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Soniaji! Please tell us who you are - really! --- TSV Hari

Documents now available with the Central Intelligence Agency of the USA and Military Intelligence 6 or Secret Intelligence Service of the United Kingdom clearly indicate that hard currency payments worth US$2 billion were made to Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Sonia’s mother Paola Maino and to someone referred to Sonia’s ‘minor son’.

Are you the empress of India as hailed by your yes-men and yes-women in the Congress or an ogress trying to force your rule on India with a sinister design aimed at decimating a nation as old as time, Sonia Gandhi nee Maino?

The following is what I have discerned from various events in your life.

I look forward to your proving me wrong.

Three persons with the second name of Gandhi have met with unnatural deaths in the ‘so-called’ first Congress family.

The first to suffer such a fate was Sanjay Gandhi – generally considered the heir apparent of your mother-in-law Indira Gandhi.

He died in a plane crash in 1980.

Sanjay Gandhi had been the main architect of the party’s comeback in 1980 on the plank of the politically unstable Janata experiment.

Sanjay happened to be your brother-in-law.

The second person to die a painful death was your mother-in-law and Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1984 – when her popularity was at its lowest.

A few words about Indira Gandhi would be appropriate here.

Indira Gandhi was India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s only daughter and his obvious political heir.

And when she was got re-elected Prime Minister of India in 1980...there was a clear continuation of lineage...wherein the most obvious successor to be was Sanjay and in the unlikely circumstance of his opting or being opted out, there was Rajiv.

In earlier paragraphs I explained the method for the exit of Sanjay Gandhi - a rather painful death.

The demise of Sanjay Gandhi paved the way for the coronation of ‘second heir apparent’ and the elder scion of the Nehru-Gandhi clan – Rajiv Gandhi – who already was married to you Sonia – an Italian by birth.

You had become Rajiv Gandhi’s wife in 1968.

Born Edvige Antonia Albina Maino to Stefano and Paola Maino some 30 km off the Italian town of Vicenza, December 9 1947, you are aware of the fact that there are several rumours that claim your late father had been recruited by the KGB after having been captured while fighting on the side of the Axis Powers - to be precise - Italian fascists owing allegiance to dictator Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler viz. Il Duce and Fuehrer  respectively - during WWII.

Here is something with regard to to your paternal origins.

The story is that your father was turned into a Soviet agent under torture in the Vladimir prison under the sadistic Josef Stalin - whose torture techniques put the name of Marquis de Sade - whose name and methods denote by the term sadism – incidentally a ‘nobleman’ of Italian extraction to boot – in the shade. 

There are also other allegations.

None exactly knows why you changed your name to Sonia from Edvige Antonia.

 Is it because, Sonia is a slightly corrupted version of a Punjabi and/or Sikh name which mean Gold or Golden?

Or is because it has Greek, Italian, and Russian origins in the form of the word Sophia which means Wisdom’ and virtually is a combination of both in Muslim families - say in Pakistan?

Quite a few persons firmly believe that the late Stefano was also connected to the Italian Mafia.

The suspicion seems credibly justified. 

Firstly because old Stefano fought on the side of the fascists during World War II and secondly because if Stalin had to infiltrate the Mafia, the obvious thing to do is to turn an original Mafioso and plant that person back where he originated!

And there are enough persons willing to swear that the Mafia virtually controls India – and probably a huge part of the world well through the orchestrations of another organisation with a similar name – the Russian Mafiya.

This end has been achieved, many contend, by the Italian gangs’ playing the roles of ideologues to the world’s largest group of gangsters who honed their talent while serving another shadowy organisation that had state sanction during the existence of what had been the Soviet Union.

Former movers and shakers of what the globe generally knows as KGB - the external spying agency of Soviet Union whose original name translates into English as Committee for State Security [Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti – KGB] have now formed a loose criminal alliance and have allowed themselves to be referred to in hushed whispers as Mafiya for want of a better worldwide dreaded name.

They operate on the same principles of ‘golden silence’ – Omerta – a term whose meaning, I am sure, you are well aware of.

In case you do not, well, it denotes Italian Mafia’s tough ‘laws’ of secrecy.

Both KGB and the Italian Mafia never take any chances with their “local and/or foreign assets”.

And today, there is only one terrorist organisation in the entire world that operates with state sanction - the way KGB did in the past - Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence or ISI.

Here, however, are some further details.

Former KGB boss Vladimir Putin continues to be in power in Russia even now after completed his term as the head of the organisation that succeeded the KGB despite having been a KGB operative himself,  and then got himself elected President of Russia - for two terms.

And after those terms ended in constitutional terms, Putin got himself elected Russia’s Prime Minister - with a slightly altered set of rules...the elected President of Russia today - Dmitry Medvedev - is a lovingly willing subordinate and accomplice of Putin - or so says Mikhail Khodorkovsky - the jailed creator of one of the biggest business empires in modern Russia - Yukos.

