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Swami Vivekananda, Dravidar Kazhagam, Christian and Mohammedan missionaries

Swami Vivekananda, Dravidar Kazhagam, Christian and Mohammedan missionaries

Really, it is surprising that DK, Christian and Mohammedan missionaries and ideologists have started quoting Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902), misleading the people completely and suppressing the facts that Swamiji himself answered suitably right inside Madras to these detractors. Interestingly, he countered such categories from the so-called “Social reformers” of Madras to the Sanskrit professor of Presidency College – Gustav Oppert[1]!

Incidentally and ironically, such quotings are used only to attack Hindus. Moreover, they quote partially, picking up part of sentences or from translation. Today’s “Viduthalai” (Sunday edition dated July 20, 2008) has given an opportunity to expose their unethical way of misleading the public and as well as their cadres and ideologists, as they do not read his “Complete work” (nine volumes), Swami Vivekananda in the West – New Discoveries (six volumes), Life of Swami Vivekananda (two volumes). If anyone reads, he would laugh at these idiotic fellows for their mischievous, but wanton misquotes.

விவேகானந்தர் கூறுகிறார்

பார்ப்பனர் கேள்வி: பிராமணர்களுக்கு மட்டுமே சன்னியாசத்திற்கு உரிமை உண்டு. நீங்கள் ஒரு சூத்திரர். நீங்கள் எப்படி சன்னியாசி ஆகலாம்?
விவேகானந்தர் பதில்: பிராமணர்களுக்கு சன்னியாசம் பெற உரிமை உண்டு என்றால் எனக்கு அவர்களைவிட அதிக உரிமை உண்டு.

பொதுக் கருத்து
கடவுளுக்குத் தொண்டு செய்வதற்கும் அவரை நாடுவதற்கும் மிகச் சிறந்தவழி, ஏழைகளுக்குச் சேவை செய்வதுதான்; பசித்தவர்களுக்கு உணவளிப்பது, துன்பத்தில் வாடுபவர்களைத் தேற்றுவது; வீழ்ந்தோரையும் ஆதரவற்றோர்களையும் கைகொடுத்துக் காப்பது; நோயாளிகளைக் கவனித்துத் தொண்டு செய்வதுஇவைதான் வேண்டியது.
சுவாமி விவேகானந்தர் (ஸ்ரீராம கிருஷ்ண மடம் – 2-ஆம் பகுதி பக்கம் 49,50,51)

தகவல்: வழக்கறிஞர் கோ. சுப்பிரமணியம், திண்டுக்கல்

Incongruously for such misquote, one learned advocate need not necessary, as the shameless paper (available on the net –, as any crook would do that.

When Swami Vivekananda left his mortal coil in 1902 at the age of 39, E. V. Ramasamy Naicker (1879-1973) was a 23 year old young man. As he was so keen in the affairs of Indian events, it is impossible that he might not have known Swami Vivekanana, that too when he was passing through Tamilnadu. Ironically, EVR imitated Swami Vivekananda and tried to become one, but his mental status was entirely different. His highly ambitious goals took him differently.

Swami Vivekananda appearing in Christian tracts! The unashamed Christian missionaries do not have any decency and decorum to print Swami Vivekananda’s figure on such tracts[2] with “his quoting on Jesus Christ”! Actually, the missionaries have almost attempted to kill Swamiji, when he was in US and Europe and as well as travelling on board. Their propaganda, advertisements and media coverage speak volumes of such poisonous canard and the marvellous (dis)respect shown to Swamiji.

Their shameless acts have been suppressing the facts and presenting lies as “facts”. Anyone who reads Swami Vivekananda, he can understand easily, how he has exposed the machinery and machination activities of missionaries. In fact, the instinct “once bitten think twice” should work in their minds. But, strangely, they always indulge in such shameless activities of lying, lying and lying all the way.

The Mohammedan mischief: If the Christian missionaries have been like this, it is not known as to what happened to the Mohammedans all over the world, as they have also indulged in such shameless activities. Of late, the Mohammedan ideologists and fundamentalists have also joined the suit, in turn quoting DK-literature[3] or anti-Hindu literature of the biased western pen-pushers and bloggers. But, the Mohammedan friends have been doing injustice by not reading Swami Vivekananda, but picking up from the DK literature. I just quote from few paragraphs[4], where he has made study about Mohammed, his religion etc. The characteristics of Christians and Mohammedans are discussed as follows:

