain unfulfilled unless she could bring the Muslim vote bank into her favour. So, she started to handle the Muslim community very craftily and ultimately succeeded to turn their sympathy to her party by many lucrative promises, including implementation of the recommendations of the Sachar Committee, scholarships and free train journey for the Muslim students, job reservation for Muslims and, as a consequence, she could win the 2011 election with a landslide victory and total rout the Communists. One may also add the anti-establishment factor that inspired the voters to vote in her favour.

Mamata taking oath as 11th and first woman chief minister of WB
 Meanwhile, the episode of forceful acquisition of farmland by the CPIM government took place at Singur and Nandigram and, particularly, the police firing and killing of innocent farmers at Nandigram made the people of the state, both Hindus and Muslims, turn away from the LF government. To these developments, one may add the corruption of the CPIM leaders and cadres that made the people hostile to the government. But the government did not pay any heed to the severe erosion common support for the government.
So, Sk Sadar Nayeem, in his article Muslims dump the Left in Bengal (The Statesman,18 May 2011) writes, “The Assembly election result of 2011 mirror the disgruntlement of the people in general and Muslims in particular against a 34 year-old dispensation which could no longer delude the people. The CPI-M leadership had acted like an ostrich all the while, ignoring the implications of the resounding victory of the Trinamul Congress in the panchayat poll of 2008 and in the Lok Sabha election of 2009. The writing was on the wall ~ Muslims, who once made up the CPI-M’s most dependable vote bank ~ had turned away from it.” [2]

The reader may recall that, after the present United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government, under the leadership of the Indian National Congress Party, came into power in Delhi, the Prime Minister Mr Manmohan Singh appointed a high level committee on March 9, 2005, under the chairmanship of retired Supreme Court Judge Justice Rajinder Sachar, for preparation of a report on the social, economic and educational status of the Muslim community of India. The committee, commonly called the Sachar Committee, was comprised of seven members including four Muslims. [3]

The committee prepared a 403-page report that was tabled in Parliament on 30 November 2006. The report suggested many economic benefits for the Muslims  It is the first of its kind in India and suggested adoption of suitable mechanisms to ensure equity and equality of opportunity to Muslims in residential, work and educational spheres. P. Chidambaram, the then Finance Minister of the UPA government launched a program for funding the Muslims under the name of National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation (NMDFC). But the CPIM government of WB has not shown any interest to implement the recommendations of the said Sachar Committee Report.

So, Sk Sadar Nayeem writes, After the announcement of the results of the 2011 Assembly election, maverick CPI-M leader Mr Abdur Rezzak Mollah, who is among the very few Left Front leaders to have survived the rout, told this writer that had the state government heeded the recommendations of the Rajendra Sachar Committee and announced job reservation for Muslims in the state forthwith, the community would not have deserted the CPI-M like it did. Mr Mollah’s assessment of the situation is based on reality. For the last couple of years, a rapid slide in the CPI-M’s Muslim support base had been apparent. But the party leadership did not take any structured step to stem the tide.” 
Promises made by Mamata to Muslims:  A report “Mamata woos minorities with railway job promise”, appeared on May 15, 2010, in The Times of India, the most widely circulated daily of India, says, “Trinamul Congress chief Mamata Banerjee went all out with the minority card while wooing Hindi/Urdu speaking voters in Rajabazar.” (Rajabazar is a highly Muslim dominated slum area in middle Kolkata) “Urdu will be the second language if we come to power in Bengal. Minorities will be given preference in railway jobs”, promised the railway minister, pointing out that anybody can now opt for Urdu as a language in Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) examinations.

“I have just one ministry to serve you. CPM ruled the state for 34 years but always neglected Urdu. I will keep my promise”, she said. Presenting the six Trinamool candidates in the area, Mamata said that the Left Front government had done nothing for the people of Rajabazar. “not even a water pumping station nor a proper drainage system. People are living here in a hell”, the Trinamool chief said.” She also said that the CPM backed goons are desperately trying to create unrest in Rajabazar and other minority dominated areas before the civic election and she alleged that no CPM leader came to Rajabazar when the Babri Masjid was demolished in Ayodhya and she only came here and met the residents on the Samsul Huda Road to express her solidarity with the minorities. From the utterances by Mamata as given above, it is not difficult for the reader to grasp what kinds promises Mamata committed to the Muslims and how she succeeded to win the Muslim voters.

