Wednesday, January 4, 2012

MIM's Atrocities on Hindus to secure its vote bank in the old city of Hyderabad

There has been a long time planning happening to create communal tensions in the old city of Hyderabad by MIM to protect its vote bank which is being eroded by TDP, Communists and Congress.
MIM always shows BJP as the real threat to the Mulsims in Hyderabad despite the fact that BJP is no match to it. Now to secure its vote bank to itself again it is playing prank with this threat of saffron gangs when the reality is these communal clashes are its own making. And it is faking it even in the assembly talking about 10th class students difficulties of reaching the examination halls despite the fact it does not have any compassion towards them at all. It is a political game unraveled by MIM (which it learnt well in the company of Congress leaders).


MIM - ruling political party of Hyderabad (Yes, Hyderabad is being ruled by muslim extremist party as it is partner of congress in Municipal corporation of Hyderabad) unveiled its plans wipe out its Hindu minority from the face of old city for ever. There had been continuous attacks on Hindu families in that area from past two days and our Secular Media does not feel it is that important to report.
In the riots happening unabatedly several Hindu temples were demolished or damaged. One Goshala (cow farm) had been burnt and all the cows are burnt alive by this muslim savages.

One Mata temple had been damaged by pouring acid on the Mata Idol and on burning down the temple. Ruling Congress is a puppet in the hands of MIM. Muslims votes are precious to it but not the Hindu lives.

Hindus of Old city of Hyderabad are facing extermination in the hands of savages of MIM. State government is a mute spectator while muslims are attacking houses of Hindus.

Police are powerless, watching these atrocities as spectators standing by since most of these attacks are led by MIM leaders themselves.

Now government has just announced curfew and 144 section from today and when it is very much aware Hindus in this are preparing to celebrate Hanuman Jayanti tomorrow.

These riots are well planned by MIM a month back it self. It painted entire Hyderabad green by decorating with flags and buntings all over the city on the occassion of Prophet Mohammed birthday and conducted rallies all over hyderabad. It is to be learnt they decorated these green buntings with moon and star where there were no muslim residents at all.

Generally Municipal corporation of hyderabad removes these kind of buntings with in a week or so. Since, MIM is ruling party of Hyderabad corporation they were not removed even after it is more than a month. When hindus want to decorate with their saffron bunting on the occassion of Sri RAma Navami there has been objection from the muslims and there were skirmishes in the old city at that time.
Now on the occassion of Hanuman Jayanti which is celebrated well in the old city, Muslims attacked Hindu youth who were decorating the area with Flags and Buntings.

From then onwards they went on rampage rioting the hindu properties and temples. There has been no stopping for them even when there has been atrocities on Hindu families and on women and kids. This government has taken no action on these perpetrators and rioters. Police department headed by a Muslim is behaving as a spectator rather than a enforcer.
Instead of controlling these mobs with strictest action this government now declared 144 section so it can now refuse permission for these Hanuman Jayanti celebrations.

See how sick is this congress government in appeasing Muslims and kneeling before this MIM just to save their power. For their power hungry Hindus are paying the price. Despite being citizens Secular Democratic Indian Republic Hindu women and children had to undergo humiliating attacks on them by the Muslim savages of Hyderabad.

Only God can save these Hindus from the Hands of these Muslims saves as Hindu leaders like Chandra Babu (TDP), Chiranjeevi (PRP), KCR (TRS), Communists and Rosaiah behave as if they cannot see what is happening. They do not even dare to say word to MIM about their atrocities.

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