“People who deny the efficacy of any rationalistic investigation into religion seem to me somewhat to be contradicting themselves. For instance, the Christian claims that his religion is the only true one, because it was revealed to so – and – so. The Mohammedan makes the same claim for his religion; his is the only true one, because it was revealed to so – and – so. But the Christian says to the Mohammedan, “Certain parts of your ethics do not seem to be right. For instance, your books say, my Mohammedan friend, that an infidel maybe converted to the religion of Mohammed by force, and if he will not accept the Mohammedan religion he may be killed; and any Mohammedan who kills such an infidel will get a sure entry into heaven, whatever may have been his sins or misdeeds.” The Mohammedan will retort by saying, “It is right for me to do so, because my book enjoins it. It will be wrong on my part not to say so.” The Christian says, “But my book does not say so.” The Mohammedan replies, “I do not know; I am not bound by the authority of your book; my book says, ‘Kill all infidels’. How do you know which is right and which is wrong? Surely what is written in my book is right and what your book says, ‘Do not kill,’ is wrong. You also say the same thing, my Christian friend; you say that what Jehovah declared to the Jews is right to do, and what he forbade them to do is wrong. So say I, Allah declared in my book that certain things should be done, and that certain things should not be done, and that is all the test of right and wrong.” In spite of that the Christian is not satisfied; he insists on a comparison of the morality of the Sermon on the Mount with the morality of the Koran. How is this to be decided? Certainly not by the books, because the books, fighting between themselves, cannot be the judges. Decidedly then we have to admit that there is something more universal than these books, something higher than all the ethical codes that are in the world, something which can judge between the strength of inspirations of different nations. Whether we declare it boldly, clearly, or not — it is evident that here we appeal to reason.

             Now, the question arises if this light of reason is able to judge between inspiration and inspiration, and if this light can uphold its standard when the quarrel is between prophet and prophet, if it has the power of understanding anything whatsoever of religion. If it has not, nothing can determine the hopeless fight of books and prophets which has been going on through ages; for it means that all religions are mere lies, hopelessly contradictory, without any constant idea of ethics. The proof of religion depends on the truth of the constitution of man, and not on any books. These books are the outgoings, the effects of man’s constitution; man made these books. We are yet to see the books that made man. Reason is equally an effect of that common cause, the constitution of man, where our appeal must be. And yet, as reason alone is directly connected with this constitution, it should be resorted to, as long as it follows faithfully the same. What do I mean by reason? I mean what every educated man or woman is wanting to do at the present time, to apply the discoveries of secular knowledge to religion. The first principle of reasoning is that the particular is explained by the general, the general by the more general, until we come to the universal. For instance, we have the idea of law. If something happens and we believe that it is the effect of such and such a law, we are satisfied; that is an explanation for us. What we mean by that explanation is that it is proved that this one effect, which had dissatisfied us, is only one particular of a general mass of occurrences which we designate by the word “law”. When one apple fell, Newton was disturbed; but when he found that all apples fell, it was gravitation, and he was satisfied. This is one principle of human knowledge. I see a particular being, a human being, in the street. I refer him to the bigger conception of man, and I am satisfied; I know he is a man by referring him to the more general. So the particulars are to be referred to the general, the general to the more general, and everything at last to the universal, the last concept that we have, the most universal — that of existence. Existence is the most universal concept.”

As long as Christians and Mohammedans fight with each other about the superiority of their respective religion, where is the question of claiming superiority over Hindu religion? Fundamentally, Mohammedans would stick to their Quran and assert that Christ was never died on the cross, but for Christians, it is one of the important fundamental tenet based on which resurrection and ascension are built upon. Here, he openly questions the belief of them as each group claims that their book alone is revealed and so on. After all, any belief is subjected to verification and none can claim that one’s belief should be accepted without verification. Thus the infallibility of scripture fails.

Swami Vivekananda challenges Mohammedans: The Vedantic approach to religion has not been fully understood even by Hindus perhaps, and that is why the Hindus are confused and such confusion is exploited by the half-baked atheists and anti-Hindu Black Parivar etc. But, the Mohammedans are really frightened about Advaita and therefore, they started canard that Adi Sankara copied Advaita from Quran and so on[5]. In fact, there had been a great theological battle about the “Advaita philosophy” among the Tamil Mohammedans as to whether they should study it or not[6]. One has to be very careful in criticising or commenting upon the Indian / Hindu tradition, heritage, culture and civilization, as many times, the ideologues do without understanding or reading Indian / Hindu books. Swami Vivekanda[7] said, “The Mohammedan says, there is no God but Allah. The Vedanta says, there is nothing that is not God.” Oh Mohammedans and DK-walas come on and take it. Can any honest, faithful and obedient believer would have any guts to oppose or disbelieve, “there is nothing that is not God (LA ILAHA LA ILLALAH)”. First the existence of God is asserted in double negative expression, “La ilaha illa Llah” and then, exclusively with “Khul hu vallahu ahad”. Just like Mohammedans’ claim, there is also Hindu claim that Adi Sankara went upto Arabia[8] and preached Advaita to Arabs and such Arabians imbibed with Advaita philosophy only later became “Mohammedans”. As pointed out above, the Vimarsa, a work attributed to known scholar mentions that Adi Sankara conquered the whole world. Particularly, he went to Arabia and preached the natives of Arabia for 64 days – the knowledge of Vedas – Karma, Upasana and Gnana to the Yogins of the area. As he preached in Arabic, they took down and they formed the Holy Quran of them. Thus, Swami Vivekananda clarifies as follows:

The Mohammedan says, there is no God but Allah. The Vedanta says, there is nothing that is not God. It may frighten many of you, but you will understand it by degrees. The living God is within you, and yet you are building churches and temples and believing all sorts of imaginary nonsense. The only God to worship is the human soul in the human body. Of course all animals are temples too, but man is the highest, the Taj Mahal of temples. If I cannot worship in that, no other temple will be of any advantage. The moment I have realised God sitting in the temple of every human body, the moment I stand in reverence before every human being and see God in him — that moment I am free from bondage, everything that binds vanishes, and I am free.”

