Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Breaking India : Pew Research Center compares India to Iraq on religious intolerance!

Pew Research Center in a 2009 published a international report on social hostility and religious discrimination and in this report  a paper was published titled 'Rise of Hindu Extremism'. The Pew report was given extensive coverage in the media and sensationalised under the title ‘India is next only to Iraq on religious discrimination’ blaming Hindu groups for religious strife. The report and media stories are completely silent on Christian evangelical provocation and propaganda which stir relgious conflict. We in India know how untrue and wrong this comparison and how different it is at the ground level.

The Pew report cites various unverified second hand sources giving a one sided view portraying Christian missionaries as victims of targeted violence and building an image that Hindus as well the local administration are attacking Christians. These reports never publish that Christian missionaries use offensive and hateful language against Hinduism and distribute literature that are inflamatory in nature. 

Independent local sources have revealed that these hate filled speech and literature are planed in order to provoke a reaction from the local population so that any action can be used as 'atrocity literature'. Most accounts are exaggerated by Chrisitian news letters and online magazines without citing the reason for the attack if any.

Source: Breaking India

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