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Andhra Pradesh as Reddy -Raj. converted to Christianity CONVERSION OF A RELIGION - THE BANE OF CASTE SYSTEM


Each soul is potentially divine. This divinity is within one’s nature ;   either external by work or philosophy or internal by worship or meditation or by both virtues. This is the goal of  religion.

There is a serious debate on the issue of conversion of Hindu to Christian , Muslims  by providing the monetary assistance  and other incentive  through  other Nations .  The issue is not relating to human problems.  However. It is high lighted for the purpose of political  reasons .  The purpose of the issue is not for espousing the cause for human values of a particular religion , but on the other hand, it is simply meant for creating more  complications as to provide any cohesion  between  inter  se  religions .

The purpose of the religion is to serve  the society by co-operation  between fellow citizens as to attain the gospel of life by peaceful co-existence . The object of every religion is to realise solidarity , peace and ultimately the spirituality . There is no bitterness in the objective of every religion.  The approach of one individual adhering to some religion  may differ from other . but when we stand on a higher strata we realise that every religion is based on a universal pattern as to find out the objective of one’s life and the  power governing over the living creatures .

Hindu were initially recognised for their inhabitation near the Indus valley  . There were the migration of the individuals from other Nation .  The natural climate of India was one of the best climate of the world . Thus the people started gathering  near the river bank of Satlaj, Rabi, Jhelum , Vyas & Chinab  in the Punjab province while other started gathering  below the Himalayan valley  on the bank of Ganga  & Jamuna  rivers .  There was one significant remarkable feature  in this religion that these people after coming from the deserted land have started worshipping to the creatures of the nature.  The stones lying near  the bank of river were regarded as the auspicious objects representing to the powerful God namely SHIVA .  There was also the respect given to the animals like Peacock , Snake , Mouse , Monkey and Elephant .  The fishes are also considered to be the auspicious.  This was done in order to give respect to every creatures  of the nature. The rivers were  regarded to be the Goddess and the Mountains were regarded as providing the place for inhibition of the identity of the God themselves . This was done in order to save the nature, as the migrants from the other Nations have seen the result of fighting with the nature .  This is  now a universal factor that if one will not respect the ingredients of the nature , the existence of the very life of an individual may come to the stake . Thus the ideals behind the Hindu religion were based on the observations of the human being just to maintain an equilibrium in the universe . Lord Shiva was considered to be the God of providing justice while  Lord Vishnu was considered to be the governing power and the Lord Brahma as the creator of the universe.  There was a guiding factor always been considered to be superior which was the outcome of the observation based on the movement of the stars and planets in the universe.  The Sun was always been regarded as the source of energy providing vigour , energy and the knowledge in the human being . Thus it was accepted and recognised as being identical to the spiritualism .

By the passage of time , everything, which was considered to be of utmost importance like  preserving the nature , gradually  vanished .  The personal interest started perpetuating inside the ideals of Hindu religion and the knowledge , which was based on  the observation of our great saints , was considered to be the individual’s property.  
 The other individuals, who were not so learned, were treated with discrimination and seldom were provided humiliation by our so called guardians in the society .  The preaching of the great saints was considered for being utilised to get the predominating affairs by some individuals over the other ordinary person and ultimately the Hindu religion was divided to many segmentation, which were subsequently classified as the caste system.

There were certain deciple of lord Buddha , who after their migration , were settled in the different part of our nation.  They  have started serving the society by giving the different assignment to the individuals having their potential according to their ability.  Those people, who were having the renouncing character and their physical existence were reciprocal  to their mental calibre were recognised as KAYASTHA .The individual whose kaya (physical existence) became Astha  (merged ) with the spiritual knowledge and likewise they have renounced the worldly affair were identified by such nomenclature . The other individual, who were doing different work according to their ability and learning , the same were given their name according to their nature of work.  The individual performing auspicious  function like Worshipping to the Idol inside the temple and were teaching to the other individuals in the society  were recognised on the basis of their work as Brahman , the power which governs the individuals become a reciprocal character with them.  The people started giving them the due respect as was commanded by every ingredient of the nature .  There was a gradual trend to treat the son of the Brahman as the respected citizens due to their nature of work.   
Subsequently, the lust for power has over ridden the real objective for which they  were commanding such respect, but gradually, by  the passage of time, it was demanded from the others. The Kshatriya  having vast expansion of their chest and there were strong Arms attached to their soldier , they were chosen for their martial character and were trained for fighting and to protect the religion.  On account of their power they started taking the unscrupulous method for their up lift in the society and by their conquering power , they have started their predominating character being utilised for retaining them in power.  The people doing some business were called as Vaishya   and they have also taken such business for their inhabitation in the future generation.  The other people were considered for serving to the society and they were identified as Backward Castes  and amongst those were the Scheduled caste and the Tribes .   Due to their nature of work , they were not permitted to perform other functioning like entering inside the temple and to educate  their children.  This has ultimately  taken a recourse of originating a caste system on the basis of their heredity  superiority and identity thereof , irrespective of the fact as to whether they are possessing the quality of their predecessors or not, but they have started imposing themselves to be the superior class of citizens.  This  has created a disharmony  in the society and there were gradually a feeling of taking revolt against such predominating  superiority by one class of Hindu society over other class.