Recalling a “Indian mutiny” incidence, Swamiji succinctly points out as follows[9] Incidentalkly, I am tempted to ask why no historian[10] of any worth has ever pointed out this fact? Because, a Mohammedan stabbed a Swamy!:

I call to mind an incident of the Indian Mutiny. A Swami, who for years had fulfilled a vow of eternal silence, was stabbed by a Mohammedan. They dragged the murderer before his victim and cried out, ‘Speak the word, Swami, and he shall die.’ After many years of silence, he broke it to say with his last breath: ‘My children, you are all mistaken. That man is God Himself.’ The great lesson is, that unity is behind all. Call it God, Love, Spirit, Allah, Jehovah — it is the same unity that animates all life from the lowest animal to the noblest man. Picture to yourself an ocean ice – bound, pierced with many different holes. Each of these is a soul, a man, emancipated according to his degree of intelligence, essaying to break through the ice.”

Swami Vivekananda exposes Mohammedan manipulation of Hindu scriptures: Really, I am totally taken aback about the historical knowledge of Swami Vivekananda, when he points about the manipulation made by the Mohammedans, of course in his own way gently:

“The Upanishads are many, and said to be one hundred and eight, but some declare them to be still larger in number. Some of them are evidently of a much later date, as for instance, the Allopanishad in which Allah is praised and Mohammed is called the Rajasulla. I have been told that this was written during the reign of Akbar to bring the Hindus and Mohammedans together, and sometimes they got hold of some word, as Allah, or Illa in the Samhitas, and made an Upanishad on it. So in this Allopanishad, Mohammed is the Rajasulla, whatever that may mean. There are other sectarian Upanishads of the same species, which you find to be entirely modern, and it has been so easy to write them, seeing that this language of the Samhita portion of the Vedas is so archaic that there is no grammar to it. Years ago I had an idea of studying the grammar of the Vedas, and I began with all earnestness to study Panini and the Mahabhashya, but to my surprise I found that the best part of the Vedic grammar consists only of exceptions to rules. A rule is made, and after that comes a statement to the effect, “This rule will be an exception”. So you see what an amount of liberty there is for anybody to write anything, the only safeguard being the dictionary of Yaska. Still, in this you will find, for the most part, but a large number of synonyms. Given all that, how easy it is to write any number of Upanishads you please. Just have a little knowledge of Sanskrit, enough to make words look like the old archaic words, and you have no fear of grammar. Then you bring in Rajasulla or any other Sulla you like. In that way many Upanishads have been manufactured, and I am told that that is being done even now. In some parts of India, I am perfectly certain, they are trying to manufacture such Upanishads among the different sects. But among the Upanishads are those, which, on the face of them, bear the evidence of genuineness, and these have been taken up by the great commentators and commented upon, especially by Shankara, followed by Ramanuja and all the rest.

The Europeans have involved in producing and manufacturing scriptural forgeries in connivance with the authorities and rulers. In 1821, Mr. Francis Ellis of Madras brought to the notice of the Asiatic Society the existence of a modern imitation of the Yajur Veda prepared by some Jesuit Missionaries of the 18th century with a view to establish, by Vedic evidence, the divinity of Jesus Christ and the authenticity of the Bible.

Earlier, Roberto de Nobili was involved in such forgery of producing the so called lost Yasur Veda. He also produced several Sanskrit works engaging Indian ghost writers and circulated with his name.

In Dr. Buhler Catelogue of Sanskrit MSS, from Gujarat (p.44), Babu Rajendralala Mitra[11] noticed the existence of a Ms. of one “Allah Upanishad” in the possession of Krishnarav Bhimasankar of Vadodara.  In 17th century, anticipating the Jesuits before Akbar, the Mohammedans  produced an apocryphal chapter of the Atharva Veda, designed to establish the superioriy of the religion of Akbar, and to enlist on its behalf the attachment of his Hindu subjects. Several personalities were suspected including Badaoni, Khan Khanan or Lord Chamberlain of Akbar[12] and so on, but the forger undetected leaving the forged MSS.

Thus his knowledge of fabricated Upanishads and the Mohammedan attempt of deriving Allah from Ila etc., are very significant[13].

How Satan was created (common to Jews, Cjristians and Mohammedans)? Swamiji points out how Satan was created[14] or who created.

“The older I grow, the more I see behind the idea of the Hindus that man  is the greatest of all beings. So say the Mohammedans too. The angels were asked by Allah to bow down to Adam. Iblis did not, and therefore he became Satan.”

Why the same God, the creator should create such beings? He gives explanation[15] (the DK-fellow may note).

