Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Using Democracy to Kill Democracy

By Dr Pravin Togadia

$img_titleIt is happening in our own Bharat and by those who intrinsically do not believe in democracy and that too with the support of politicos who enjoy their lives because of democracy! Using an excuse of their majhab, they refuse to follow the rule of family planning and do population increase. Then using Bharat’s democracy, they get voting rights. Using those rights, they have now become a formidable vote bank. Then using the whip of vote bank they demand many facilities and subsidies from the governments, which are bestowed on them for their votes.

Take a glaring example of the recent share of a pie given to them from Bharat’s OBC quota of 27 per cent. OBC means Other Backward Class – those poor who missed out on being in the Backward Class list but who deserve to get a lot of support for coming up in life. Now these population Jehadis use their swelled population to bite into everything that is available to anybody in Bharat plus that is reserved for the poor socio-economically backward. The majhab that sprung up just 14 centuries ago makes Bharat’s Governments bend before its followers due to sheer number of people who control vote bank.
Their population was less than 8 per cent in 1951 and now is around 15 per cent.  Their population growth past few years is 1.5 times more than that of Sanatani Hindus, Jains, Sikhs all put together. Shamelessly, they use Freedom to follow their majhab not to do population control and yet they insist that they should get a share of Bharat’s economy because it is their democratic right! Majority of Bharat has been skillfully broken by vote-monger politicos into castes and sub-castes so that they should not stand together as a vote bank. This situation is cleverly manipulated by this majhab and their population explosion.

If they want to avail of facilities and rights given by Bharat’s democracy then they must adhere to Bharat’s Constitution that does not allow any special provisions based on religion. Their being adamant on not adhering to the 2 kids norms is obviously against all basic principles of democracy. The then PM of UK Margaret Thatcher wrote in an article, ‘These people are using our liberal value system to kill the same liberal value system.’ Those who demand reservations based on religion or based on their ancestors’ castes before they converted to Islam and Christianity, are manipulating our democracy to kill our democracy.

Today Government offered them a bite from 27 per cent OBC quota. When they or their ancestors denounced the Hindu religion to convert their claim on the erstwhile caste becomes null and void. But yet some of them are already part of the OBC list, which itself has to be changed and they should never be a part of any OBC, SC, ST or NT list. But they have been enjoying special facilities given to these poor, snatching the rightful share of the Hindu OBC, SC, ST and NT.  Glaring example of such a blatant exploitation is: 80 per cent of the jobs reserved for tribals are grabbed by Christians  who have global access to health, wealth and happiness, whereas tribals here are left to perish in extinction! Constitution does not allow reservations based on religion. Andhra Pradesh tried but the Honourable High Court quashed it. Now this is backdoor entry by giving them a share from 27 per cent OBC quota. Political honchos claiming to be caring for OBCs will never oppose it because they have political cartels with majhabi vote banks. These political equations are anti-OBC welfare and the common OBCs, SCs, STs and NTs must realise that they are being back-stabbed by their own. Snatching roti (jobs) of these poor has begun now; it will extend to snatching beti (daughter) and then everything.

Those who produce unlimited kids putting extremely high burden on Bharat’s economy have no moral right and should not have any legal right to extract from Bharat’s economy run on majority’s taxes. Vote bank politics on such level has already hampered Bharat’s growth. It is reflecting on rising prices for the tax paying majority Aam Aadmi, who produces just two  kids. Educated meritorious majority youth are unemployed because of such majhabi quota politics. If it continues, then very soon Bharat’s majority taxpayer will stand up and stop paying taxes as it subsidises majhab’s population Jehad! Those who follow Shariya or any other book to reject family planning, have no right to Hindu castes, majority money and Bharat’s democracy.
Their sparkling mosques are coming up even in the slums in cities and at every entrance and exits of villages all over Bharat. Marble used in them is most expensive and they have money for it. When there is a Jehadi attack in Bharat, they do not condemn it but when some cartoons are drawn in Denmark, they protest on the streets of Bharat! All this is a part of a big conspiracy to break Bharat’s economy, based on age-old values and systems. Giving any share of it to these majhabis through reservations or subsidies is a deadly killer virus, which will destroy Bharat’s economy. It has already been affected by their Petrol Jehad. Now if their population Jehad is allowed this way and if Bharat’s democratic systems are allowed to be manipulated to their advantage depriving majority, then their plan to capture Bharat will be successful and government  should be blamed for it.

Encouraged by politicos bending before their vote bank, now they have become so bold that they have started demanding separate reserved constituencies for them! In a few districts their population has touched 40 per cent or more in UP, Kerala, AP, Bengal, Assam, Bihar, etc. They are creating a situation where Hindu is not at all represented from these places the way it is now in Kashmir! If this is not ethnic cleansing, then what is it? Democracy should be for those who respect democracy; not for those who manipulate democracy to exploit economy strengthened by majority!

OBC quota to Muslims is not a one off thing; it has long term serious ramifications. Tribals and Scheduled Castes are already feeling the heat of similar facilities given to Christians. If any such reservations or quotas given to any such minorities, then Bharat’s majority has no option but to start a nation-wide agitation against it. Bharat’s age-old economy and Bharat’s democracy are Bharat’s strong pillars. They will never be allowed to be touched by these new age invaders.

Rather than living in a fool’s paradise that ‘Oh, I have a job, a nice wife and 2 kids’, all must see through this dirtiest game to control Bharat by population explosion and vote bank politics. This is the last chance for Hindus to survive. If lost, then the same 2 kids will never get a job as a Hindu… Sure, it sounds crude; but today’s truth of life for Hindus is bitter and better make it sweeter by standing together as One. If all OBC, SC, ST, NT and open category do not stand together against this ‘Snatch the Roti, Beti game’ then Hindus will be a distinct history…


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  1. Muslims Reservation not accepted G.HanmanthRao A.p.BC Sanskhema Samithy President.