Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Breaking India : Secularism US style!!

Contrary to Indian notion of secularism, American secularism merely separates church/state at institutional level and does not preclude prominent government leaders promoting Christian advocates as 'Biblical values'. For instance Hillary Clinton is among over one hundred members of the White House and US Congress Christian prayer-group that meets monthly in a high-power informal setting, to set agendas based on shared ideologies. 

Hillary Clinton has on many occasions credited her Baptist background for her value system and how it helps her in her work. One can only think how much of her deep personal Christian background must impact her work and policies. We are not even talking how this high powered prayer-group must be influencing policies. 

On a recent visit to India (July 2011) Hillary Clinton even spoke at the Annadurai Centenary Library as an endorsement of divisive Dravidian movement which is an indirect shot in the arm for Christian missionaries who have created and are using fraudulent Dravidian fault lines to aid their conversion programs. The government instead of marginalising and slowly ending the Dravidian movement, it is fanning and promoting the fraudulent founded cause.

Reference: Breaking India

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