Sunday, December 11, 2011

Persecution of Hindus - 1


Hindus are one of the most persecuted people in history, alongside the Jews. However, the history of persecution of Hindus is relatively recent, beginning around 7AD when the first Islamic invasions started. The Muslims were brutal with the Hindus, waging war after war, sacking every Hindu city, temples and place of learnings(building mosques using the rubble) and killing Hindus almost like a sport. Hindus have lost tens of thousands of temples, libraries, univeristies and other places of Hindu learning due to this onslaughts. Hundreds of thousands of Hindus were killed on the spot on many occasions. The Muslims hated the Hindus, calling them filth, pollution, idolaters, enemies of god, and routinely killed, maimed, raped, molested Hindus, treating them like third class citizens in their own country. It is estimated the population of Hindus went down by 80 million during Muslim rule.

The second round of persecution began with the Europeans, which held similar views about Hindus, calling them pagans, demons, heathens. The Portguese were the most brutal and started the Goa inquisitions where Hindus were routinely subjected to torture and the most inhumane treatment. The British who followed later subjugated the Hindu people. They enslaved Hindus, by forcing them to work for the East India company, outlawed their own industries, forcing them into unemployment and poverty. Many took to agicultural jobs, but even then the British empire demanded heavy taxes from them in the form of food grain(Lagaan) even during times of draught, sucking the people's blood dry. The result was several famines that ended up killing tens of millions of Hindus. Not a single Indian state existed that did not experience depopulation. Not content with the economic destruction of heathen Hindus, the British outlawed the Indian education system, shutting down tens of thousands of Sanskrit schools and colleges, rendering future generations illiterate.

The British also proceeded to rewrite the history of India by representing it as always being a static, hopeless and poor country. They negated the 10,000 year history of India, its scholarship, it's history, its contributions, and instead rewrote its history as being a country which has historically been invaded by white people, and any civilisation it has is the result of invasions by white people. This disgusting white supremist account of Indian history is still taught today.

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