Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ishrat Jahan case turn around : What Ishara to whom ?

Author: Rajesh Prabhu-Salgaonkar     

 Intellectuals & Media need to do away with the ‘Kaangresi’ mindset

We all know by now that the SIT has turned around &  said that the death of Ishrat Jahan & her other inmates in the car, was a result of a 'fake' encounter.

To weigh the merits of the newly presented evidence by the SIT, on the basis of which it is now claiming that the encounter was fake, is the prerogative of the judiciary. But there are other rather serious questions arising here – some are political ones & some about the media conduct.
An Update :
Even the CNN-IBN, a TV channel known from its (pseudo) secular incline, has carried an interview of former central home secretary GK Pillai, in which he clearly states that “LeT called Ishrat a martyr”. Now, what stand this NGO-Media nexus is going to take?

The media in India is always known for it's anti-RSS -BJP stand. But what it is turning to now, should be termed as 'Majority bashing' or 'Hindu Bashing''.  How can we explain otherwise the stands taken by the media's (pseudo) secular clan recently about the happenings in the country & how can we explain the different yardsticks used to 'judge' the different matters around the country.

When it comes to Gujrat, this section of the media always remains at the wrong side of the truth. Why it is so, we wonder. But we should consider following points -

  1. Has any central agency who gave information about Ishrat’s involvement with LeT to the state of Gujrat, has retracted from its earlier information?
  2. Has it been proved that Ishrat was not a terrorist / LeT operative? Do this same media, who flashed the news few months ago that David Hadley, who is facing trial for terrorism in US had confirmed her involvement in LeT operations during his interrogation, forgot that news story? If so - Why?
  3. If a media section believes that the intelligence report about Ishrat was wrong, why any of the intelligence agencies are not being targeted for such type of reports? If the media doubts the intelligence reports, they should show the courage to challenge such reports or agency’s working methods.
  4. What is the logic in targeting the state police who were merely acted upon the intelligence reports provided by the central intel agencies, while no one is questioning the working or the integrity of the central agencies, who should be actually held responsible for such deaths.
  5. Why only the cases of a particular community killed in the police encounters in Maharashtra & Gujrat are being followed by a large media clan? Why some particular officers are being harped down in the process of proving media’s (pseudo) secular credentials?
  6. Why there is no word from the same media & NGOs, about the men killed by the police unethically throughout the country, under various suspicious circumstances at various times ? Is it true that, the men killed so, do not have the so called “Human Rights” only because they belonged to majority community?
  7. What is the logic behind the selective application of ‘Human Rights’?
  8. Why the cases in Maharashtra, in which hundreds of so called ‘gangsters’ had been eliminated from last many years by the Maharashtra Police, under the name of ‘encounter’ are not being questioned? Why are we seeing a selection of the cases related to a particular community ?
  9. Why these so called NGOs following these cases do not see a pattern in the killing of the Mumbai gangsters – the majority of the gangsters killed by the police belong to the rival gangs of Dawood? Why these NGOs do not question the ‘pattern’ in these cases?
  10. The number of such ‘fake’ encounter cases are higher in Maharashtra & Uttar Pradesh, even the city of Mumbai sees more encounter deaths than the state of Gujrat. Then why only the state of Gujrat is on the agenda of this NGO- media nexus? What is the logic? What is the real agenda here?
  11. The men killed in such encounters are at least ‘criminals’ by police records. Why no NGO is following the cases, in which tens of innocent persons were killed in police firings while taking part in some demonstrations, demanding justice to their grievances, which is a constitutional right in this ‘Democratic’ country? Why no NGO is coming forward to question the merits of the police firings on the peaceful demonstrations by the legitimate citizens of this country, while they are ever enthusiastic about the cases regarding the criminals such as Soharabuddin & Isharat Jahan?
 Any politically alert human can see a ‘PATTERN’ here – that all the cases fought by these champions of the human rights are of terrorists & criminals, that too belonging to a particular community. They ignore the fact that these criminals are a menace to the society & often an internal & external security risk for the country like ours.

The congress is known to slip to the lowest abyss & go to any extent to hold to power & the ‘pseudo-secular’ so-called intellectuals are helping it in this dirty game. There are many reasons to believe that the cases against Narendra Modi Govt. are being followed so rigorously & at jet speed, to help congress nail Narendra Modi. The media is conveniently ignoring the fact that this same Congress had ordered CBI enquiry against ex-Goa CM Manohar Parrikar, thru central Govt. The CBI in hest filed a FIR & a case was filed in High Court’s Goa bench against Parrikar accusing him of the corruption in arrangements of the international film festival - IFFI. Owing to the case, Parrikar missed his chance to become national president of the BJP, party insiders believe. Eventually after few months the CBI retracted & withdrew all the cases against Shri.Parrikar, saying he is ‘clean’. Meanwhile the BJP had selected its new national president. BJP insiders believe that it was always a Congress’s dirty trick to engage opposition leaders in such criminal cases so that their political career hurts & halts. They are trying the same trick on Narendra Modi now. Many from the media know this; many may have played rolls in these dirty tricks – knowingly or un-knowingly, wishfully or otherwise.

The question is - when, we as a society, will start opposing this type of dirty politics? The dirty politics of dividing the society & inciting a fear in a particular community against another community, should be stopped, stopped for the good. Its high time that the Indian intellectuals & the media should do away with the ‘Congress’/ 'Kaangresi' mindset. There are many other realities in this world, we should learn to accept them. This ‘Kaangresi mindset’ is going to harm the nation & the society in the long run, the damage may be irreversible. The Congress has lost its balance of mind & the intellect as a party. We must realize that the tricks being played by the Congrtess party are of the cheap level ‘office politics’ which we see in any commercial corporation. The society is realizing it, but the intellectuals & the media in particular should think differently to be able to see it.

The current situation is bound to bring to the forefront the matters of the deaths of the many top BJP leaders over the years – Dr.Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, Pt. Deendayal Upadhyay, Pramod Mahajan along with the cases of the murders of the BJP’s powerfull workers like Ramdas Nayak, Premkumar Sharma etc. In the cases of Mukharjee & Upadhyay, the Congress ruled central Govt. is directly responsible for their deaths & it is the one who is benifitted by all those deaths.

As per the question of fake encounters, it should be very clear that in the civilized society, there should not be any death at the hands of the police bypassing the judiciary. But at the same time, this NGO-media nexus should  explain, that how by selecting the cases on the basis of a community is going to help in curbing the police's ‘Killing Instinct’.

I fear that this media-NGO nexus which is encouraging the concept of a selective application of the ‘Human Rights’, is pushing the society & the Indian polity towards a non-reversible polarization, the signs of which already started to show. The beloved Bharat Mata (India) is going to loss in the case. So there should be introspection, particularly within the media, to see where we are heading, cause, we still do have some time, which is slipping fast, for the required course corrections.

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