Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Had The ITALIAN SHIP Come to Loot Sree Padmanabha Temple Wealth?


Refer to the incident happened since around fortnight that an Italian ship mistook Kerala fishermen to be pirates and shot two of them dead at the coast of kerala, i have got some serious doubt that why does an italian armed ship hover so near travancore coastal line? why those two fishermen murdered so quickly? were they(sailors) afraid of something fishy or fishermen has seen some secret of them and later they droped something into water?

it's a well known fact that sonia and her sisters have smuggled a lot of our invaluable antiques to italy and other areas. who knows she is helping the italian army to access the travancore waters to finally loot sree padmanabha's wealth? these italian frauds want to test the 'waters' first. to see how much sonia can help. Family of the Italian MADAM is very rich today after the arrival of MADAM as Queen in India. They were living in a Tent before but now the whole family Lives in a PALACE like HOUSE and they fly out of Italy when ever they like. They have been to INDIA almost every week. Time for Indians to think before they VOTE next time.


Another tragedy is that there is a ROMAN slave soldiers all across the costal area of KERALA with the support of a religious group. So the situation need a serious look? how come Indian coatal guard did not notice this and did not try to prevent this incident? why nobody(govt. and paid media) is interested to know or enquire that why this Italian ship came near or going through indian coast, what business , it was doing? what is its purpose? something smelling fishy, is not it? Even after the murder of TWO innocent youths no political party has shown no mercy to the dead and their families. But even if a fly dies these political parties will conduct a HARTAL burning buses and stoning schools and offices. TIME IS THE ESSENCE before the whole country may be looted before the eyes of INDIANS.


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