Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pak Hindus want to settle down in India

Source: PTI     

140 Pakistan Hindus,Majnu Ka Tilla,North Delhi,Tourist visa. New Delhi, November 23:
After 64 years of independence, fear of being targeted in their own country has led a 140 Pakistani Hindus to come and remain in India and seek shelter.

The group of 140 visiting Pakistani Hindus from Sindh province came to India on a tourist visa in September. Their visa has expired but they do not want to return to their birthplace.

These 27 families are from a small village in Matiari district near Hyderabad (Pakistan). They fear that they will succumb to communal violence in Pakistan.They feel they will be secure and their children will get peaceful life in India.

These 140 people are currently living in camp in Majnu Ka Tilla in north Delhi. One organization is taking care of them. They have appealed to Indian Government to extend visas and give them proper accommodation in the city.

Pak Hindus had written to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress chief Sonia Gandhi regarding their venerable living conditions in Pakistan and sought assistance from Indian Government, but not yet got any reply from ministry.
Hindus are living in pathetic condition in Pakistan. Being a minority they often face communal violence. The orthodox majority groups compel them for religion conversion and those who oppose quelled by rigid anti Hindu elements. Pak Hindus are also denied education, livelihood and religious celebration.  

20-year-old Jamuna currently living in camp narrated her leaving condition in Pakistan with a glimmer of hope that at least her children would be able to get better life and education in a peaceful environment.

Expressed her grief jamuna said, "There is no religious freedom in Pakistan. We (Hindus) were never allowed to study. We have always been targeted. We were waiting for the Indian visa so that we can come here and settle in Hindustan. We just don't want to go back."

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