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Brandishing swords Muslims attack righteous Hindus at Jamkhed, Maharashtra

Muslims oppose the recital of poetry in praise of Shivaji during annual gathering in a school

Mr. Babalu Tekale,Vice President,Shivapratishthan injured by Muslim attack
Mr. Babalu Tekale,Vice President,Shivapratishthan injured by Muslim attack

Hindus, for destroying the anti-righteousness of Muslims first banish the Congress which appeases them !
  • Muslims proclaim ‘Allah-o-Akbar’
  • Small children of Muslims resort to stone-throwing
Jamkhed (District Nagar, Maharashtra) : During the annual gathering program conducted yesterday at Shri Nagesh Vidhyalaya, students sang a poem on Shivaji from the Marathi film ‘Me Shivaji Raje Bhosle Boltoy’. Getting angry over this Muslims resorted to pelting of stones. (Muslims who get angry over poetry on Shivaji are the descendants of Aurangzeb ! Such anti-righteous Muslims should be given an answer in the same manner as Shivaji Raje, the day when Hindus can do this is an auspicious day ! – Editor SP) Brandishing swords they also attacked the representatives of Shiv Pratisthan who were returning home after the program. (Hindus should decide once for all how they will face the aggression of Muslims who are always ready with weapons ! – Editor SP) After this incident there was tension in the region and Jamkhed city was totally closed today. Hence the Police have made enormous security arrangements here.

Sequence of Events

1. When students were singing the poem (povada) on Shivaji, youths in the audience shouted the slogan ‘Jai Bhavani, Jai Shivaji’
2. At the same time Muslims in the audience shouted the slogan ‘Allah-o-Akbar’.
3. Later Muslims boys in the aged 10 to 15 years then resorted to pelting of stones. (Are they taught this in Madrassa ? Deriving inspiration from the pelting of stones these Muslim youth with vagabond tendencies then attack Hindus with swords, entice Hindu girls in their trap in the name of ‘Love Jihad’ ! – Editor SP)
4. At this time teachers, Mr. Pandurang Bhosle – District Head of Shiv Pratisthan and others tried to explain and pacify the Muslims. Then program then re-started.
5. After the program ended Mr. Pandurang Bhosale and Mr. Bablu Tekle – Taluka Head of Shiv Pratisthan started their journey on a two-wheeler. When they reached Khardi Chowk in the city, around 40 Muslims gathered there attacked them with swords and ramrods.
6. They were severely injured in this attack. Initially they were admitted to the government hospital in Jamkhed for first –aid treatment; but since they were severely injured they were shifted to the District Hospital in Nagar for further treatment.

Previously on two occasions Muslims have opposed singing of ‘powada’ and tried to create fear

1. Last year as well as this year 20 days ago Muslims opposed the singing of ‘powada’ on Shivaji during the annual gathering of Lokmanya Krida Tarun Mandal’s New Marathi School in the city.
2. At that time the Police and parents had intervened and ended the opposition.
3. Now after this incident an enormous amount of dread has filled the city.
4. Hindus have accused Muslims of always resort to such activities to spread dread in the city.
(They are responsible for creating an environment wherein the Hindus feel that they are staying in Pakistan. For how long are Hindus going to tolerate this fear of Muslims ? Anti-righteous Muslims attack Hindus because they are not united and lack pride for righteousness. Hindus, awaken and get united to overturn this situation ! – Editor SP)
300 Hindus submit a memorandum to the Tahshildar

After this incident 350 righteous Hindus came together today at 11.30 am and took a morcha to the Tahshildar office and submitted a memorandum against this terror act of Muslims to the Tahshildar. They demanded strict legal action on the Muslims at this time. (Muslims engage in attacks using swords adopting the Mughal way of attack and Hindus submit protest memorandums in a democratic manner ! Hindus, for how many more days is this going to continue ? – Editor SP )

Bandh observed in Jamkhed today for the entire day

This incident has resulted in severe repercussions in the city and a bandh was observed today in Jamkhed. To prevent any untoward incident from occurring the Police has deployed teams of Reserve Police Force in the city at various places.
If we should not say ‘Jai Bhavani, Jai Shivaji’, do we have to say ‘Jai Afzal, Jai Kasab’ ? – Mr Anil Bhaiyya Rathod, MLA, Shiv Sena

The incident related to the attacks after the recital of a ‘powada’ on Chatrapati Shivaji during the annual gathering of the school is shameful. Every time the terror of Muslims is present. This is the sixth instance of such an incident. Police turn a blind eye; hence the Muslims have become arrogant. To attack Hindus these people take weapons from Masjids. Criminals hide in the Masjids. Even then the Police do not enter the Masjids, possibly they cannot enter. When there is repeated occurrence of law and order situation, is the administration sleeping ? We should not say ‘Jai Bhavani, Jai Shivaji’, then should we say ‘Jai Afzal, Jai Kasab’ ? A memorandum was submitted to the Commissioner on behalf of righteous Hindus asking him to take note of these incidents. If immediate action is not taken on the guilty, then a protest movement over entire Nagar district will be started.
The guilty should be promptly arrested – Mr.  Ram Shinde, MLA, BJP

The argument on singing the ‘powada’ on Chatrapati Shivaji led to fighting. Then this got converted into Hindu-Muslim fight. This is a sinister plot to create a divide in the society by creating differences. Whoever is guilty in this incident action should be promptly on him. If the Police fail in this then the next direction of the protest movement will be decided.

Mr. Bablu Tekle – Jamkhed Taluka Head of Shiv Pratisthan who was severely injured in the attack by Muslims

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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