The West knows all this very well, Sonia.

One of the celebrated English spy thriller writers Frederick Forsyth wrote a book Icon - whose former KGB operative villain, in my opinion,  is a mirror image of none other than Vladimir Putin.

You met Rajiv for the first time in a London restaurant in 1965.

It was operated by an ISI agent Salman Thassir.

Your marriage was highly recommended by the late diplomat T.N. Kaul – and spy Rameshwar Nath Kao – both virtual household fixtures in Indira Gandhi’s home and more importantly – known to be close to the KGB.

Significantly, both Kaul and Kao used their Kashmiri origns - something they had in common with Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru - the grandfather of your late husband Rajiv.

Russian defector and former KGB boss Viktor Chebrikov has authenticated earlier claims that had remained unsubstatiated linking the Nehru-Gandhi household to KGB and its slush funds with documentary evidence since his crossing over to the west after the disintegration of the Soviet Union with a lot of purloined original documents.

Among them were papers that confirmed charges of your connections with the KGB that had first been made by Harvard scholar of Slav origins -Yevgenia Albats.

Documents now available with the Central Intelligence Agency of the USA and Military Intelligence 6 or Secret Intelligence Service of the United Kingdom clearly indicate that Chebrikov had sought proper authorisation from the Communist Party of the Soviet Union [CPSU] politburo for making hard currency payments to Rajiv, yourself, your late  mother-in-law, mother Paola Maino and to someone referred to as ‘your minor son’.

The relevant discoveries are dated 1984 and 1985 after the murder of Indira Gandhi!

The latter date surprisingly coincides with the initial leak concerning the Swedish howitzer kick-back-scandal.

Incidentally, Stefano Maino had maintained in repeated press interviews published in a section of the print media within India and abroad that the marriage of his daughter to Rajiv had not given him any kind of monetary benefit at all.

“It was a financial loss to me, on the contrary,” Maino had been quoted as saying.

Significantly, he passed away 1983.

Resolution reference number CPSU/CC/No 11228/3 dated 20 December 1985 endorsed by the USSR Council of Ministers in Directive No 2633/RS dated 20 December 1985 cleared payments made to you - Sonia Gandhi’s family from 1971 onwards.

The fact had been confirmed vide audit report CPSU/CC Resolution No 11187/22 OP dated 10/12/1984. 

The Russian government confirmed the whole thing in 1992.

The cryptic statement claimed that money had changed hands the sake of “Soviet ideological interest” – almost a year after the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.

The 1991 edition of Swiss magazine Schweizer Illustrierte alleged that you were in control of secret accounts worth over US$ 2 billion in the name of “your minor son”.

A Public Interest Litigation [PIL] is pending in the Delhi High Court since 2005 demanding governmental explanation in a matter concerning a brief detention of your son Rahul Gandhi and his Spanish girlfriend Veronique by the Federal Bureau of Investigation September 21 2005 at the Boston International Airport for reportedly carrying unexplained cash worth US$ 200,000.

The fourth person – another woman with the second name of Gandhi through marriage was removed from the political scene before the murder of Indira Gandhi – viz. Sanjay’s widow Maneka Gandhi – born a Sikh before Sikh bodyguards murdered Indira Gandhi – thus discrediting and alienating a people known for maximum sacrifices for the sake of India’s military honour..

Thousands of Sikhs were massacred after Indira was murdered – apparently by 2 of her guards – both Sikhs following the Indian army’s entry into the Golden Temple complex turned into a fortress by an apparently sick-minded Sikh desperado named Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale – a political Frankenstein created politically by none other than Indira Gandhi herself at the advice of Kaul and Kao with aid and abetment from Pakistan’s dictator Zia-ul-Haq who too died August 17 1988 as his aircraft was blown into smithereens.

Among other things, Bhindranwale had converted the Harmandir Saheb and the temporal seat of the Sikhs – the Akal Takht – into a fortress with a large number of armed terrorists.

The two structures were badly hit during Operation Bluestar ordered by the Indian government in mid-1984.

The Sikh terrorists and the Indian army were led by Shahbeg Singh and Kuldip Singh Brar respectively who had fought shoulder to shoulder during the Bangladesh liberation war of 1971 and had crushed Pakistani troops and had managed to capture over 92,000 prisoners of war including Pak general A.A.K Niazi in what had been East Pakistan.

Sikhism’s last preceptor Guru Gobind Singh had termed his faith as the ‘eternal, living sword and shield arms of Hinduism’ that would ensure the creation of a society - equal in all respects within the realm of UNDIVIDED INDIA which would be ruled as per the tenets of Khalsa – an egalitarian system created by Him.

