Monday, February 6, 2012

Idol Kept in London Museum Belongs to Bhojshala: Dr. Subramanian Swamy

Reviving the controversial Bhojshala issue, Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy on Saturday claimed that the shlokas in Sanskrit language were engraved at a place where idol of Waghdevi (Goddess Saraswati) was earlier installed in the sanctum-sanctorum.

“After visiting the Bhojshala and personally inspecting the place where the idol of Waghdevi was established by the Raja Bhoj, I found that shlokas in Sanskrit language were engraved at that place,” he said, adding that similar shlokas in Sanskrit language in the idol proves that the idol kept in London museum belongs to Bhojshala.

He was addressing a dharm sabha organised in Dhar on Saturday. Swamy said that he had proved in London court that the idol belongs to India. “I have proved this to the London court and archaeologists,” he informed.

He informed that the country needs to convince the London court on two more points which would create no hurdle in getting the idol back. The first point is that the idol should not be kept in museum after reaching India. On the contrary, it should be kept in Bhojshala only for offering prayers as sentiments of the people are connected to it.

Similarly, the Government needs to ensure that no dispute would take place over the installation of the idol. For the purpose, a letter of assurance from Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh would be submitted to the London court. For the purpose, he would go to London in April, he informed.

Swamy had filed a petition in the London court regarding return of the Waghdevi idol to India from London museum. Earlier, Swamy had won the case against destruction of Ramsetu in the US court. Similarly, with his efforts, devotees are able to visit Kailash Mansarovar that is in Chinese territory.

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