Friday, October 7, 2011

Talibanic circular from Muthoot FinCorp to it's staff

Attached with this is the scanned copy of the Muthoot FinCorp circular to its employees regarding their dress code that includes strict instructions regarding not wearing bindi or sandalwood paste etc., to the office. The translation of the matter from Malayalam is as follows:

The management of Muthoot Fincorp Limited, a prominent non-banking finance company from Kerala owned by Muthoot Papachan group, has issued a Taliban model circular to their employees with strict instructions regarding their dress code in office. This has aroused severe discontent among the employees in the company. The management is still not ready to go back on this circular. The circular was first issued in March. There were many reminders since then.

The circular issued in the name of Shiney Thomas, Executive Secretary, says that visible marks such as "kuri"(sandalwood paste on the forehead), "bindi", should not be put on the forehead. The circular has been marked important and has been forwarded to the all heads of all the offices and departments for bringing into the notice of all employees. Though the circular is titled as instructions regarding dress code, it goes beyond that. The general content of the circular includes the color of the dress, the way it has to be worn, etc., just like those usually issued in all companies, but the specific instructions contain material that clearly interfere with the religious beliefs of Hindus and is more indicative of the Christian dislike for Hindu religious symbols as in all Christian missionary managed schools.

All employees, men or women, should wear no jewelry other than marriage ring, watch, and a chain. Rakhi or other types of threads have been prohibited. Applying sandalwood paste on forehead (kuri) is also prohibited. It has been specifically mentioned that women employees should not wear bindis, etc., and it has been strictly banned during office hours. Married ladies are also prohibited from wearing sindoor on their forehead.

They are also one of the prime sponsors of Delhi Daredevils, the IPL team. They have their offices across main cities across the world and in India along with small towns in Kerala. High profile murder of Paul Muthoot had hit headlines couple of years ago.

Source: Translation of Dainik Janmabhoomi, Malyalam Edition

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