Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cleric’s Call for Shariah Law and Islamic Destruction of Hindu Idols

A self styled British based Islamic Cleric, Anjem Choudary has released a website exhorting for the Islamization of India and subsequent implementing of Shariah Law. The website, the first of its kind, has a slide show that begins with horrendous and open exhortations for a mass Muslim awakening in India from 3 March, 2012, where they must ‘seek their rights’.

Fatwa has also been issued against Indian political parties, with pictures of Manmohan Singh, LK Advani, Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi displayed on the front page, ostensibly their prime targets. A war cry has been issued calling for the axe to be laid on Bollywood in 2012. The slide show ends with a ‘beheaded’ statue of Lord Shiva, with the warning:Islamic destruction of Indian idols and statues.

The designs have been laid thread bare and clear in the About Us section:
With a united Indian sub-continent and with the annexation of the Muslims around it from China, Indonesia, Malaysia etc… we will have united together over a billion Muslims, creating a superpower unparallel in the world. It being obliged for every mature, sane and capable Muslim man to be part of the armies of Jihad, this will be the beginning of the end of man made law on the Earth insha’allah and could fulfil the prophecy of the Messenger Muhammad (saw) i.e. Izhar ud-Deen, the complete domination of the world by Islam.

Sharia4Hind calls “upon all Muslims to rise on the 3rd of March 2012 (88th anniversary of the destruction of the last Islamic State) in New Dehli in a public demonstration and demand what is rightfully theirs, i.e. the authority to establish the Khilafah and rule by the [sharia] laws of God alone.”

Referring to Islam as the world’s oldest religion, the website beseeches the people to return to the “period under the divine [i.e., Islamic] law”. It also lists in detail “Why Hindus Should Embrace Islam” and how Sikhism has “Islamic Roots”. The website has also entailed the need for abolishing elections and the “Implementing of Sharia in India” and the “Need for Muslim Rule in India”.

‘About Us’ states further:

The Shari’ah 4 Hind project is not a new phenomenon but rather a call for the Indian sub-continent to go back to its glorious golden period under the divine law, in order for it to come out of the misery and malaise under which it finds itself today. This involves a call for all those in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan to come out of the darkness of man made law and unite together under the beauty and justice of Islam. The Shari’ah is the divine law as contained in the Qur’an and the Sunnah according to the understanding of the companions of the Messenger Muhammad (saw).

The recent history of the Indian sub-continent is fraught with hardship, poverty, racism and oppression. We are not calling for people to go back to 1971 or 1947 or even 1857 but rather to before the British occupied India and to the example of the Messenger Muhammad (saw) on how to govern the affairs of Muslims and non-Muslims. The current leadership and political parties of all persuasions on this sub-continent offer no more than the same indignity and servitude to fellow human beings who are subject to greed, inconsistency, contradiction and injustice.

The website states that ‘Sheikh Anjem Choudary, Manager of the Shariah Court of the UK and former spokesman for Al-Muhajiroun’ could be contacted at 0044 7956 600 569. It has also furnished details of two other representatives: ‘Abu Baraa, Chairman for organisation Shariah4Hind: 0044 7856 827 605, Abu Rumaysah, former Hindu and spokesman for organisation Convert2Islam: 0044 7956 041 034,’ who could be got in touch with, for ‘general enquiries’.

The website is relatively new and has been put up by the cleric following the failed coup attempt in Bangladesh and a successful coup attempt in Maldives. Hizb ut Tahrir, a radical pan-Islamic party had earlier organised a coup de tat, which failed to take off. However, the coup in the Republic of Maldives has been labelled a success.

Anjem Choudhary, the founder of the website is a British Islamist and is the head of numerous radical Islamic groups in Britain, which includes Islam4UK. He is supposed to have shared the camp of Osama bin Laden. Even though the UK government proscribed the organizations headed by him in 2010, he manages to carry on his agenda unperturbed.

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  1. The islamophobia is on the rise in the west,uk and usa.
    In India every hindu should be prepared to meet the challange.