Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Breaking India : US Government nexus with Christian missions in India

The US government has had a deliberate strategy to allow development funding to be increasingly controlled by evangelical organisations. One such organisation used as a tool of foreign policy is USAID, to counter Marxist around the world including South East Asia. Under President Bush sr. and jr.  a CIA+USAID+Evangelical partnership evolved particularly in the Indian context.

In 1999 President Clinton appointed Brady Anderson board member of World Vision as administrator of USAID who openly stated that US government has long used Christian organisations as delivery mechanism of foreign aid. In 2001 George Bush jr. appointed Andrew Natsios vice president of World Vision as head of USAID. USAID clearly states that by 'faith' they only mean Abrahamic faiths. Such criss crossing of Church multinationals and the US government is not a coincidence and what does it tell us about the US administration. 

Besides a few secular NGO's USAID shows preference for Christian faith based NGO's in India. USAID director in India, George Deikun has stated on many occasions that Christian evangelical organisations are USAID's most visible working partners in India. What does this mean, are there other invisible parters somewhere who are burrowing in and hollowing out India and its civilisation. USAID support many Christian NGO's such as  Catholic Relief Services, SHARAN, YWCA, Salvation Army and St. Mary's Hospital to name a few. USAID and World Vision formed predatory partnership during the tsunami relief in India and other calamities such as flood, earthquakes, accidents using the vulnerability of the people to harvest souls for their faith. 

Since 2007 US government has dramatically slashed 35% of development aid to India but is channeling the same money to Christian faith based NGO's in India. 

Source: Breaking India

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