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Doctorates for converts to Christianity

January 9 2009
Dr T H Chowdary 

Considering that the Scheduled Castes [so mentioned in our Constitution] among Hindus were subjected to debilitating and disabling discriminations for hundreds of years because of the caste system, our Constitution provided for reservations for them in government and public sector jobs and so on.

Although it was initially for ten years, reservations are being extended decade after decade. This is the price that the Hindu society is paying for what their ancestors did in the past for the Scheduled Castes.

     Islam and Christianity do not have castes or untouchables. Both of them, of course, had accepted and practiced slavery. Followers of these religions did possess slaves; they bought them and sold them. Slavery was abolished in the British empire and other European possessions in 1833.

     In the entire history of India, going back to thousands of years, there has been no system of slavery, buying them and selling them or holding them in bondage. Untouchability inflicted upon the Scheduled Castes was an excrescence and its expulsion was taken up by various reformers within the Hindu society since the last century.

     Christian missionaries and allied enterprises miserably failed in getting the non-Scheduled Caste Hindus to convert to Christianity. After their failed attempts for more than a century and most intensively during the last two decades to get at the non-Scheduled Caste castes to convert Christian missionaries and their enterprises and their NGOs had been acting in concert to get the Scheduled Castes calling them as dalits, that is the oppressed (by Hindus) to convert to Christianity telling them that there is no untouchability and there is no caste system in Christianity. Many a person of Scheduled Castes was taken in by this assertion and propaganda and enticed by other promises like immediately monetary help, social dignity and equality of treatment. Recognizing that there are no castes in Christianity and Islam, the Indian Constitution did not provide for reservation to Christians or Muslims including those Scheduled Caste Hindus who had converted to Christianity and Islam. The only exception not at the time of making the Constitution but later on, was the extension of reservations to the Scheduled Castes in Buddhism and Sikhism as these two faiths are also born from Hinduism and within India and because of millennial legacy, they could not get rid of caste system in these two faiths.

     The Scheduled Caste people who converted to Christianity are confronted with the reality that if they declared this fact of conversion, they would not be entitled to reservation as Scheduled Castes. Therefore, the Christian missionaries have led the S.C. converts to commit a fraud, to tell lies. They are enumerating themselves as Scheduled Caste Hindus to get the benefit of reservation. At the same time they have joined the missionaries and church and other organisations to demand for them too, reservations meant for Hindu Scheduled Castes, should be extended. Until this extension is not achieved, the fraud and the lie about change of religion will be continued. That this is promoted is seen from the declining proportion of Christian in population of Andhra Pradesh according to the successive census.

Christian Population in Andhra Pradesh
Year 1971 1981 1991 2001
Total population mln 43.5 53.6 66.5 76.2
Christians mln 1.8 1.43 1.2 1.1
% of Christian population 4.19 2.68 1.83 1.44

Facts cannot be hidden. They come out. A few cases which are in the public knowledge, are the following.
  • Sri Mareppa who till recently was Marketing Minister in the Congress government of Andhra Pradesh enrolled himself as an SC in government records. He contested and won a seat reserved Scheduled Caste in the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly. But he is a practising Christian and is proud to announce that he is a Christian. For example, to Sakshi a largely circulated Telugu daily of 4th January 2009 he told this…………
“YS (Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy) is my Jesus… He is my heart, he is my life. I said this earlier also. I am reiterating now. I am proud that I have worked in the cabinet of so wonderful a person like Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy. I am ever ready to do anything that he (YS) orders me to do. Even if the order is to sacrifice my life also, I will not hesitate….”

Sri Gollapal Surya Rao is a Minister in the Government of Andhra Pradesh. He was elected as a Scheduled Caste person to the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly from Allavaram constituency. He is a practising Christian. His wife Gollapalli Luthiamma secured one acre of land belonging to a Hindu temple in village Laxmipolavaram to locate her educational institution Bethan Educational Society.

Apart from the fraud not disclosing conversion, the family has resorted to getting Hindu temples land for a Christian school. Obviously the Christian husband helped the Christian wife to get the Hindu’s land. This has come to light because an aggrieved Hindu filed a PIL in the High Court of Andhra Pradesh challenging the government’s order giving Hindu temple’s land to a Christian for a Christian school.
  • Other worthies who are leading the movement for reservations for Christian Dalits and who suppressed the fact of their true religion included Sri Stanly Babu who retired as General Manager of South Central Railway (he is now an Adviser to Government of Andhra Pradesh on transportation;), Sri Bahagavan Das, Retd Post Master General of the Department of Posts, who is also an Adviser to Government of Andhra Pradesh for the APIIC, Sri Danam, a Retd IAS officer, William, Chairman of the Andhra Pradesh State Scheduled Caste Finance Corporation.
  • It is generally known that Malas converted to Christianity for long and therefore have been having the benefit of Christian missionary extended benefits like education to them are knocking off bulk of the reserved posts meant for Hindu Scheduled Castes. They are less numerous than Madigas among Scheduled Castes. Madigas have not converted to Christianity in as large numbers as Malas. Madigas are aggrieved that reservations meant for Hindus are knocked off by Malas who converted to Christianity but are not disclosing the fact. That is why the Madiga Reservation Porata Samithi [MRPS] is spearheading a movement for vargikaran – classification and distribution of the 15% reservations, among the sub-castes in relation to their numbers.
  • Christian conversion enterprises are gaining numbers by cheating and fraud. This has increased in the present regime of Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy because he himself is a practicing Christian of the 7th Day Adventist denomination. Because of this fact of his being a Christian, Andhra Pradesh is having the notorious distinction of being the only state in the entire country for giving subsidy for Christians’ pilgrimages to Jerusalem; it is the only state in entire county which is creating state Christian Finances Corporation and a Christian Welfare Department, leaving the Minority Welfare Department and the Minority Financial Corporation to concern themselves only with Muslims. Would Jesus Christ have countenanced of this fraud and cheating?

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