The purpose of the religion amongst the Hindu was finally vanished by such class discrimination and espousing of the caste system . The principle of co-existence remained no more in the society , but one class of the citizen has started exploitation to another class of citizen and finally there appears a feeling of disintegration amongst fellow citizens.  At this juncture there was another menace  prevalent in the society as to invite one invader to defeat his enemy amongst the upper class and as such every invader who has ruled over our Nation , has  found a beneficial factor prevalent amongst its citizens fighting with each other on account of one reason or other.  They gradually started  conversion of the Hindu to their religion and started ruling upon our Nation by adopting a policy of divide and rule .   Thus the conversion of Hindu religion is not based on any outer factor, but it is on account of  our caste system. Let us try to think over again and again as to whether we want to live on the basis of the principle evolved regarding our co-existence  with each other or we want to be ruled again by some other invader.

The political arena has now witness a class politics not on the basis of the actual issues relating to the human problem, but on the caste basis by giving the go by to every ethic and logical perceptions simply on account of our caste affiliation.  There are the instance when a person sitting on the top of the bureaucracy  and occupying  a constitutional post as the top most authority either in the political spare or even in judicial side, he is also seen to be tempted  with the sudden impulse of having the caste affiliation as a predominating factor in governing the Nation.    
We have not taken any lesson from our slavery  administered by some alien forces governing the nation and still we are acting like a spoiled gambler , who has loosen every  penny  of his belonging and his reputation in the society, but still he is continuing  to play the gamble with his life due to caste affiliation . There happens  to be a tug of war between one force of identity based on religious compulsions as to demoralise  the conscience of one person over the other individual .  No one is having any concern with the plight of the citizen fighting against the factor relating and responsible for natural calamity , but every one appears to be interested in adopting any means ; fair or foul and that too with a flavour of caste affiliation.  Who  has not become an intoxicant by tasting the juice of power but one should not consume the intoxicant under the garb of the caste affiliation as he may  loose his own existence and thus be ruled out by some dictator for  which the invaders  have already made the prediction, while giving the power to these power intoxicant at the time of independence of our Nation . God give the good sense amongst  our politician and the guardian of Hindu religion to wake prior to the time when it is not already too late .

Andhra Pradesh as Reddy -Raj. converted to Christianity This is unfortunate and apparently true. Sri B.Gopala Reddy, N.Sanjeeva Reddy, K.Brahmananda Reddy, Dr N. Chenna Reddy, Sri N Janardhan Reddy, T.Anjaiah Reddy and Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy - seven of these Chief Ministers belonged to Reddy caste converted to Christianity. During their tenure as Chief Ministers, Kammas had received due representation in the Cabinets as well as in all important government & semi-government offices.