According to another report appeared on November 16, in Swastika, a Kolkata based Bengali weekly, Mamata promised 500,000 government jobs for the Muslims. It should be mentioned here that, reservation of government jobs on the basis of religion goes directly against the secular constitution of India. On July 4, 2009, the Andhra Pradesh (another Indian state on the eastern coast) government okayed  job reservation for the Muslims. In fact, the State cabinet decided to give four per cent reservation to 15 Muslim groups by listing them in the `E-category’ of the backward classes. The reservation will be given from this academic year and an ordinance will be issued in this regard. The creamy layer will be excluded from the quota.

The matter was then brought to the Andhra Pradesh High Court and on February 1, 2010, a a seven-member Constitution Bench headed by Chief Justice Mr A R Dave of the High Court quashed the four per cent reservations to Muslims in educational institutions and jobs on the ground that it was unsustainable and unconstitutional. Five judges out of seven were against the legislation passed by the AP Assembly. Immediately, chief minister Mr K Rosaiah in the secretariat was briefed about the court order.

Incidentally, this development came on the very day the West Bengal government announced 10 per cent job reservations to Muslims. West Bengal has followed the Andhra model of extending reservations by terming the Muslim communities as backward classes.

How Mamata is expected to deal with Muslims:

It has been mentioned in the earlier article that Mamata is famous for visiting places where people are oppressed but she is reluctant to visit such spots where Hindus are oppressed by the Muslims. In this context, the incident of Deganga has also been discussed where the Hindus were victims of Islamic jihad by the Muslims – At least 500 Hindu shops were looted and burnt, Hindu temples were desecrated, Hindu idols vandalized and so on. The carnage continued for 3 days spread over 50 square miles. But Mamata could not find time, even after the carnage is over, to visit Deganga to express her solidarity with the oppressed Hindus of Deganga. So, it is not difficult to understand that if in future a Deganga type incident recurs at anywhere in the state, Mamata and her party will not take any step to save the Hindus or visit the place.

Another incident may be narrated in this connection. There is a small dilapidated building in Burrabazar area of Kolkata. It was once owned by a Muslims before 1947. Presently there is no Muslim house in the locality. About 20 years back some Muslims came and requested local Hindus that they want to offer Namaz there every Friday. Hindus granted their appeal. Not only that, local Hindu businessmen helped them to remodeling it as a Mosque providing them stone and marble as donation. Only 10-12 Muslims used to come there every Friday and offer Namaz. There was no disturbance, no problem. In fact Hindus protect the so called Mosque throughout the time. Despite the fact that land and space is extremely costly in this area as Burrabazar is business capital of entire Eastern India that religious place of Muslims was never encroached by the local businessmen.

But, the Muslims had an eye on it. Since last one year Muslims tried to make illegal construction on the roof of the building. Naturally local residents gave objection because it would block the windows of the neighboring households. One of the adjacent building is of Sri Ashok Jha, who was the then President of Trinamool Congress of Burrabazar District. He too raised against the illegal construction. But, Muslims continued their effort.  Hence Ashok Jha prayed to Judicial Court and got injunction upon the illegal construction. Court also ordered the Police to Impose section 144 of Cr PC that rendered any gathering in the area illegal.

Defying all these Court Orders, Muslims again put a tin shed over the roof of the building. Despite complaining, Police took no action. By this time the local people formed a forum called Rabindra Sarani Muhalla Committee under the leadership of Ashok Jha.. This committee collected mass signature and campaigned against this illegal construction because the local Hindus became apprehensive about the sinister design of the Muslims to expand their area of influence and domination throughout the area.

On 6th January, the members of Rabindra Sarani Muhalla Committee under the leadership of Ashok Jha removed the tin shed cover of the building. Muslims made a hue and cry and spread a rumor that the Mosque has been destroyed by Hindus. On the Same day afternoon, TMC MLA Dinesh Bajaj visited the spot and told the Muslims to go ahead with the construction and assured them that he would protect them.

In this situation Ashok Jha with his followers started fast unto death from 7th January morning against the unlawful activities of the Muslims. 8th January was Friday. Tension was palpable in the area. Police posting was there. At 12 noon, about 300 Muslims came by trucks and cars (on 08.01.2010). There was no space inside the building to accommodate  such a huge crowd. They assembled on the road Rabindra Sarani. Mohalla committee members appealed to the police to disperse them as Sec.144 was already imposed there.

