Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Justice KT Thomas opposes Communal & Targeted violence bill, Terms it ‘Divisive’

Source: News Bharati     

Former Supreme Court Justice KT ThomasChennai, October 23 : Former Supreme Court Justice KT Thomas has out-rightly rejected the proposed Communal and Targeted Violence Bill, terming it as ‘divisive and against the constitution of India’. He was addressing a symposium on the proposed ‘Communal & Targeted Violence Bill’ held in Chennai today.

Addressing the
 Advocates for Dharma in Chennai on 23 October 2011 , Justice Thomas asked, “Does this piece (of draft) deserves to be even called as a Bill ?; Yes, for convenience purpose we can use the term Bill, its merely a nomenclature , that’s all.”
He said further, “The integration is the founding stone of the Indian constitution. What was India before the Constitution? The Constitution achieved integration and the proposed Bill wanted to reverse what it achieved.”

He derided the framers of the Bill, the members of the National Advisory Council, headed by Shrimati Sonia Gandhi and said, “The framers of the proposed Bill have made their own mockery and by doing so, they have shown the world what they are!” 

He further asked, “Should we take this proposed bill seriously and debate like this? It does not deserve even to be debated and taken to be seriously.”

Justice Thomas said that the tiniest of minority in India, the Parsees, has no concern, they are assured of their individuality. Another minority is irreligious people who are seven lakhs, according to 2001 census, they are too are assured of their dignity and freedom of expression.
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He further added, “the secularism is not related with religion. It is related to human dignity. The prevalent notion of secularism is wrongly interpreted.”

“Furthermore,” he continued, “even if the parliament passes the communal and targeted violence bill, the Supreme Court will not uphold it. It will be thrown out into a dustbin. It is in the embryo of the framers and will never see the light of the day.”
Justice Thomas reminded audience that, a month ago he shared the dais with RSS chief Dr. Mohan Bhagwat,and said he was a born and practicing Christian. He received several offensive mails including from one of the members of the National Advisory Council (NAC), which is headed by Sonia Gandhi. He clarified that, on the advice of his wife, he ignored the hate mail by the NAC member.


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