“According to the Jews and Mohammedans, God created man after creating the angels and everything else, and after creating man He asked the angels to come and salute him, and all did so except Iblis; so God cursed him and he became Satan. Behind this allegory is the great truth that this human birth is the greatest birth we can have. The lower creation, the animal, is dull, and manufactured mostly out of Tamas. Animals cannot have any high thoughts; nor can the angels, or Devas, attain to direct freedom without human birth. In human society, in the same way, too much wealth or too much poverty is a great impediment to the higher development of the soul. It is from the middle classes that the great ones of the world come. Here the forces are very equally adjusted and balanced.

Nicolas Notovich and Jesus Christ: The knowledge of Swamiji on the contemporary happenings has been astounding. His discussing on Nicolas Notovich’s book is simply astounding[16].

“The old documents that Nicolas Notovich, author of The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ, claimed to have found in a Tibetan monastery tell of how Jesus traveled in his fourteenth year to India, where he studied Vedic and Buddhist scriptures and then proceeded to convert a large part of the country to Christianity, preaching in the best missionary manner against idolatry, the divine origin of the Vedas, the caste system, sun worship, and so on, recalling, the  book says, “the true God to the people that were plunged in depravities.” Far from giving credence to this work, Swamiji scoffed at it. “It is nonsense to say that Notovich’s book is genuine,” he wrote on March 2, 1896, from Detroit (not from Boston as in the Complete Works, 6:359) to Swami Trigunatita, who had written to him on the subject.”

He must have read the books of “Christian origins”, as otherwise his “Christological approach” towards the subject matter has been revealing. It is interesting to note that, “Far from giving credence to this work, Swamiji scoffed at it. “It is nonsense to say that Notovich’s book is genuine,”.……is revealing.

He explains how “God” was evolved as follows:

“Among the ancient Jews we find numbers of these gods ferociously fighting with each other. Then we find Elohim whom the Jews and the Babylonians worshipped. We next find one God standing supreme. But the idea differed according to different tribes. They each asserted that their God was the greatest. And they tried to prove it by fighting. The one that could do the best fighting proved thereby that its God was the greatest. Those races were more or less savage. But gradually better and better ideas took the place of the old ones. All those old ideas are gone or going into the lumber-room. All those religions were the outgrowth of centuries; not one fell from the skies. Each had to be worked out bit by bit. Next come the monotheistic ideas: belief in one God, who is omnipotent and omniscient, the one God of the universe. This one God is extra-cosmic; he lies in the heavens. He is invested with the gross conceptions of His originators. He has a right side and a left side, and a bird in His hand, and so on and so forth. But one thing we find, that the tribal gods have disappeared for ever, and the one God of the universe has taken their place: the God of gods.”

Historicity of Jesus: That Swamiji has discussed about the “historicity of Jesus” proves his in-depth of study of Christianity and he had gone into the fundamental issues of the origin of “Jesus myth”.

“But while the Swami’s vivid dream on board ship may have had a subjective cause, it nevertheless set him thinking about the historicity of Jesus Christ, about which he had never before entertained any doubt. Now he saw that the Acts of the Apostles might be an older record than the Gospels themselves, and that views of the Therapeutae and those of the sect of the Nazarene might have commingled, thus conferring upon Christianity both a philosophy and a personality. But while these speculations could not be offered as evidence in support of this theory of the origin and history of Christianity, lie knew that in Alexandria there had been a meeting of Indian, Greek, and Egyptian elements, which had contributed considerably towards the moulding of Christianity. It is said that the Swami wrote to a friend in England, an archaeologist, about his dream and asked him to find out if there was any truth in it. It was some time after the Swami’s death that an item appeared in the Statesman of Calcutta, stating that some Englishmen in the course of excavations in Crete had come across records containing wonderful revelations of the origin of Christianity.

             But whatever doubts the Swami may have had on the matter, the dream did not make him yield a whit in his love and adoration of the Son of Mary. There was the instance when a Western disciple requested him to give his blessings to a picture of the Sistine Madonna; he touched the feet of the Divine Child instead. There was also the instance when he turned upon another and exclaimed with fire in his eyes, “Madam, had I lived in Palestine in the days of Jesus of Nazareth, I would have washed His feet, not with my tears but with my heart’s blood!

The fact that he had read the Acts of apostles has been very significant and that is why he could have made such critical analysis of the origins of Christianity.         

The historicity of Jesus, he said, he had in a way doubted since the significant dream that he had had while on board ship off Crete. However, “two things stand out as personal living touches in the life of Christ: the woman taken in adultery — the most beautiful story in literature — and the woman at the well. How strangely true is this last to Indian life! A woman, coming to draw water, finds, seated at the well-side, a yellow-clad monk. He asks her for water. Then he teaches her, and does a little mind-reading, and so on. Only, in an Indian story, when she went to call the villagers, the monk would have taken his chance, and fled to the forest!”