But police took no action. Muslims formed cues, blocked the road and offered Namaz. By this time about 2000 Hindus also gathered there. They did not create any obstruction to the Namaz. But, they too started Bhajan and Arati on the road. Hindu women took part in it in large number. When the Namaz was completed, then Police started action flexing its muscle. Police mercilessly lathicharged the Hindus, dispersed them and forcibly arrested Ashok Jha with his wife and 25 Muhalla Committee members.

However, getting stiff resistance from Hindu populace and Ashok Jha, Muslims sought help from the infamous Imam Barkati of Tipu Sultan Masjid, Kolkata. Barkati informed to Mamata Banerjee and complained against Ashok Jha. Mamata Banerjee is ever ready and more than eager to please Muslims. So she ordered Jha to stop the agitation. Jha tried to explain the actual situation and local sentiment. But Mamata is already convinced what to do. She sacked Ashok Jha instantly from the post of District President of TMC and conveyed the decision by TMC MLA Dinesh Bajaj. [4] This single incident is more than enough to comprehend how Mamata will deal with the Hindus and Muslims. 

Other attempts of Mamata to please Muslims:

It has been mentioned earlier that Mamata joined the BJP led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) ministry in 1999 as the railway minister. In Indian politics, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is known as a political party of the Hindus. As soon as Mamata could that she is earning displeasure of the Muslims through her joining the NDA ministry, she immediately decided to relinquish her post as the railway minister, to please the Muslims. In this regard a report Mamata: We are no more NDA appeared on September 7, 2007, in The Times of India, says, “With an eye firmly on a mid-term election , Trinamul chief Mamata Banerjee has for all purposes stepped out of the BJP led National Democratic Alliance (NDA). “We are not in NDA, we are now trying to stand on our own feet”, she announced on Thursday at a programme organized for madrasa students in the city. In an all out effort to woo minority support, she explained that her party was forced to go along with NDA because it was not possible for trinamul “to sit with CPM”. Beside, there was also the matter of her personal respect for former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.”

It is now well known that Muslim women are most oppressed by Islam and, for past 2 decades, the courageous Bangladeshi authoress is fighting to free the Muslim women from the most vicious patriarchal torture machine called Islam. Naturally, she became the victim of extremely right and fanatic mullas of Bangladesh, who considered her writings blasphemous and, as the ultimate result, she had to leave Bangladesh and live in exile in foreign countries.

In 2007, she came to India and expressed her desire to stay in India permanently and in response to her appeal, the Indian government offered her extended visa. This enraged the fanatic mullahs of India imam Barkati of the Tipusultan Mosque in Kolkata declared an award of Rs 500,000 for the assassinator of Taslima. As a woman, Mamata should have stood by Taslima and fight for her staying in Kolkata. But blinded by the politics of Muslim appeasement and the lust for becoming the chief minister of West Bengal, she supported the demand of the Muslim fanatics for deporting Taslima from India.
According to a report appeared in the Bengali daily Ananda Bazar Patrika on September 7, 2007, said that the Trinamul Party chief supported the demand of the Muslims to deport the disputed Bangladeshi authoress Taslima Nasrin for her so called anti-Islamic writings. “There is hardly any difference between your views and that of mine”, she said to the Muslim clerics and community leaders. She also said, “We are not against freedom of speech and freedom of expression. But if someone starts cheep business with religion and hurts one’s religious sentiments, we oppose such a move.” Mamata was speaking to a Muslim gathering, invited as the chief guest of a function, organized by the West Bengal Students’ Union, held at the Mahajati Sadan on yesterday.  

The danger of job reservation for Muslims:

In the wake of partition of India in 1947, Dr V R Ambedkar warned the then Congress that “There is no end of appeasement” and the Muslim will not remain content by getting Pakistan. On the contrary, they will keep on raising demand for illegal and unlawful concessions one after another, until they could grab the entire India. That caution of Dr Ambedkar is now coming to be true – Muslims are demanding Kashmir, demanding Assam and demanding West Bengal.

