Sunday, December 11, 2011

Persecution of Muslims in India is a LIE

All over the Internet  you can find Muslims spreading the lies that they are a persecute lot. So here are a few *facts* which will expose all their lies.

1. From 1947 to 2010 the Muslim population in India increased from 10% to 13.4%. In the same time the Hindu population in Pakistan decreased from 20% to 1.85 % and in Bangladesh from 23% to 9%. If Muslims are persecuted in India then how come their population is increasing.

2. 3 out of 12 Presidents of India were Muslims while not a single Hindu has ever been the Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir. Muslims in J&K don’t even allow a Hindu to become a candidate for election.

3. Muslims in India are given a subsidy on hajj of Rs. 12000 while Hindus are given Rs. 200 for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. [Source]. The Hindus have to pay for their pilgrims while the Muslims are having fun on Hindu money.

4. Jammu & Kashmir-one of the two states where Muslims are in majority- is the only state in India which has a separate constitution of it’s own. [Source]

5. Kashmiri Hindus have been wiped out from the state of Jammu & Kashmir where Muslims are in majority Muslims don’t find any persecution from Hindus in Hindu majority states.

6. While Muslims can buy property anywhere in India Hindus can’t buy any property in Jammu & Kashmir because it’s a Muslim majority state and they have their separate constitution.

7. India is the only country in the world where Muslims are in minority and they have their own personal Law board – All India Muslim Personal Law Board. Here is the website:- In all other countries Muslims have to follow the laws of the land. You should also know that Muslims carry out their religious laws without permission from Indian authorities. Read – Shah Bano Case and Imrana Rape Case for detail.

8.  Indian Constitution of India allows Muslims to have Four Wives at a time. While Muslims can have four wives at a time polygamy or having more than one wife is prohibited for Hindus by Constitution of India.

9. Wakf Board is the third largest property holder after Defense & Railways.[Source]

10. Chairman of Wipro industries is a Muslim – Ajim Premji – & he is one of the richest people in India. His net wealth is estimated to be US$ billion.

11. The Indian Film industry – better known as Bollywood has several Muslims – Shahrukh Khan, Salmaan Khan , Amir Khan and several others. They have Wikipedia pages dedicated to them. They earn millions of rupees each year. The earning of Shahrukh Khan is extimated to be 150 crores rupees or US$ 40 million.

12. In IPLT20 Shahrukh Khan bought a cricket team – Kolkata Knight riders for an amount of 400 crores rupees or US$ 100 million.

13. Each year Muslim Universities like Aligarh Muslim University(AMU) & Jamia-Milia-Islamia receive crores of rupees of grant from government of India.These Universities have not done any good for the nation. They have become hotbed of fundamentalist Islam and their students & faculty have been found involved in terrorism. Recently there were riots on a minor issue, read here and here. A youth was murdered in AMU [Source].

14. Three cricketers from the Indian cricket team which won 2011 Cricket World Cup were Muslims.
Now the question arises : Why Muslims are spreading this dung all over the Internet that they are persecuted in India (or in other non-Muslim countries)?

The answer is that they want to get continuous support for killing Hindus, raping their women and looting their property in Pakistan & Bangladesh. They want to show that Muslims are persecuted, that they are treated like second class citizens in those countries. So they must do the same with the infidels in their countries.

And thus the persecution of non-Muslims in Muslim countries continues.

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