             Of the early figures of Christianity he remarked that only of Saint Paul could history be sure, “and he was not an eyewitness, and according to his own showing was capable of Jesuitry — ‘by all means save souls’ — isn’t it?” He preferred Strauss to Renan, whose “life of Jesus is mere froth”, and felt that the Acts and Epistles were older than the Gospels. Saint Paul’s greatness lay in galvanizing into life an obscure Nazarene sect of great antiquity, which “furnished the mythic personality as a centre of worship”. He thought that Rabbi Hillel was probably responsible for the teachings of Jesus. “The Resurrection, of course,” he said, “is simply spring cremation. Only the rich Greeks and Romans had had cremation anyway, and the new sun-myth would only stop it amongst the few.”

             “But Buddha!” the Swami continued; “Buddha! Surely he was the greatest man who ever lived. He never drew a breath for himself. Above all, he never claimed worship. He said, ‘Buddha is not a man, but a state. I have found the door. Enter, all of you!’(Compare this with the analysis of Romila Thapar made in “The Hindu and EPW” in the context of “Historicity of Rama” obviously defending Karunanidhi).  

             With regard to the Swami’s views on early Christianity, it is worth noting that they were in substantial accord with those of such eminent Christian scholars of that time as Mr. J. M. Robertson, Dr. A. Drews, and Prof. W. B. Smith.”

The last comments have been very interesting, as that might show that Swamiji had read those books or known through his Christian friends. As the western Indologists and the missionaries were indulged in the vilified propaganda writing nonsense against Hindu religion, etc., he must have decided to go into the origins of Christianity.

Warning to the manufacturers / producers of “Jesus in India” film: As Swamiji has pointed out, the Christian manipulators, forgers and frauds cannot rely upon another forged work and make film on “mythical Jesus” and spoil the sanctity of “Jesus Christ”. If they rely upon the forged book of Nicolas Notivich, let them proceed and face the consequences. As has been already pointed out t is pertinent to note that, “Far from giving credence to this work, Swamiji scoffed at it. “It is nonsense to say that Notovich’s book is genuine,”.……is revealing. The more they manufacture, the more they get exposed. As pointed out, the Christian propagandists should know that he had read the Acts of apostles also and therefore, he would have analyzed Christianity very critically. The way in which he responded that he would wash the feet of “baby Jesus” with blood instead of tears proves the derivation of “Christos” from “Chrishtna”. CFC Volney[17] pointed out that the concedpt of “Christos” was derived from “Chrishtna”.

The attack of Missionaries on Swami Vivekananda and his stand: After the Chicago address and the prominence of Swami Vivekananda, the Christian missionaries carried on vilified, slanderous and libellous attack inside and outside India. The American papers mention him as “Kananda”, the pagan[18]! Many times, they tried to provoke him on the isuue of conversion, but he had been very categorical in his assertion[19]:

“I still stick to my statement that few, if any, of them pay any attention to Sanskrit; nor is it true that I said anything against any religious body — except that I do insist on my statement that India can never be converted to Christianity, and further I deny that the conditions of the lower classes are made any better by Christianity, and add that the majority of southern Indian Christians are not only Catholics, but what they call themselves, caste Christians, that is, they stick close to their castes, and I am thoroughly persuaded that if the Hindu society gives up its exclusive policy, ninety per cent of them would rush back to Hinduism with all its defects.”

Inside India, the missionaries targeted him by all means by raising all sorts of issues – he was dubbed as politician, Sudra and so on. . He responded to Tulasingam[20] as follows:

“What nonsense! . . . I heard that Rev. Kali Charan Banerji in a lecture to Christian missionaries said that I was a political delegate. If it was said publicly, then publicly ask the Babu for me to write to any of the Calcutta papers and prove it, or else take back his foolish assertion. This is their trick! I have said a few harsh words in honest criticism of Christian governments in general, but that does not mean that I care for, or have any connection with politics or that sort of thing. Those who think it very grand to print extracts from those lectures and want to prove that I am a political preacher, to them I say, “Save me from my friends.” . . .

Exposing the American missionaries methods of vilifying Hindu religion, he explained his stand on Christianity[21]:

“It is not true that I am against any religion. It is equally untrue that I am hostile to the Christian missionaries in India. But I protest against certain of their methods of raising money in America. What is meant by those pictures in the school – books for children where the Hindu mother is painted as throwing her children to the crocodiles in the Ganga? The mother is black, but the baby is painted white, to arouse more sympathy and get more money. What is meant by those pictures which paint a man burning his wife at a stake with his own

hands, so that she may become a ghost and torment the husband’s enemy? What is meant by the pictures of huge cars crushing over human beings? The other day a book was published for children in this country, where one of these gentlemen tells a narrative of his visit to Calcutta. He says he saw a car running over fanatics in the streets of Calcutta. I have heard one of these gentlemen preach in Memphis that in every village of India there is a pond full of the bones of little babies.