Today, if the government yields to their demand for reservation of government jobs, tomorrow they will demand reservation in the armed forces. But does a Muslim soldier in the army of a non-Muslim country trustworthy? Are the Muslims living in India, really Indians? The answer is a big NO. Muslims who live in India are, in the truest sense, resident non-Indians because they are not loyal to India. They are loyal firstly to Allah, secondly to Allah’s reveled book Koran and Allah’ messenger Muhammad and thirdly to the sacred land of Arabia. And the sacred places of Mecca and Medina. So, it cannot decisively said whether the Muslim soldiers in Indian army, in the event of invasion of India by a foreign Islamic (say for instance Pakistan) will fight against the aggressor Muslim army or revolt against the Indian army and join the invading Muslim army.

In this context, Rabindranath Tagore, the Nobel Laureate poet and philosopher, once observed, “A very important factor which is making it almost impossible for Hindu-Muslim unity to become an accomplished fact is that the Muslim cannot confine their patriotism to any one country. I had frankly asked the Muslims whether in the event of any Mohammedan power invading India, would they (Muslims) stand side by side with their Hindu neighbors to defend their common land or join the invaders. I was not satisfied with the reply I have obtained from them….. Even such a man as Mr. Mohammed Ali (one of the famous Ali brothers, the leaders of the Khilafat Movement) has declared that under no circumstances is it permissible for any Mohammedan, whatever be his country (of origin), to stand against any Mohammedan”. 

We may cite another example to make the point clear. Pakistan declared its all out war against the independent state of Kashmir on October 22, 1947. Brigadier Rajinder Singh was the then Chief of Kashmiri army. Lt Colonel Narain Sing was the commander of the battalion that was waiting at Mujafarabad. There were nearly 50% Dogra Hindus and 50% Muslims in that battalion. When Narain Singh ordered his battalion to advance and attack the Pakistani army, the Muslim soldiers revolted, killed their commander and joined the Pakistani army. While only 3 days ago, Narain Singh told the King that he considered the Muslims in his force were more trustworthy that the Hindus.

Another fact may also be mentioned in this context. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, being a staunch secular, appointed many Muslims officers in his army called Azad Hind Fause. When his army was dissolved, those Muslim officers went to Pakistan and joined the Pakistani army. All these incidents confirm the great proverb – “a leopard cannot change its spots”. But the stupid Indian leaders, who don’t know even abc of Islam and Muslim psyche, are fanning the fire that could, one day, torch their homes.
Mamata walking from Raj Bhavan to Writers’ Building with supporters on 20th May
On 20th May, the swearing in ceremony of Mamata as the 11th chief minister of WB was held at the Raj Bhavan (the official residence of the Governor of WB). After the ceremony was over, Mamata decided to go to the Writers’ Building, the chief secretariat of the government WB, a stretch of nearly 200 metres, on foot. Hundreds of thousands of jubilant Hindu supporters accompanied her. But these Hindus do not know what kind of terrible days their leader is going to offer in near future because they are not aware of the incidents that took place at Deganga last year and how their leader responded to those incidents. 

Loot, arson, beating, killing, torching of Hindu shops, houses and temples, sexual assault of Hindu women continued at a stretch for four days, from 6 to 9 September, but their beloved leader could not find time to visit the place and console the oppressed Hindus. Most importantly, all these attacks were planned and perpetrated under the guidance of the local MP Haji Nurul Islam, who won the 2009 Parliamentary election as a Trinamul Congress candidate. According to the Hindu victims, when the Muslims were looting and torching Hindu shops, buildings and temples, they were shouting “Haji Nurul Islam zindabad (or long live Haji Nurul Islam). It should be mentioned here that Hindus constitute 30% of the local population and the rest 70% are Muslims.

In reality, the poll victory of Trinamul Congress is the victory of the Muslims and this victory will embolden the Muslims by hundred times and the life and property of the Hindus, who live in Muslim majority areas, would be totally unsafe. Muslims will organize any kind of oppression and torture on them as and when they like and Mamata and her government will turn blind eye to such oppression and terror to please the Muslims. In fact, the aggregate of all these developments would lead to an advancement of Islamization of the state of West Bengal. To conclude, it may be said that the victory of Mamata and her Trinamul Congress Party would remain as a milestone in the history of Islamization of West Bengal.

[4] Hindu Samhati’s International Communication Team.


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