The present Chief Minister is only a nominal Reddy caste converted to Christianity. His father converted to Christianity and Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy is a practising Christian who very demonstratively celebrated his birthday by a pilgrimage to Bethlehem in Palestine / Rome , the seat of the Pope. No Congress Chief Minister has lasted so long as Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy since the exit of Brahmananda Reddy in the 1960s. This is entirely due to the total support he receives from the Italian -born, Roman Catholic leader of the Congress Party. Every Congress Chief Minister since the 1960 had been felled, down within an year or two by people within the Congress. But Dr. Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy continues only because he is a Christian blessed by Dr. Sonia Maino Gandhi.
Many Christians including Bishops and Pastors are official and unofficial Advisors and conspicuously present in his office and elsewhere. Crypto -Christians that is, SC persons who had converted to Christianity but in the government records are SCs are appointed as Advisors after retirement. Crypto Christians are also the chair -persons of State organs like the SC Finance Corporation. Most sensitive police and IAS posts are also filled up by Christians with a few crumbs thrown to Muslims.
These minorities, that is, Christians & Muslims, the former with the power of the state are in a conspiracy to divide Hindus by caste - 254 of them in Andhra Pradesh and over 6000 in the whole of India . In Andhra Pradesh, the powerful castes because of their land holding, their education and their business are Kammas and Reddys with the Velamas ( Raos) and Kapus following. If these influential castes can be set against one and another and inter-caste strife and jealousy and even street fights could be instigated and encouraged and inflamed then the attention of the Hindu society will be diverted from the large scale conversion of Hindus, diversion of TTD and government funds for construction and repair of churches ( and mosques), subsidy to Christian pilgrimage to Bethlehem, reservations for Dalit Christians etc.
The Hindu caste will be busy with mutual battles and Christian missionaries can tell the ignorant and the indigent that then upper caste Hindus are not caring for the poor but are engaged in battles to garner more of the wealth of the state whether it be land or businesses.
It is therefore not Reddy-raj that we see in Andhra Pradesh. It is the machination of the evangelizing and converting Christian organizations acting through the Christian Chief Minister that are largely responsible for the war of the Christian - led government (with a christianize Director General of Police and many important posts in the police and the IAS) on Kammas. Their businesses like those in the media, real estate, cinema, educational institutions etc., are to be harassed and ruined. Hindus especially Kammas must not be misled into believing that a Reddy government that is ruling the state. It is the unseen hand of the Christian minority interested in promoting conversions and destroying the Hindu-samaj that is waging the war on Kammas. Kammas will do well to understand this and not hurl themselves against Reddys and others. Their ultimate welfare and prosperity lie in their fraternity with all Hindus especially that of Reddys, Raos and Kapus. They must also carry the less fortunate especially the traditionally discriminated, with them. Their community should be for education for all, better education, excellence in education and entrepreneurship. No community has ever been uplifted by government action. They come up by their own vision. Nadars and Ggounders in Tamilnadu and Pais in Karnataka are examples. Those who attain prosperity through government are only invader rulers and their indigenous collaborators. When once the invader government is gone, their backwardness in regard to intellectual pursuits business attainment, self -help and entrepreneurship become evident. Muslims in India are an example of a community with enjoyed prosperity only by brute force. When majority rule came, the minority's backwardness, socially, intellectually and economically becomes evident.
OP-ED Who will put YSR's CMO in order?
Dilip Cherian

Tension between powerful chief ministers and the rest of the babu system under them is par for the course. But the staff at the chief minister's office in Andhra Pradesh seem to be working doubly hard these days by issuing orders and then annulling them. So, if their detractors are to be believed, it is twice as much work, or double the mess, depending on which way you look at it. Coordination between the CMO and the collectors in various districts is conspicuously missing and chief minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy's reputation for teamwork has by now been ground to dust.

The most recent example of the confusion that reigns in the CMO was the controversial order (GO Rt 938) last month that sought to gag the media. The order was subsequently buried three days later, in the wake of all-round condemnation and progressively weak denials emanating from the CMO. The state chief secretary was asked to conduct an inquiry and is believed to have submitted his report to the chief minister. It remains to be seen what action is taken considering that the controversial order was vetted by a senior functionary in the CMO.

But observers relate several such tales of the lack of cohesiveness and communication in Reddy's administration. And most of these, embarrassingly for Reddy, can be traced back to the CMO. They recall the incident of police firing in the Gangavaram port controversy, wherein due to poor connect between the CMO and the Vizag district administration, the CM was caught unawares and his belated response did not win him any admirers.

In another instance involving the Visakhapatnam collector, Praveen Prakash, Reddy had to personally intervene and revoke an order that sought to gag two Telugu dailies.

Again the YSR government seems to have been caught napping on the issue of the chikungunya epidemic, the existence of which it admitted after almost two months. Then last year, the chief minister ordered the en masse transfer of 73 IAS officers, but then had to backtrack.

Three years into his administration, Reddy needs to heed these signals his own system is sending out to him. He clearly needs to set his own CMO in order before he can expect the state's babus to push his developmental schemes. Christians is becoming outdated religion in Western World
Just as unwanted and outdated technology of the west is passed on to India, similarly, Christianity that has become an unwanted religion for the westerners is being planted and propagated in our land by these missionaries. It is an urgent need of the hour that Hindus unite and make efforts to stop them. O Hindus! Beware of thesecrafty Christians who devise shrewd plans such as musical events to attract the Hindu Community!

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