             What have the Hindus done to these disciples of Christ that every Christian child is taught to call the Hindus “vile”, and “wretches”, and the most horrible devils on earth? Part of the Sunday School education for children here consists in teaching them to hate everybody who is not a Christian, and the Hindus especially, so that, from their very childhood they may subscribe their pennies to the missions. If not for truth’s sake, for the sake of the morality of their own children, the Christian missionaries ought not to allow such things going on. Is it any wonder that such children grow up to be ruthless and cruel men and women? The greater a preacher can paint the tortures of eternal hell — the fire that is burning there, the brimstone — the higher is his position among the orthodox. A servant – girl in the employ of a friend of mine had to be sent to a lunatic asylum as a result of her attending what they call here the revivalist – preaching. The dose of hell – fire and brimstone was too much for her. Look again at the books published in Madras against the Hindu religion. If a Hindu writes one such line against the Christian religion, the missionaries will cry fire and vengeance.”

At another place, he challenged as to whether they would convert Jews, Mohammedans, Persians etc., into Christianity[22]:

As far as converting India to christianity is concerned, there is no hope. If it were possible it ought not to be done. It would be dangerous; it would mark the destruction of all religions. If the whole universe should come to have the same temperament, physical or mental, destruction would immediately result. Why couldn’t you convert the Jew? Why couldn’t you make the Persians christians? Why is it that to every African who becomes a christian 100 become followers of Mohammed? Why can’t you make an impression on India and China, and Japan? Because oneness of mental temperament all over the world would be death. Nature is too wise to allow such things.

Filled the World with Bloodshed

             [The Swami said:]

             The christian nations have filled the world with bloodshed and tyranny. It is their day now. You kill and murder and bring drunkenness and disease in our country, and then add insult to injury by preaching Christ and Him crucified. What christian voice goes through the land protesting against such horrors? I have never heard any. You drink the idea in your mothers’ milk that you are angels and we are devils. It is not enough that there be sunlight; you must have the eyes to see it. It is not only necessary that there be goodness in people; you must have the appreciation of goodness within yourselves in order to distinguish it. This is in every heart until it has been murdered by superstition and hideous blasphemy.”

Thus, he exposed the wickedness of the Christian methods in blaspheming Hindu religion. But the shameless Christian tracts carry Swami Vivekanda’s picture and his sayings as if he supports Christ and Christianity. And the situation has not changed here in India or elsewhere. I just conclude with the following:

T. A. M. Gerbier[23] belonged to ‘The Society of foreign Missions’, as mentioned his book, “The Hindu Examiner of True Religion” (second edition published in 1898) has been the best example of a Catholic fundamentalism that opposes all other religions. Its only aim is to denigrate Hinduism mainly and then refute other religions Judaism, Mohammedanism, Protestantism, etc. If it is shown to others today, it would be banned immediately, not because he blasphemes heathens / pagans (Hindus), but he slanders non-Hindus, “believers” of his own Semitic religions.

Warning to DK-type atheists, anti-Hindu atheists and pseudo-social reformers: Did Swami Vivekananda ever encounter the “social reformers” of Madras? His speech made at the Victoria Hall points to such a fact. The so-called “social reformers of Madras” might have criticized about the Idol-worship etc., of Hindus, so after clarifying it, comes to criticize them as follows[24]:

Why idolatry is condemned?

“It has become a trite saying that idolatry is wrong, and every man swallows it at the present time without questioning. I once thought so, and to pay the penalty of that I had to learn my lesson sitting at the feet of a man who realised everything through idols; I allude to Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. If such Ramakrishna Paramahamsas are produced by idol – worship, what will you have — the reformer’s creed or any number of idols? I want an answer. Take a thousand idols more if you can produce Ramakrishna Paramahamsas through idol – worship, and may God speed you! Produce such noble natures by any means you can. Yet idolatry is condemned!

Why man of Jewish blood condemned it?

Why? Nobody knows. Because some hundreds of years ago some man of Jewish blood happened to condemn it? That is, he happened to condemn everybody else’s idols except his own. If God is represented in any beautiful form or any symbolic form, said the Jew, it is awfully bad; it is sin. But if He is represented in the form of a chest, with two angels sitting on each side, and a cloud hanging over it, it is the holy of holies. If God comes in the form of a dove, it is holy. But if He comes in the form of a cow, it is heathen superstition; condemn it! That is how the world goes. That is why the poet says, “What fools we mortals be!” How difficult it is to look through each other’s eyes, and that is the bane of humanity. That is the basis of hatred and jealousy, of quarrel and of fight.

Addressing the “Social reformers” of Madras

Boys, moustached babies, who never went out of Madras, standing up and wanting to dictate laws to three hundred millions of people with thousands of traditions at their back! Are you not ashamed? Stand back from such blasphemy and learn first your lessons! Irreverent boys, simply because you can scrawl a few lines upon paper and get some fool to publish them for you, you think you are the educators of the world, you think you are the public opinion of India! Is it so? This I have to tell to the social reformers of Madras that I have the greatest respect and love for them. I love them for their great hearts and their love for their country, for the poor, for the oppressed. But what I would tell them with a brother’s love is that their method is not right; it has been tried a hundred years and failed. Let us try some new method.