The operative sentence had been RAAJ KAREGAA KHALSA [meaning India shall be ruled by the principles of Khalsa].

And now the political career of the offspring of Sanjay and Maneka – Feroze Varun Gandhi seems to be in doubt following his being accused of being a rightwing rabidly Hindu fascist, an allegation that insults both faiths –  Hinduism and Sikhism.

When Sanjay Gandhi was all set to be the heir apparent of the Nehru-Gandhi clan since the Congress Party’s return to power in 1980, he met with an unnatural and painful death withn months.

So did his mother Indira four years later when the chances of the party coming to power were remote.

Rajiv Gandhi won a massive majority during the parliamentary polls of 1985 thanks to a massive sympathy wave, but, soon seemingly “frittered it away” after the scandal concerning purchase of field guns from A.B. Bofors – partly owned by the Nobel family – that gives away highly acclaimed international awards [including those for peace with money earned by selling weapons, ironically] by that name every year.

The details about one of the beneficiaries of the Bofors payoffs – especially your personal friend Ottavio Quattrochchi who continues to evade Indian laws are simply too many and therefore, I shall not repeat them here.

Rajiv was murdered by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam [LTTE].

Was the LTTE so plain politically stupid to do this simply because Rajiv had refused to hand the proposed Tamil nation to its dictator V Pirabhakaran on a platter after signing an accord with Lankan President J.R. Jayewardene upon the excuse of the alleged misbehaviour of the Indian army in the northern and northeast part of the Indian Ocean isle?

Anyone worth his name and salt would know that after murdering a former Indian PM and PM in waiting – especially from a clan supposed to be the living unofficial royalty of India – would mean the imminent of end of the aspirations of the Tamil linguistic minority in Sri Lanka for a separate homeland at the feet of India's southern shores called Eelam.

And therefore, everyone would have understood that if the LTTE committed such a folly, it would be hit so hard by India that the Tamils would have to soon kiss their dream of a free nation goodbye.

Tamils can be anything but not that idiotic.

And therefore, why was Rajiv murdered – so obviously by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam – a fact accepted tacitly by that group?

Was it a cover up job to render all trails into the allegations of slush funds reaching the Nehru-Gandhi family through the KGB and the Bofors pay offs scandal and lay them cold forever?

I am sure, Sonia, you are indeed aware that there are strong rumours averring that the Bofors secrets were leaked to the international press by the KGB.

And the same section of influential persons allege it was done to eventually ensure your controlling India.

Is this true please?

One has to remember that the other man who probably knew the Bofors and other secrets – former Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme too was assassinated.

Palme and his main political protégé Bernt Carlsson were victims of violent deaths in 1986 and 1988 respectively.

Palme was shot in the back February 28 1986 as he was walking towards home after attending a cabaret in central Stockholm.

Christer Pettersson – a minor drug dealer and addict was convicted of the crime 2 years later, but soon released upon appeal.

So, now the Palme murder is now an unsolved crime.

Appointed United Nations’ Commissioner for Namibia in July 1987, Carlsson died following the Libyan terrorist bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland December 21 1988.

Carlsson was scheduled to be in New York to witness the signing of the New York Accords – that paved the way for the independence of Namibia and the end of the Angolan Civil War.

The signatories were Angola, Cuba and South Africa.

The civil war in Angola was over South African claims over blood diamond mines – that had been systematically looted by colonial white supremacist rulers for several decades.

The Lockerbie bombing has another interesting history.

Pan American World Airways’ daily transatlantic flight – a Boeing 747-121 aircraft called Clipper Maid of the Seas was blown up by Libyan terrorists December 21 1988 minutes after it had taken off from London Heathrow Airport carrying 243 passengers and 16 crew members.

The bombing jointly investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the USA and the smallest police force in the United Kingdom – Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary for 3 years resulted in the conviction of two persons Abdelbaset Ali al-Meghrahi and Lamin Khalifah Fhimah – Libyan intelligence officer-cum head of the north African nation’s airline LAA and its station manager based in Malta respectively.

Significantly, Malta is a nation known for untraceable slush funds that prop shell companies worldwide.

Among other things, entities from Malta have been repeatedly accused of operating the Indian share market through a set of complex remote controls. 

The Lockerbie trial began 1991.

The duo had been handed over to the western authorities by the longest serving villain of the African north – ‘Colonel’ Muammar Quadhafi in Netherlands 1998.

While Fhimah was acquitted despite his choosing to remain completely silent in court, Meghrahi was convicted January 31 2001 to 27 years in prison.

He was, however, released by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Committee on ‘compassionate, humanitarian grounds’ as it was felt the accused “may have suffered a miscarriage of justice.”

While persons like Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein have been hanged, despite having plotted against the West for too long, Quadhafi remains free – untouched by the “long arms of the free world's justice.”