The Indian Social reformers

             Did India ever stand in want of reformers? Do you read the history of India? Who was Ramanuja? Who was Shankara? Who was Nanak? Who was Chaitanya? Who was Kabir? Who was Dadu? Who were all these great preachers, one following the other, a galaxy of stars of the first magnitude? Did not Ramanuja feel for the lower classes? Did he not try all his life to admit even the Pariah to his community? Did he not try to admit even Mohammedans to his own fold? Did not Nanak confer with Hindus and Mohammedans, and try to bring about a new state of things? They all tried, and their work is still going on. The difference is this.

The difference between earlier and present Indian Social reformers

They had not the fanfaronade of the reformers of today; they had no curses on their lips as modern reformers have; their lips pronounced only blessings. They never condemned. They said to the people that the race must always grow. They looked back and they said, “O Hindus, what you have done is good, but, my brothers, let us do better.” They did not say, “You have been wicked, now let us be good.” They said, “You have been good, but let us now be better.” That makes a whole world of difference. We must grow according to our nature. Vain is it to attempt the lines of action that foreign societies have engrafted upon us; it is impossible. Glory unto God, that it is impossible, that we cannot be twisted and tortured into the shape of other nations. I do not condemn the institutions of other races; they are good for them, but not for us. What is meat for them may be poison for us. This is the first lesson to learn. With other sciences, other institutions, and other traditions behind them, they have got their present system. We, with our traditions, with thousands of years of Karma behind us, naturally can only follow our own bent, run in our own grooves; and that we shall have to do.

Swami Vivekananda has to be studied by all, particularly, the present day Indians and Hindus. If Hindus reads his works, he could counter all the present day anti-Indian, anti-Hindu researchers, historians and ideologues with ease. He has touched upon every point that can be taken up ever for doing Ph.D, but unfortunately, they are wasting time on cricket and cinema. It is not enough just to have a picture of “Swami Vivekananda” to declare that I like him, I admire him and so on…………….it is just like having a picture of cine-actress, sport-person etc., because we do not respect and take concern as we do towards such cine-actor or actress or sport-man or sport-woman.

Coming to the DK-fellows, they have to be careful at least hereafter, as they cannot take Swamiji for granted. Actually, the followers of Swamiji must have blasted this fellows by pointing out all. Had he been alive today, India would have become already a Super Power and we need not wait for 2010.

Swami Vivekananda already answered to the “social reformers”: About the question of Shudra becoming a “sanyasin” etc., Swami Vivekananda answered right in Madras:

“One word more: I read in the organ[25] of the social reformers that I am called a Shudra and am challenged as to what right a Shudra has to become a Sannyasin. To which I reply: I trace my descent to one at whose feet every Brahmin lays flowers when he utters the words –[Sanskrit]– and whose descendants are the purest of Kshatriyas. If you believe in your mythology or your Pauranika scriptures, let these so – called reformers know that my caste, apart from other services of the past, ruled half of India for centuries. If my caste is left out of consideration, what will there be left of the present – day civilisation of India? In Bengal alone, my blood has furnished them with their greatest philosopher, the greatest poet, the greatest historian, the greatest archaeologist, the greatest religious preacher; my blood has furnished India with the greatest of her modern scientists. These detractors ought to have known a little of our own history, and to have studied our three castes, and learnt that the Brahmin, the Kshatriya, and the Vaishya have equal right to be Sannyasins: the Traivarnikas have equal right to the Vedas. This is only by the way. I just refer to this, but I am not at all hurt if they call me a Shudra. It will be a little reparation for the tyranny of my ancestors over the poor. If I am a Pariah, I will be all the more glad, for I am the disciple of a man, who — the Brahmin of Brahmins — wanted to cleanse the house of a Pariah. Of course the Pariah would not allow him; how could he let this Brahmin Sannyasin come and cleanse his house! And this man woke up in the dead of night, entered surreptitiously the house of this Pariah, cleansed his latrine, and with his long hair wiped the place, and that he did day after day in order that he might make himself the servant of all. I bear the feet of that man on my head; he is my hero; that hero’s life I will try to imitate. By being the servant of all, a Hindu seeks to uplift himself. That is how the Hindus should uplift the masses, and not by looking for any foreign influence. Twenty years of occidental civilisation brings to my mind the illustration of the man who wants to starve his own friend in a foreign land, simply because this friend is popular, simply because he thinks that this man stands in the way of his making money. And the other is the illustration of what genuine, orthodox Hinduism itself will do at home. Let any one of our reformers bring out that life, ready to serve even a Pariah, and then I will sit at his feet and learn, and not before that. One ounce of practice is worth twenty thousand tons of big talk.”

Therefore, it is ridiculous for the DK or any organizer or pen-pusher to raise the same issue.

Swami Vivekananda and Dalits[26]: Swami Vivekananda is a “Dalit” – Shudra from Kayasth community. When he became a Sanyasi, some social reformers challenged him as to how a Shudra could become a Sanyasi. He gave them suitable reply with supporting evidences from scriptures proving that Shudras were nothing but Kshatriyas: “I am not all hurt if they call me a Shudra. It will be a little reparation for the tyranny of my ancestors over the poor. If I am a Paraiah, I will be more glad, for I am the disciple of a man, who – the Bahmn of Brahmins – wanted to cleanse the house of a Paraiah[27]. He started Sri Ramakrishna Mission only to liberate oppressed and suppressed: “From the Math will go out men of character who will deluge the world with spirituality…………The Shudra caste will exist no longer – their work being done by machinery”[28]. He defines “Shurahood” as the status of people “engaged in serving another for pay”. Then, perhaps most of the higher castes are “Shudras” and the real shudras are not, as they work for themselves and not for others to get any pay. He also points out as to how the great rishis Vasistha, Narada, Satyakama, Jabala, Vyasa, Kripa, Drona, Krishna and others were Shudras and raised to the status of Ksatriyas and Brahmins. Kausikas, Jambuga, Mandavya, Gangeya, Chavunaga, Gautama, Agastya, Ganatasalya, XGandha, Sukha, Jambavantha, Aswatthama ansd host of others were Shudras / outcastes / oppressed and suppressed heroes who rose to the highest status. From this, one canunderstand that those who have given Vedas, compiled Vedas, Itihasas and Puranas were all – Shuras. Therefore, understanding the history, the so called “Dalits” should fight against the present 3000 / 4000 Caste-system and liberate by being Hindus.

How many Paraiahs are appointed in the DK, DMK, PMU- Institutions? Now, the majority of private enginerering and medical colleges, deemed universities and other institutions are owned by the “Dravidian politicians, ideologues and protagonists” one way or the other. How many SC and ST candidates have been accommodated in their institutions? Can they give any figures to prove their “Social justice”?

The shameless DK and black parivar follow untouchability hiding all their true colours, just like Christians. Rajasekhara Shetty has accused Karunanidhi many times that he is against Sudras They only high-caste, white-skinned ladies, that too, chosen by brokers. They preach only for the followers, who blindly believe, but in practice, they enjoy life like anything. If  all is well with “Dravidian groups”, why Anna’s son committed suicide and MGR’s relative was murdered? Can’t they protect them, as they have been above all Gods and Goddesses? What power they require? If they believe in “caste-abolition”, why they select, support and make win candidates based on caste?

How Swami Vivekanda once countered missionaries who went on blaspheming Hindu religion? It has to be carefully noted that Swamiji once had to face Christian missionaries of rabid and morbid category, who bent upon blaspheming Hindu religion and how he handled them[29]:

The Swami had an unpleasant experience with two of his fellow passengers on his way to India between Aden and Colombo. They were Christian missionaries who insisted on discussing the contrast between Hinduism and Christianity. Their methods of argument were most offensive; when they were beaten at every point, they lost their temper, became virulent and abused the Hindus and their religion. The Swami stood it as long as he could; then walking close to one of the speakers he suddenly seized him quietly but firmly by the collar and said half-humorously, half-grimly, “If you abuse my religion again, I’ll throw you over-board!” The frightened missionary “shook in his boots” and said under his breath, “Let me go, sir, I’ll never do it again!” From that time on he was most obsequious to the Swami on all occasions and endeavoured to remedy his misbehaviour by exceeding kindness.” (emphasis added).

I know some miscreants may quote this later to prove that Swamiji had been aggressive and so on, but still, I want to point out. If Hindus had to follow Krishna instead of Rama, they may have to do.

The Black parivar has been misleading, misguiding and spoiling Tamils, Tamil society etc: The Tamils have been misled, misguided and spoiled by the Black parivar – the DK – DMK – PMK – MDMK and other categories solely with outdated, unhistorical and worthless hypotheses and theories. As they misuse and abuse the government media, the people are under their “Dravidian mayai” and they believe what their leaders say or write is correct. The last 60 to 80 years, they have had brutal ideological support and even ready to oppress and suppress their opponents by all means and therefore, none could bring out the facts fearing violence against them.

That too, this type of propaganda using Swami Vivekananda to beat Hindus has been unbelievable, unimaginable and ridiculous, but it happens in the place where Swamiji was set out to Chicago Conference and welcomed by the people of Madras. So how people from Madras could tell lies, spread untruth and print such nonsense in the name of ideology or religion or anti-religion and this is carried on in the same Madras. Just few months back, the democratically elected CM representing all people of TN, Karunanidhi with brutal strength of articulation of abuse and blasphemy, he called Rama by names and proceeded to cancel the lease given to Sri Ramakrishna Misssion for the Swami Vivekandana Illam”. Note all in the name of Tamil, Tamil protection, Tamil development and so on. But only crores of rupees are grabbled by the so-called Tamil-protectors, Tamil-saviours etc., and nothing is done for Tamil.

But, the majority Hindus, who also happen to be Tamils or Tamil speaking or living in Tamilnadu for generations have been the target of attack, abuse and violence. The government has been inactive or not at all active because the CM has been anti-Hindu and all have been embolden to blaspheme Hindus, as if they have been given such licence. The principles od secularism, the equality of law, freedom of expression, etc.,, are grossly abused, violated and raped by these rulers without shame. Though they claim Tamils with valour, courage, bravery, chastity, integrity etc., they dodge the courts, court appearances and legal proceedings in spite the claims made.



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