Palme was very popular in his country for he loved Sweden more than those he abhorred beyond its borders.

He was very outspoken against the USSR and the United States of America whom he termed global oppressors.

A few months before his being assassinated, Palme was the victim of a mysterious smear campaign that levelled serious allegations of his being covertly pro-Soviet and inadequate in his concerns for his nation’s security from Russian military threats.

Palme was assassinated on the eve of his scheduled departure to Moscow for inking agreements to remove multifarious pin-pricks including alleged Soviet submarine movements within the militarised Swedish Exclusive Economic Zone along the North Sea.

Palme was very highly regarded in the third world.

Among other things, Palme had repeatedly slammed the West and the Soviets alike for the Vietnam War, nuclear proliferation, the crushing of the Czech uprising by Soviet troops [Prague Spring], Spanish and South American dictators Franco and Pinochet as ‘Satanic murderers’, global double standards over the international support to the apartheid regime in South Africa, supported the freedom-quests of the then banned African National Congress, Palestine Liberation Organisation etc and openly espoused causes of FSLN freedom fighters in El Salvador and Nicaragua.

Therefore, it was a matter of little wonder that Palme was hated by the powers that be on either side of the Iron Curtain.

Despite these aberrations, Sweden had and continues to have strong links with the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation [NATO] and held its head high by being neutral during the Cold War.

So, the complex question to be asked:

Just as Sanjay made way for his elder sibling by conveniently being killed in a plane crash, just as Indira was murdered to ease her elder son and Maino’s son-in-law into power, was Rajiv sacrificed too to ensure the raison-d’être of it all – the unofficial coronation of you Sonia to control not only the Congress but India as a whole by being the clear string-puller of the United Progressive Alliance?

If your refusal to be sworn in as PM but readiness to control the whole ruling clique by remote control is juxtaposed with the rather unexplained but easily discernible reason for the murder of Rajiv Gandhi at the hands of the LTTE to freeze and inter the Bofors and the KGB trails beyond redemption, the 2008-2009 Lankan pogrom that laid tens of thousands of Tamil lives low as a final cover up act to hide of the real reason for what seems like an act of cold vendetta to ‘avenge’ the murder of Rajiv,  your supreme disinterest in hanging those found guilty of having aided ad abetted Rajiv’s murder, the eclipsed political careers of Maneka and Feroze Varun Gandhi, coupled with those of General Zia of Pakistan, the encounters of all the assassins directly linked to the brutal murder of Rajiv Gandhi – the whole thing indicates a rather sinister design because it looks like an obvious attempt to ensure that you and your descendans rule India only to render us into little pieces as some kind of retribution to aveng the repeated defeats handed to Pakistan four times by the Indian armed forces since 1947.

You met Rajiv first in a place in London operated by a known ISI agent in London.

Significantly, your son Rahul Gandhi has been quoted as saying that “Hindu fundamentalism is more dangerous than Islamic fundamentalism” to the Americans.

Left to myself, I am inclined to believe that all these incidents are indications of the imminent sacrifice of India to suit the evil designs of ISI criminals in cahoots with Italian and Russian gangsters.

And more importantly, the sequence of events make you appear as an agent of both the ISI and the KGB.

If this is not true, kindly explain the following:

[a] Why have you allowed and recommended the commutation of the death sentence of Nalini Sriharan ‘on humanitarian grounds’ of being a mother despite the woman having been found guilty of killing your husband and the prime minister to be – Rajiv? And if you were so compassionate by nature, why did you indirectly aid and abet mass murders of tens of thousands of Tamils in Sri Lanka – apparently to taste the coldly tasty dish called vengeance – something so graphically described by the English author of Italian descent - Mario Puzo in the book The Godfather. 

[b] Since Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has ruled out having forgiven Nalini why did she meet the woman found guilty of assassinating her father in Vellore prison before the 2009 parliamentary elections?

[c] Why have the others who have been found guilty of killing Rajiv not hanged and are being allowed to appeal for clemency on the grounds of indeterminate waits for the hangman being worse than the death penalty? One of the reasons being trotted out is that India does not have an experienced hangman. Another recently expounded by your Home Minister P Chidambaram is something called proceedural nicety observed by the President of this nation – another lady – answering to the name of Pratibha D Patil. 

[d] Why is the other most heinous criminal – Afzal Guru – found guilty of insulting our parliament nine years ago, allowed to live a princely life in Tihar prison despite having exhausted all his appeals?

[e] Why is the solidly Pakistani criminal found guilty of mass murder in Mumbai in front of television cameras – Ajmal Kasab allowed to make a mockery of the Indian justice system?

Probably you have perfectly plausible and logical answers to all these queries.

But if you do not, every Indian has the inalienable right to request you to explain as to what and who really is the person called Sonia Gandhi.

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